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Getting access to important data through various sources using API is one key concept of eCommerce businesses that assist the owners to deliver real-time information about their customers’ orders, delivery, and other important information. We are here to help you with anything that gets an apt connection with your clients, all you have to do is to tell us about your requirements.

Our eCommerce Integration Services Include:

  • Drafting a budget API Integration
  • Any 3rd Party Integration
  • Automate & Optimization of Website
  • Expert API programmers for apt solutions

Ensure smooth operations with seamless integration of your Magento based eCommerce store to third-party software, applications, or ERP system. Take your business to the next level with our System Integration Services!

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Here are Some of the Examples of API to Integrate With your Magento eCommerce Website:

Stay In Line with the Big Fishes of eCommerce - Integrate APIs to your Web Stores

eCommerce system integration allows you to provide a detailed customer experiences with process automation managed by the different APIs. The instances of wrong addresses, order mishaps, incorrect product information, mismanaged inventory, or any inexact process cannot happen once you automate all each and every method by integrating respective APIs.

  •  Product Catalogue APIs
  •  Payment API
  •  Order Processing API
  •  Billing API
  •  Social Proof APIs
  •  Site Search APIs
  •  Marketing Automation APIs
  •  Personalization APIs
  •  Shipping Management APIs
  •  Affiliate APIs
  •  Location Detection APIs
  •  Warehouse Management APIs
  •  Shipping Quote APIs
  •  Inventory Management APIs
  •  Drop Shipping APIs and Integration
  •  Drop Shipping APIs and Integration
  •  Email Marketing APIs
  •  Web Analytics APIs
  •  Conversion Boosting APIs
  •  Customized APIs

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  • eCommerce POS Integration - Automating the Inventory Synchronization

    Manual data entry is the thing of the past especially in the eCommerce industry. Every business process can be automated synchronizing the inventory between POS API and your platform. eCommerce POS integration frees you from the much extensive responsibility of updating stock related info, managing back orders, and refunds.

    This API synchronizes your inventory with your website and let the critical information regarding orders, shipping, customer data pass through. If your store is associated with global eCommerce stores such as eBay and Amazon, you can use your POS systems to display relevant and convenient data regarding your products.

    Integration of POS is indispensable for brick and mortar stores as without automation, your brand may fail to perform and eventually may have to face its demise. Our API experts will suffice all your curiosity on the working of API and its importance for your business.

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  • eCommerce CRM Integration - The Viable Connection for Gaining Market Intelligence

    CRM - Customer Relationship Management has the potential to make or break andy business, but when it comes to eCommerce, this aspect takes the most important spot in the entire operational system of your business. And therefore, for any eBusiness to run smoothly, eCommerce CRM integration becomes requisite.

    Customers being the prime entity in eCommerce business, this integration is viable for managing the personal data and the shopping patterns of your consumers. With on point information accumulation about your prime and new customers, you can devise marketing campaigns that are highly suitable to them.

    Aligning your information with technology is a smart decision to make. CRM integration is one such step towards accomplishing your goals, and we at Mconnect are eager to serve this in a platter.

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  • Integrating your Websites with ERP Systems - Business Operations are not necessarily Stressful

    When we talk about the change of information via an API, the data can either be lying haphazardly on your platform, or it could be organized and aligned with the ERP systems. We recommend ERP systems, especially if you are a big name in Brick and Mortar stores.

    eCommerce ERP integration helps you centralize the tiniest of data regarding your products, customers, suppliers, distributors, orders, back orders, shipping, delivery, manufacturers, sales, inventory, and any other element related to your eCommerce business.

    ERP integration leaves no chance to errors making business operation smooth and trusted. This ultimately reflects your sales and make shopping a pleasant experience for your customers. Being eCommerce experts, we recommend, consult on, and build ERP systems for our clients. Reach us to experience the comfort of ERP integration with your eStore.

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We keep client’s satisfaction on our focal point. All that matters to us is your satisfaction. Thus, we try to deliver our best. We try to reinforce the best relationship with our clients. Anything dealing with Magento can be brought to us and sorted out in shortest possible time. Our numbers speak our quality and expertise

eCommerce Web Services API Integration - A Streamlined Method to go Technically Modern

Although we are a Magento oriented company, we have hired API developers who are adroit at integrating APIs in PHP, .NET, and other platforms. We also have profound experience in developing web applications using XML - RPC (Remote procedure Call), MEP (Message Exchange Patterns), and REST (Representable State Transfer).

Our developed APIs are powerful allowing complex data structures to be transferred hasslefree. Our API services cover third party integration that your eCommerce may need for operations such as low cost carriers, or packaging systems. Here are a few examples of third party consolidators:

Global Distribution Systems (GDSs)

Affordable Carriers

Online and Offline Travel Agencies

Airlines, Car Rental Agencies, Tours and Hotels

Custom API Integration - We Devise Apt APIs for eCommerce Variants

API (Application Programming Interface) is the answer to your introspection on how the budding eCommerce ventures are succeeding in selling their products in practically no time. Keeping the entire business in sync is the key to profitability in today’s digitally linked world.

We create customized APIs that suit your business needs. With our deft API programmers, we have managed to maintain our position among the leading experts as the makers of WooCommerce and Magento APIs. Our expertise in handling eCommerce requirements has allowed us to maintain the same refinement in Mobile APIs.

Our use of ethical command sets has led us to where we are. All the commands, routines, functions, and protocols that we use to build custom APIs are completely ethical. Not only technically, but API integration is an economical decision that promotes growth and savings at the same time.

How we develop Magento website?

API Integration can Turn the Tables - Let’s Begin the Turning Today!

Mconnect’s integration services have an immense experience to account for. The perfect, workable amalgamation of affordability, quality, and timeliness, we offer the best in the industry.

It’s time to take the matter further! Get connected with our representatives to discuss your bright future that API integration can embark upon you!


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