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Magento® Extensions

45+ Magento extensions which used widely and downloaded by community user’s more than 10k times and ratio is even growing day by day.

  1. Mconnect Product File Upload Extension for Magento®
    Attach document, video, images, txt, pdf, mp4, mp3, avi file with products in Magento.
  2. Mconnect Ajax Estimate Shipping Extension for Magento®
    Speed up your website checkout process using Ajax based estimate shipping cost calculator.
  3. Mconnect Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension for Magento® 1
    Manage flat rate shipping for any country for any product in very easy way without any complexity.
  4. Mconnect Nested Slider Extension for Magento® 1
    Display multiple tabs and have unlimited slides in individual tab to represent your website.
  5. Mconnect Brand Logo Slider Extension for Magento® 1
    Nice product manufacturer brand logo slider user interface to boost sales with more presence.
  6. Mconnect Pre Order & Backorder Extension for Magento®
    Increase customer engagement by allowing them to backorder & pre booking order product.
  7. Mconnect Store Locator Extension for Magento® 1
    Use this extension in either way to display your store retail location or locate your dealer’s store on Google map.
  8. Mconnect Multi Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento®
    Allow merchants to assign specific and expedite flat rate for product shipment per item or order.
  9. Mconnect Percentage Commission Extension for Magento®
    Allows to set up commission rate in % on shipping rates derived from Carriers – UPS, USPS and FEDEX.
  10. Mconnect Product Ribbon / Labels Extension for Magento®
    Add attractive labels, sale stickers or marketing ribbon on product's base image to improve user engagement.
  11. Mconnect Ajax Product Infinite Scroll for Magento® 1
    Hold your customer on same page with allowing them to view all the products with Ajax view more functionality.
  12. Mconnect Featured Products Extension for Magento® 1
    Drive more and more online audience attention to your best and most saleable products of the store.
  13. Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento® 1
    Set individual shipping price per product as you want. Shipping cost are based on Per Product / Per Order.
  14. Mconnect URL Key Opt Extension for Magento®
    Duplicate URL key and Magento re-indexing problem solutions. Multiple options to auto re-name URL key!
  15. Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price for Magento® 1
    Assign specific product and price to individual customer and customer group. Adjust catalog permission & visibility.
  16. Mconnect Color Swatches Extension for Magento®
    Extension for the configurable product. Shows your customer the color variation of products.
  17. Mconnect Ad Banner Manager Extension for Magento®
    Create your own advertisement banner on storefront. Manage location, visibility and type of slide.
  18. Product Icon / Logo Gallery for Magento®
    Display your brand identity with logo or icon on your product detail page. Admin manageable functionality!

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