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Advance Matrix Rate Shipping Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Matrix Rate Shipping Extension

Advance Matrix Rate Shipping Extension for Magento 2
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Our Magento 2 Matrix Rate Shipping Extension provides versatile shipping solutions with multiple rate options. Tailor rates based on country, state, city, zip code, product weight, subtotal, and more. Choose from three calculation conditions: Weight vs. Destination, Order subtotal vs. Destination, and Number of items vs. Destination. Set fixed or percentage-based handling fees, and easily define attributes in CSV format. Seamlessly import and export rate tables for hassle-free management.

  • Offer multiple customized shipping solutions using Matrix rates
  • Set custom shipping method title and calculation condition
  • The extension helps you to set up flexible table rate shipping option
  • It will automatically calculate shipping charges and add them to subtotal
  • Backend option to import/export CSV file with unlimited number of table rate methods
  • Supports shipping cost for downloadable or virtual product types
  • Option to charge shipping and handling fee in the fixed/percentage manner
  • Enable shipping for all specific countries as per your need
  • Choice to hide the unavailable shipping methods from frontend
  • Displays various shipping methods for different locations
  • Calculation of shipping charges based on weight, subtotal or cart items
  • Option to set individual shipping rates as per destination
  • InstantHelp Center
  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

In an online eCommerce store, shipping plays a vital role in terms of serving a great shopping experience to the shoppers. Because some buyers are intended to receive their package as soon as possible in the most convenient way. Even offering a standard shipping method for all the customers will not work as everyone is not ordering the same sized package from the same distance. Keeping in mind the importance of effective shipping & order fulfillment process, you must have to offer multiple shipping methods. According to the Pitney Bowes Global eCommerce study 2018, 56% of customers were disappointed with shipping difficulties they have faced with the reasons such as late shipment, expensive shipping costs, unfulfilled orders, wrong product shipped, unclear return policies, and poor packaging, etc. So to make your customers stick to your brand, you must have to offer multiple shipping methods for different locations and dimensions that make you feel that the default shipping methods in Magento 2 are not enough for your store!

Mconnect Advance Matrix Rate Shipping Extension for Magento 2 allows you to customize shipping methods based on multiple shipping options such as destination, height, weight, price, quantity, size, and so on. The extension helps you to set up an extremely flexible table rate solution that automatically calculates and adds shipping charges to the order subtotal. You can quickly create an unlimited number of table rates shipping methods by uploading a CSV file from the backend. After that, you can also charge a shipping handling fee to each order in a fixed or percentage manner. To hide the shipping method for unavailable areas, you also have an option for the same. It comes with a backend option to set shipping method title, eligible product types, and countries for which you want to enable this shipping method. The admin can also create dependent table rates shipping method from the backend based on...

  • Weight vs. destination
  • Order subtotal vs. destination
  • Number of items vs. destination

Once the extension is configured from the backend, whenever your customer adds any product to their shopping cart and moves further, the extension will display available table rate shipping method on their shopping cart page. On selection, it will calculate the shipping charges and adds it to the order subtotal, which will be displayed in all Magento 2 generated docs and order summary.

For example, you have an online grocery store where you are selling different types of grocery products that are different in size and shape and you want to charge $5 flat rate for orders which order subtotal is from 49 to 99 for the Kennesaw city zip codes 30144/30152 then this extension will help you to create such customized table rate shipping method solution.

Indirectly, using this extension, you can create different table rate shipping methods that will help you to reduce cart abandonment rates by serving different shipping options to your buyers. It also increases your customer retention value by implementing a precise shipping calculation method inside your Magento 2 store.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Advanced Matrix Rate Magento


    Select 'Yes' to enable this extension on the store front.


    You can define the condition for the system to calculate the shipping rate accordingly. You can select the option out of the three: Weight vs. Destination, Order Subtotal vs. Destination and No. of items vs. Destination.

    Calculate shipping rate
  • Shipping cost calsulator


    In this field, you can select the product types which you wish to include for the shipping cost calculation.


    For the shipping rate calculation, you can import or export the CSV file from these options.

    Csv file import
  • Table rate shipping


    For calculating the handling fee in this shipping method, you can select Percent or Fixed method.


    You choose to apply this shipping method to all the allowed countries or to some specific countries under this option.

    Select the county for shipping


Magento 2 Table rate shipping module

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