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Ads and Promotions

Adding promotion tickets and discounts offers increase the sales and eventually booast conversion rate.

You have a new product on your store or you have an old stock of products which you wish to let your customers know. This can be done by Ads or Promotions. This not only informs your customers about any promotions, discount or sale but it also attracts more customers on your website. The promotions or sales on your store also helps in building a brand awareness among online population. There are various Magento extensions for creating ads or promoting your products.

With the extensions developed for making ads or promotions, you can offer coupon codes, discounts on certain products, or offer deals on some purchases. You can let your customer know about the ongoing sale or promotion with the help of banners, direct emails or text messages.

Try our Magento Ads and Promotions extensions and sell more products. Visit our Magento extensions page to select the extensions as per your needs.

  1. Product Ribbon / Labels Extension for Magento
    Add attractive labels, sale stickers or marketing ribbon on product's base image to improve user engagement.
  2. Mconnect Ad Banner Manager Extension for Magento®
    Create your own advertisement banner on storefront. Manage location, visibility and type of slide.
  3. Product Pre Order & Backorder Extension for Magento
    Increase customer engagement by allowing them to backorder & pre booking order product.
  4. Nested Banner - Home Tab Slider Extension for Magento
    Display multiple tabs and have unlimited slides in individual tab to represent your website.
  5. Nested Banner Slider Extension for Magento 2
    Give your Magento store professional and attractive look by making multiple rwd tabs & sliders.
  6. Product Label, Ribbon Extension for Magento 2
    Now it's easy to add enticing labels to your product images. Conditional display and Sticker Library are an added advantage!

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