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Are you looking for dedicated Magento Programmers including upgrade platform to Magento 2.0 who can work extensively on your Magento development project to launch your eCommerce business online from offsite development office? Our expert Magento Dedicated Team services can help you to gear up your online store with equipped knowledge of eCommerce to achieve your business objective and profitable goals. Check below how our Magento dedicated team is capable of handling every type of project requirements.

Mconnect Dedicated Magento Team consist experienced Magento Web Developers and Programmers. Our main goal is to meet and exceed your online objective.

  • Our team perform all your development tasks
  • Miscellaneous project completion
  • Custom Extension Development
  • Can handle any type of complexity, multiple project can be handled
  • Perform all type of design, installation, development and training activities

save up to 30% cost on development

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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Hire Dedicated Magento Development Team at Mconnect- Zealous, Competent, Diligent

It is essential to take decisions according to requirements and we are here to provide services just as your eCommerce project demands. For large scale projects where a team of Magento experts is needed for a successful integration of an eStore, we let our clients hire an entire team.

Our front-end developers will make sure that the design of your store has uniqueness along with usability, and compatibility with the backend. We assure you that the code developed by our backend developers will have everything that a feasible eCommerce store should have. Each member that we would assign you in the team will undoubtedly be proficient in what they do.

With an apt support team, Magento 1 and Magento 2 developer, SEO experts, Magento designer, and a project manager, you will have your own squad reporting directly to you. We all thrive on success, and we believe that our success lies in yours. We give no space to incompetency because that’s how our team is - zealous, competent, and diligent.

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Not Sure If you Really Need a Team Of Dedicated Magento Team?

Being an offshore Magento development company with operational space in India, we get a lot of global clients who are not sure whether their eCommerce development venture needs a dedicated Magento specialists or not. Our designers, and Magento developers for hire are adroit in creating an eStore from scratch as well as in updating Magento 1 store to Magento 2. However if you are baffled on picking the services, let us ask you a few questions which will help you determine your needs:

  • Does your project has a vague outline and you are unable to sketch an outline of its features and functionalities?
  • Does your store sell 10k+ SKU products?
  • Does your already existent store needing an upgrade have more than 100 orders per day?
  • Are you handling multiple eCommerce projects and need to work with the same team for all your stores?
  • Being your first project, a re you having issues on deciding the estimate of your eCommerce store?
  • Do you need features and functionalities in your eStore that your current team is not able to handle?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you must try the dedicated services that our Magento development outsourcing team offer.

Our Dedicated Magento Team Manage

We help our clients with all their eCommerce related issues such as deciding their features according to their target audience, investment ideas on the basis of the recovery plans, changes that are necessary in their design and coding to upgrade from Magento 1, and much more.

Get in contact with our representative now to hire the best minds available in the Magento industry.

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Your Magento Development Team will empower get to your store developed efficiently and effectively. Dedicated team will manage design, development, customization, enhancements, training and support of your Magento website. Everything is included where you never need to be worried of any stuffs related to your online business.

  • Complete Magento eCommerce solutions
  • Magento customization
  • Module development
  • Theme design and integration
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Magento Speed Optimization
  • Ensure server performance optimizations
  • ERP/CRM/POS Integration
  • Magento maintenance and tech support
  • Product import & data entry
  • Modify business reports
  • Migrate and upgrade current modules to newer versions
  • Keep eyes on new updates from Magento
  • Implement suitable updates to current database
  • Magento hack check - Malware & Virus Removal
  • Any eCommerce to Magento Migration
  • Magento version Upgradation

Hire dedicated magento developers - A Rocket Launcher of your E-Commerce Dreams

Launching a Magento store is not as easy as creating a web page that displays a few products. Regardless of its size, every eCommerce store needs to go through all the development cycle stages starting from requirement gathering and research to its seamless integration. It is really not worth risking your business on questioning the necessity of hiring the entire team.

It is inevitable to book the Magento team if you dream of a coherent assimilation of your Magento store. We give assurance of our team’s prowess as Magento professionals and also we take much pride in their understanding of customer behavior. Our Magento experts think 20 steps ahead just to make sure their decisions are in line with the shopper’s expectations.

How we develop Magento website?

Just some of our clients

Supporting companies in design + implementation of E-Commerce solutions

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Hire Certified, specialist and dedicated professionals! Magento design, development, integration & support expertise all under one roof.

Monthly Support Packages for Magento Store





Hourly Rate





Monthly Hours

160 Hours

(8 hours a day & 5 days a week)

No hiring commitment. Hire us when you require.

Minimum Period of Hiring

6-9 Month

3-6 Month

1-3 Month

40 hours per Month

Billing Terms

1 Month Advance payment

50% advance, 50% at the end of work

Package Price $3200/mo$4000/mo$4800/mo$1600/mo

We’re celebrating 10th Year Anniversary. Opt for our hire Magento developer services for 1 year and get additional one month free!

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Is there anything that We could Help With? Check our FAQs for Clarity

  • I want to hire a dedicated developer for limited working hours, precisely 20 or less than 20 hours/week. Is it possible?

    We are extremely sorry but our working plans start from 40 hours/ week at the least. However, you can consider our support contract which has an option of remaining hour’s validity.

  • Will my dedicated developer be experienced?

    Yes, we do not assign inexperienced professional to our dedicated clients. Any professional assigned to you will at least have one year of experience in the field. You can also opt for certified Magento specialists.

  • What if I face issues of incompetency with your assigned developer?

    We all want our work to be accomplished with sincerity, you and us included. We would not take it lightly if there is any sort of issue hindering your association with us. You can contact our service manager to report whatever problems that you are facing with our developer which may be taken ahead to the management if things get out of control. Although, we assure you that nothing of this will be needed.

  • How do I start with my website, I am altogether a newbie?

    Stay calm and confident. Everybody starts from nothing. If you are not clear with Magento development process, we are sure this article will help you get a fair idea.

  • How am I supposed to keep in touch with the assigned developer?

    You will be provided with the developer’s contact details including skype id and e-mail. You can have a talk with him/her anytime during the working hours. We would never the less recommend you to decide follow up hours keeping the timezone differences in mind.

  • Since when is M-Connect into Magento solutions?

    M-Connect is working on Magento since the inception of Magento. We have been building Magento sites since 2008 and have come a long way since.

  • Do I own the intellectual property which was allotted to work on to your developer?

    Rest assured, your idea will leave our premises with you and so will your gains. Our developers is bound to forgo the intellectual property rights and transfer the ownership of the developed code to the client.

  • Will the website be my own after its completion?

    Without any doubt. You will own everything that is built by M-Connect and its employees. However, the technology that we do not own such as CMS and Database software cannot be claimed as we too are just the users. In all, the website that we create is completely yours and we do not force our clients to host it with us. You are free to select a different host and we assure you that we will provide complete assistance in making the transition seamless.

  • Will my source code developed at your premises be secure?

    We earn through our mental capacity and securing the work of our brains is the only way we can benefit. Your source code will be under all the necessary protection including firewall, password, encryption keys, etc. Unauthorized access is simply not possible within our organization as everything is monitored.

  • Will my dedicated developer work with your other clients while working with me?

    No. When we assign a dedicated developer to our clients, we do not compromise his/her time and dedication which is rightly yours.

  • How do M-Connect accept the payment?

    We prefer to get paid through wire transfers or PayPal.

  • Which professionals do i get in my team when I hire a dedicated team?

    Regardless of where you live, M-Connect’s Magento outsourcing services allow you to hire a special team for your eCommerce necessities. You can hire a team on either full time basis or hourly basis, whichever suits you. Our finesse in handling Magento works makes it easy even to integrate with your existing team if we must.


    Every project is different in terms of size, complexity, and timeline requirement. We allow our clients to decide how many dedicated members of which designation would they prefer to hire after thorough consultation. A complete team of dedicated Magento team includes: Project Manager, Team Leader, Magento Developer, Magento Designer, System Administrator and QA or Tester.

  • Does M-Connect take responsibility of my investment in case if my developer falls sick or quits?

    M-Connect employees are not likely to leave the organization until they are done with the dedicated project until something not ignorable comes up. In that case, we assure you that we will appoint a new developer as soon as possible and none of your work would suffer.

  • How much time do you take to get started with a project?

    We start working on the development of a project as soon as everything regarding requirements, budget, functionalities, and timeline is decided.

  • How many hours of work could I expect from your developer?

    Our employees including our developers work for 8 hours during weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm. We are closed on weekends, but in certain scenarios where deadlines could be compromised because of some coding issues, our developers will be there round the clock to meet the deadline.

  • Do you take any advance payment?

    Our developers and research department starts investing their time as soon as the project gets finalized. To keep their payment security in mind, we take 1 month’s payment in advance.

  • Can we expect your developer and the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

    Security is our prime concern and we are ready to take all the measures to build our client’s trust. Our developer will be bound to sign the NDA and its breach will not be tolerated. As an organization, we too are ready to comply by your security requirements.

  • How much time you are likely to take to build a website?

    Although everything is relative when it comes to website development as with every project the requirements, and the budget varies. However, it takes us 4-6 weeks to build a standard Magento website, and an eCommerce enterprise would take 14-16 week roughly.

  • Do you provide warranty for your code, and is yes, what is the time period?

    Yes, we do provide warranty for the code developed by our team which usually lasts 90 days.

  • Can I hire an exclusive development team for my project?

    Although our usual dedicated contracts last upto 3 months, you can ask for exclusive development team if you need continuous work with programming on your project.

  • What is the procedure of team allocation? How do I trust your assigned professionals?

    You don’t have to, because it’s not us who chooses your team, you will. We follow a unique dedicated team selection model which allows our clients to choose who would make it in their team and who wouldn’t. After you send us the requirements, we shortlist suitable employees and forward their resumes to you. You can further interview them and pick those who fits.

  • Do I need to pay for national holidays and sick leaves that my developer takes?

    Absolutely not. We share our national holidays calendar with our clients as soon as we agree on working together. You can also view our holiday policy to get a clearer idea.

  • Does M-Connect outsource work due to lack of resources or expertise?

    We are well known for our transparency and if something is not achievable by us, we will state it plainly. However you might not have to worry about that as we have the best Magento specialists with us and in no circumstances do we think outsourcing is plausible.

M-Connect’s Utility of Providing Dedicated Developers - Everything’s Positive

There is an immense competition out there, not only between various eCommerce stores, but also within service providers. Amidst extensive options available, why you should put trust in M-Connect has to have a considerable answer. Well, unlike other offshore development companies, we hire just the best people available in the industry.

Apart from our maestro hiring techniques there are other things which could make your association with us a super pleasant one. We will not only consult you with apt solutions but, after the integration of your eStore, we assure you that we will stay live with your back office team to sort any queries that might create a hindrance.

M-Connect Media have been providing Magento services since 2008 and have been successful in all of its projects. Make your eCommerce store user friendly, elegant, and one of a kind in absolutely affordable prices with us.

  • The expertise of our certified Magento developers
  • The flexibility of our engagement models
  • Security with our strict NDA terms
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Ownership of the source code developed by M-connect
  • Intellectual property (IP) protection
  • Assurance with 100% money back guarantee
  • Managing the team on your terms
  • Easy team scaling


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