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Store Locator Google Map Extension for Magento 2

Store Locator for Magento 2

Store Locator Google Map Extension for Magento 2
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Simplify the process for users to locate your business or dealer stores easily! Our Store Locator Extension for Magento 2 facilitates customers in finding the nearest store or dealer address with ease. Integrated with Google Maps, reaching your location requires minimal effort. Admins can conveniently add all physical store locations and addresses, ensuring a seamless experience for customers. Additional tabs allow for the inclusion of store details such as opening and closing hours, search and filter location addresses, and a convenient import store address feature!

  • Allows you to add all the physical stores' location and address.
  • Option to show all addresses on a single page or on separate pages.
  • Users can see the entire list of the stores with the address and the base image.
  • It makes it easy for customers to reach your offline store with the help of google map.
  • Shows store location with custom icons on Google map.
  • Option to choose from the satellites or map for getting the store location view.
  • Customers can filter store location and address with the help of tags to find the nearest store.
  • Users can gain access to the external link of the store.
  • Option to search stores’ addresses by a specific city, zip code, state, province, or country.
  • Users can leave their comments on Facebook about your stores.
  • Option to import data from the CSV file to quickly setup multiple store locations.
  • Select different criteria for a search to reflect in frontend.
  • Facilitates the addition of numerous store details.
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  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

How do your customers, existing and prospective, know where your store exists? As a business owner, the onus is on you to make the information more readily accessible to them and this can be achieved by way of extensions. The Mconnect Store Locator Magento 2 Extension helps in extremely easy management of store location. Customers will definitely experience the ease and speed with which stores can be searched for. Customers too can have a realistic appearance of the stores.

  • Is your business one such kinds that has multiple physical stores and you do not wish to lose out on any of them? Then, this dealer locator will definitely help you in reaching out across to your customers and letting them know about your stores and the branches you have .
  • Customers can search for the stores by way of zip code, city or radius. And, there are of course the filters which would make the search even more refined with the help of facility and product type. Additionally when the store’s information like address, open time, in-store events, etc., are also included, the stores can be imported through CSV file.
  • There are ample search criteria and of course the friendly users interface. These two will definitely help the customers in easily locating the store that they could reach with minimum effort or the one that is located just say for instance, five kilometers or ten kilometers and also get directions instantly on Google map as to how they could reach the destination store.
  • The main aim of this physical store finder extension is to have more volume of traffic visiting your store. When you make the locations of your stores accessible to the prospective and existing customers they can easily visit your store. Just in case a product is not available in one specific store, the customer would want to visit another branch of your store that has the product.

In short,

Magento 2 google maps store locator facilitates the store owner and the admin to give out the various store locations in the district or state to their set of customers and customer groups. The way GPS and Google Maps have made finding directions absolutely easy, people can now apply the same to helping customers find their store. Finding the location and getting the direction has never been easier than this. The totally responsive feature too will facilitate the visitors to process freely on their smartphones, tablets or computers.


  • Display Store Location on friendly user interface: The customers can view the store locations on both list and map. There is a View Details link as well as an external link of the store.
  • Locating stores with the help of specific criteria for more accurate results: When on the store list page, people can easily locate the specific store they are looking for. Filtering of the stores is possible with the help of tags and identifies the store icon on the map or the store name on the list.
  • Facilitate interactions with the stores easily: With the help of dealer locator, each and every store can be illustrated with relevant information and also images that are attractive too, at the same time providing with the customers all the relevant details that they need. Most importantly, information related to opening hours of the store, special working days, holidays will help them to choose their convenient time to visit the store. Your customers also can leave reviews about your store on Facebook.
  • Get them to the store quickly: With the help of this extension, you will be able to show them the fastest way in which they could reach the store from their existing location. They can also explore the various locations of the store through panoramic, 360 degree as well as street level imagery options.
  • Sort the different stores that are shown on the Store List in alphabetical order or by distance.
  • Facilitates setting up of the opening time of the store, special working days and holidays.


  • This module enables the store owner to add easily the addresses of the various branches that the business has or the physical stores of the online store in just a matter of few clicks.
  • The store owner can create as many locations as he wants and get them displayed on a single page or on separate pages with the help of Google Maps.
  • A totally responsive design as the customers can view the locations of the store on their smartphones, tablets or computers.
  • Importing of store locations easily: The store admin can easily import numerous store locations for the CSV file at a single go rather than enter all the data manually one by one. This style would definitely be useful for those who have numerous store locations.
  • Opening hours: This is one smart function that helps in auto-changing the store’s status based on the time of the day. It shows ‘open’ during the working hours and of course, ‘close’ when the time is up. The store admin, can further configure special days and holidays at the backend. This can be done for multiple stores at a time.
  • Easy customization: It comes in with an interface that is user-friendly, the store admin has the leverage to upload unlimited number of maker icons.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Mconnect Google Map Store Locator Magento 2

    Enable/disable Store Locator

    This feature of the Magento 2 extension facilitates the store owner to either enable or disable the option. Select "yes" for enabling the Store Locator extension and "No" for disabling the same.

  • Add Store locator to top links

    With this feature, you can add store locator link on top links section of your store front.

    Find physical store on google map
  • get store address

    Set Store locator page title and URL

    This feature helps you set the store locator page title. It also allows you to add URL link for your store locator page. Using this URL link, users can access store locator page. If no link added in the field, default value "storelocator" will be used.

  • Display Store Schedule on Store detail page

    When viewing the store detail page, users can also see its schedule details. Users can get idea of the store working days and hours and can visit them as per.

    magento 2 360 product view
  • store selector

    Display store image gallery

    The dealer inquiry allows to add images for each store. Admin can upload as many images as required. All images will be displayed to user on store detail page in an attractive gallery format. Users can view images in popop by clicking on image.

  • Set Marker Image

    Google map comes with its default marker image to pin point the location on google map. The extension allows you to add a custom marker images to display in place of default google marker image. It will use google marker if no image is added in this field.

    magento image type and information need to be specified for each store view
  • magento 2 search criteria

    Set Distance unit for Store search area

    With this feature you can set the distance unit for your store. You can set one of below units as per your requirement.

    • Miles
    • Kilometers
  • Set Store Search Criteria

    The extension comes with a store search filter using which a user on frontend can search each store as needed. Users can search a store by below criterias. Admin can select which option to show/hide on frontend by selecting/unselecting any of the options.

    • Store Name
    • Country
    • State/Province
    • City
    • Zip Code
    zip code extension finder
  •  api searchcriteria

    Pinpoint a Store on Google Map

    The extension comes with an in built algorithm which finds your store from store address. All you have to do is to add your store address and click on "Get Location" button.

    This will find your store online and will display it on google map with Latitude and Longitude details. The extension also allows you to change the pointer location on map if you find the location is not correct.


    This functionality is specifically built for Front users who are looking for a store near by. A user can add his/her location and can select the diameter to search stores. It will results all the stores available within specified diameter.

    magento physical store finder extension
  • filter by area


    A user can also refine his search criteria with "Search by Area" functionality of the extension. In this search box, a user can search a store by Store Name, Country, State, City or Zip Code.


    When a user comes to store locator page, he/she will see all available stores on site in a user friendly listing. A user can click on any Store locator in list section and its current location on Google map will get focused and centered. Store listing comes with ajax pagination functionality using which a user can toggle through different stores.

    Listing features also comes with "Direction" link. This feature will allow a user to get direction from his location to store's location.

    It also features with "Street View". It allows to see Google Street view of a store if available.

    magento dealer locator

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