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Ajax Price Slider / Filter Extension for Magento 2

Ajax Price Slider / Filter Custom Range Extension for Magento® 2

Ajax Price Slider / Filter Extension for Magento 2
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Ajax Layered Navigation Price Slider Extension for Magento 2 saves the time of your customers by allowing them to quickly filter your store products using horizontal price slider to find their fit under custom budget. Customers can quickly adjust the product price slider dots that match their price range. Lightweight and mobile friendly extension. The extension uses AJAX to filter search results without completely reloading the webpage. 

  • Let your customer filter products that fit in their budget price range
  • Easy option to enable or disable price slider on the frontend
  • Automatically fetches min & max price range for the slider
  • Uses AJAX to quickly filter your Magento 2 store products
  • Lightweight and Mobile friendly price slider
  • Works flawlessly with default navigation on any custom theme
  • Customer can use default functionality to apply multiple filters at once
  • Quick price selection by gently sliding the dots in the price bar
  • Improvise customer shopping experience through filtering products
  • Use our Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation for more filter options
  • InstantHelp Center
  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

Three out of four online Ecommerce shoppers will leave your store if they don't find their budget fit in less than 15 seconds. It means having the best price filter options inside your Magento 2 store plays vital roles here in narrow down customer searches from thousands of products. However, price is the most deciding factor as buyers already have some price range in mind. So, all they do is; try to filter your store products that fit in their financial budget. But in default, Magento determines and creates price groups that are not so useful when your customer is specifically looking for products that fall under their custom budget.

Mconnect Ajax Price Slider Extension for Magento 2 adds a beautiful & tiny horizontal price range filter under the default layered navigation on the category page. This price filter extension allows your customers to make quick price selection by gently sliding the dots in the price bar. You don't even need to specify the minimum and maximum price filter range; it will automatically fetch those values from your Magento 2. Also, it uses AJAX to filter results without any page refresh instantly.

For example, if you have a clothing shop and your customer is looking for $69 to $129 T-shirts, this extension will help to filter all the possible T-shirt options instantly. Meanwhile, customers can also use default layered navigation functionality simultaneously, such as filtering categories, color, size, etc. or can clear the selection as well.

Ultimately, the extension saves quite a lot of time of your customers by just sliding the bar instead of manually entering the price range or searching for their desired product. Also, the extension is Lightweight and Mobile friendly, which improvises user shopping experience and prevents losing potential customers.

Functionality Included In Extension

  • magento 2 price filter custom range


    You can activate (Select 'Yes') or deactivate (Select 'No') to show the price slider for selecting the price range before searching the products of a desired budget.


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