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Nested Promotional Banner Slider for Magento® 2

Nested Banner slider gives attractive look and create positive visual impact to visitor. Add unlimited images, promotional banners, marketing text to improve customer engagement and encourage visitors to explore products. Shortcode to install slider anywhere in website. Compatible with multi-store!

Mconnect Nested Slider Extension for Magento® 2
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Features of Extension

Product Description

Holiday Sales Offer by M-Connect Media

Appearance matters a lot. And when appearance is molded in such a way that it can provide brighter facilities, it becomes a catalyst for your online store sales. M-Connect Media's Nested Slider does it exactly way. Nested Sliders extension is a front end key player that creates a gravity for your shoppers and its attraction encourage them to explore your website more and execute checkouts. This is setting that can take your website beyond Magento's traditional old school looks.

Nested Slider is the extension from M-Connect Media that transforms your eCommerce website to a pro level with an advance user interface. This extension is a key player of your website interface and create an interactive looks of your website. Your shoppers first interaction is with your online store from the very first page should create an impression in their mind. This extension facilitates you to implant tabs and images that are easy to move right from the home page of your website with some very easy settings.

Another advantage of M-Connect Media Nested Slider is it saves your shoppers to navigate and scroll down the website for long and long and end up losing interest in your site. With this you can set tabs and fulfill these tabs with images of your brand, products, promotional offers and all the things that you desire to exhibit to your customer. Another thing that adds one more star in this extension is its, responsive nature that makes it well matched with smart phones. This extension is loaded with numerous features. These features are:

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Add Multiple Tabs

    With Nested slider you can add multiple tabs on your online store. This function enables you to create multiple sections on the home page from where users can easily locate what they need. This make your website easy to use and easy to navigate so users can experience better and a pro level user interface.

    You can add as many tabs as you want according to your preference. You can also name your tabs, so the shoppers can address the tabs with ease. With M-Connect Media's this extension you can add tabs from all the sections of your website. It also spares you from all the coding hassles of creating tabs for your website.

  • Add Multiple Slider In One Tab

    After adding multiple tabs on your website, you can add multiple slides in each tab. You can add as much slides as you want in all the tabs. This feature turn your site limitless as you can add tabs from all the sections of your website and create slides of all the categories of all the sections. With this you can add a section in a tab and assign all the categories of the sections in multiple slides.

    It transforms your website a user friendly and very easy to use that respect time of your users. This function also let you highlight pages that are in vogue or that you want to prioritize to your customers.

  • Assign Store-wise For MultiStore Sites

    As being an experienced wheel of eCommerce website construction business, we know all the requirements of any online store and according to this, we made our Nested Slider enable and workable with multistore websites.

    If you are dealing with multiple streamline and having multiple stores on your website then also, you can work with this extension. You can assign stores as per your preference and this extension will flow with that selected store. You can also select assign separate slides and separate tabs for separate stores.

  • Responsive

    M-Connect Media's Nested Slider is responsive in nature that can be befitted with smartness as well. This extension is compatible with smart phones and tablets and can work very efficiently with these devices without any flaws. We take into our conscience that majority of online shoppers browse through mobile device and so we make sure that you must not miss any checkout just because your website do not support mobile browsers.

    Smart phones are sales boosters and this extension entertains your smart phone shoppers in a good way and make them feel fostered.

  • Add Link To Image

    This extension lets you advance to add links on the images of the slides through which you can redirect your user to any specific page.

    It can be done right form your admin panel, all you need to do is to add the link of the page where you want to send your shoppers on the slide and whenever a user will show interest on that specific slide by clicking it, you will receive a positive prospect for you. It works as a call to action right from the first page of your website.

  • Text Editor On Images

    Nested Slider also sanction you to edit the images of the sliders in all the way you want. You can redesign whole slide and customize according to your wish. Through text editor, you can add widgets on any slide, insert variables or insert images. Apart from this, you can design text and fonts as you choose it to be.

    This feature make your website attractive and elevate its user interface to a new grade.

  • Add Slider on Frontend

    Use below code in your CMS page or Static block to display slider:

    {{block class="Mconnect\Tabslider\Block\Tabslider" name="slider_list" template="Mconnect_Tabslider::tabsliders.phtml"}}

    To add Slider in using your .phtml file, use below code.

    <?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('Mconnect\Tabslider\Block\Tabslider')->setTemplate('Mconnect_Tabslider::tabsliders.phtml')->toHtml(); ?>

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What people says

  1. Effortlessly great extension for my New Magento 2 store!
    I recently migrated to Magento 2 from Magento 1.7.x. And to add extra functionalities on my store, I required extensions for Magento 2. I had been using some of the extensions on my previous Magento version. But I was not sure where to look for this new platform. I installed and used this Nested Slider on my new store and I am really impressed with its functionalities. It makes presentation of my store effortless. Thank you!


  2. Great
    Great extension, lots of functionality which helps to improve my marketing strategy.


  3. Wow
    this is excellent extension for Magento 2, i was not expecting it get it free as this extension have some great functionality. thanks for making this available for community.


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