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In February, 2016 Facebook performed a survey regarding online shopping and which are the influencers. As per the survey report, 45% of all the US influenced by Mobile devices.

The shopping trend changes with the change in generation. And to be in a tough eCommerce competition, you need to be aware of the likes and dislikes of people. And we help you to know and understand your customers better.

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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The Best Combo for your eCommerce Store: Going Responsive with Magento!

Magento 2.0 has been welcomed as a great innovation for the next generation eCommerce platforms. And responsive design themes have come all the way with Magento, in every edition. These themes brought the best ways to construct the websites which comforted all devices.

The responsive theme automatically adjusts with the design and structure elements which are required for the mobile and tablet interface. As only a single theme works across all the platforms, it has eliminated the requirement of creating a separate website for each of them. And this has saved a lot of time and money for all.

Magento Responsive & Mobile Template Design Services

Whether you already have a Magento website or you wish to design a new one, here you three options

  • Purchase a new theme and then customize.
  • Change the look of your current website design by customizing existing theme.
  • Get a theme designed from scratch.

Are you running short of time? Then consider selecting a customized template as creating an entire new theme from beginning takes a lot of time unlike a customized theme which is much faster and simpler. With the support of our developers and designers, we can make the necessary and customized changes to create it a more pleasant, professional and user friendly that transform your website into a great looking, fast easy to use store.

Please go through our blog post on ‘Making the selection between the readymade or custom Magento themes, a way easier!’ which helps you to take decision.

Our team is expert in designing and improving a Magento website. They will help you to create the best buying experience for your customers with an effortless to use website.

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The interest or requirement of something always differ from person to person. As every individual is different from each other, we treat our each client distinctly. Our Magento certified developer team combine their experience and knowledge of technology and deliver a top quality project which is designed as per the Magento code guidelines.

So, website can be easily upgradable to the new version anytime without losing our work. Website can get all the necessary and new features of future version release. Our team can renovate your existing website into a responsive one or even design and develop an entire responsive website from scratch.

This will make your website simpler to use and will help with continuous branding along with best experience for your online shoppers.

Some of the best features:

  • Use of flat design to match with current trend
  • Design that makes direct impact on high conversion rate!
  • Improvised touch friendly user interface design
  • Works with all the web browsers
  • Creates combined user experience
  • Resizes the font effectively as per the screen resolution
  • Makes page loading process speedy
  • Mobile friendly menu design
  • Auto optimized images for mobile screen sizes
  • Auto-adjusts the size of data tables and video
  • Do specific tactics to improve Magento website SEO performs

We at M-Connect Media purvey mobile friendly website designs which are fashioned especially to suit you and your mission. We take care of your website very gently because we know that for a Magento development company it can be another project but for you, it is your bread and butter.

We offer free Magento consultation regarding the improvements of the web design, user interface, navigation and checkout process. You can get in touch with us and get to know the profitable solution for your business.


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You can do direct email at