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Are you planning on being an etailer? Or does your eCommerce store which was developed years ago needs an upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Or are you looking for consultation on Magento eCommerce development? M-Connect Media can help you with all of these Magento related requirements, be it development of a new store, upgrade to the more agile Magento2, or handling the sales and marketing of your current Magento store, literally anything.

Having worked with top-notch online merchants since 2008, we are currently one of the most favored Magento development companies. With a team of front-end and back-end developers having faultless problem solving skills, a creative edge, and commendable experience of working on a host of Magento Community & Enterprise website, M-Connect has everything that you need to create your dream store.

Magento Services  7 Reasons to Choose

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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M-Connect Magento Solutions - Be Ready to Tell the Tale of your Sales & Success

Being in the business for more than 8 years now has made us technically affluent and we assure you that there is no such development challenges that our team may not be able to overcome.

We value our customer’s time and never have we ever made them sit back waiting for our task to finish. Yes, deadlines and budget maintenance are our strong suits.

With certified Magento developers who know Magento structure and code standard with thorough understanding, M-Connect’s team can help you with not only creating a fresh eCommerce store, but has exceptional experience in enhancing badly built websites. We concentrate on overcoming the everyday challenges that an eRetailer faces by providing bespoke solutions which are feature-rich and feasible.

Our experts have exemplary dedication on turning your requirements and dreams into reality. Once assigned, we make sure to put in apropos time may it be an hour or 1000 hours to give your online store the scalability, customizability, and agility that it deserves. We follow a transparent workflow to be precise and crisp on code generation as well as testing.

To provide solutions based on Magento guidelines is our team’s forte.

Get the best solutions with zero worries!

Expertise in catering small to enterprise level eCommerce.

Since the inception of our company, we've laid prime focus on eCommerce web development using Magento services.

Hiring us will free you from all the possible worries of making your web store available on other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. M-Connect’s Magento team keeps up with all the latest ecommerce trends and is efficient in developing responsive websites as well as applications. All you’ll have to do is to be ready with your requirements and a tale to tell on your success.

Services by M-Connect Media - We Offer Everything That’s Magento

Magento is one of the leading platforms chosen for eCommerce businesses as big as eBay. We have highly proficient teams dedicated to different departments which look after even the smallest requirements related to your Magento store.

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From designing to development and integration of your online store, we handle everything. Avail the following Magento eCommerce services that could make you the kind of online retailer you want to be:

  • Front-end design of the web store
  • Custom back-end development
  • Design and development of one-page checkout
  • Custom shipping and payment methods
  • Development of responsive/device themes
  • Custom module development
  • Coherent third party integration
  • ERP integrations
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Multi-channel solutions
  • Migration and integration to Magento
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration
  • Website loading speed/Server configuration optimization
  • Version control - JIRA and GitHub
  • Consultation and implementation on performance optimization
  • Complete Handling of Magento eCommerce website build projects

It is Important for you to Know our Workflow - We Believe in Transparency

On connecting with us for availing any of the Magento services we provide, someone from our proficient and certified team of project managers will get associated with your team as soon as things are settled on the first basis. The manager will draft a detailed project requirements and specifications which will then get assorted according to the priorities and filtered into a dash development cycle.

We use Agile Development Methodology managed and monitored by JIRA software and GitHub. Our documentation team maintains the needed transparency to create a step-by-step report for your understanding post integration of the store.

We handle Multi Channel, Multi Store, and Online Retail eCommerce projects with equal swiftness. Rest assured, with us, your store will be a well designed multi million dollar business that witnesses growth continuously.

How we develop Magento website?

Digital eCommerce Company

M-Connect Extension

We ensure that our team of designers, developers, marketing professionals and technical support make the best use their knowledge and experience in creating unique work that satisfies our clients.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

It allows customer to select multiple option of the same attribute which will customize desired price, as per the product ratings or reviews according to their search results.

Part Finder for Magento 2

It enables customer to search according to particular specifications. It will allow customers to make search from any webpage and provide results quickly with great accuracy.

Switching To Magento? A Prompt Decision with Which we would help Thoroughly

With our extensive experience in helping our clients with this much important and needed migration, we assure you our data professionals and developers will take care of everything that’s relevant and crucial for your business.

We promise you a crisp and clean migration to Magento 2 including the shopping carts, community and the entire enterprise.

Not Sure How to Gear Up your Store to Magento 2? We will Take Care of It

It is essential to step up with upgrades, especially when you are missing out on major advantages. Although migrating to Magento 2 seems a task, it sure does have an array of extensions and features that the older version lack.

There is no space for doubts when you leave this major transformation on us. We will put the best minds to work on transferring your store to Magento 2 for a seamless and hassle free integration.

7 Reasons to Choose M-Connect For Magento Development Let’s Grow Together

  • Our developers are certified Magento developers

    You deal with professionals when you choose M-Connect Media for your Magento oriented requirements. We have hand picked Magento lovers who love their job of constructing and repairing ecommerce stores. With highly creative minds and ability to manage high end projects, our designers, developers, feasibility experts and managers, you will find your dream team.

  • M-Connect does not know to differentiate between small and big projects

    We know how intimidating large eCommerce stores can be. But, they don’t intimidate us, because we build them and we build the small scale stores. We are linked with both our creations and would never want our prestige to stoop because of any of our work. That is why, we handle small scale projects with the same zeal as of large stores. We’ll discuss every possible opportunity of growth with all our clients.

  • We provide Seamless testing for a bug-free and secure code

    We consider testing as the most important phase of our development cycle as this is the phase which tells how much worth has our time and hard work been. With testers having invigorating spirit to diminish all the glitches and possible security threats, you will not have to worry about our code breaking in the middle. You’ll get a bug-free, completely secure product in hand. Our continuous security checks will make sure of it.

  • We offer our services at extremely competent prices

    Yes, eCommerce is the business that is being targeted by almost all the traders around the world and has a high demand. We don’t exploit this notion and offer our services at the most competent prices. Rest assured, we don’t compromise on the quality of our development procedure, we have always given the best. We also consider it lowly to produce unexpected bill, so be at peace because we’ll always discuss about quotations before jumping into anything.

  • Customizing or upgrading won’t crack our code

    Our certified Magento developers are deeply engaged with this platform. They know it inside out including the benefits, limitations, how to turn those limitations into benefits, everything. The coders of our team designs code that is agile, customizable and flexible. Our core files are developed adhering Magento guidelines withstand changes, upgrades, and migration.

  • You will have access to everything and everyone that’s connected to your project

    We understand it is important to stay connected, observe, review, appreciate, and criticize whenever necessary. Your man will have direct access to the project including email, passwords, and the Magento developer or manager associated with your eCommerce store development. Regular reviews and meetings will be conducted with progress reports ready on your project with an outline of your budget.

  • Our entire team is highly approachable

    It is our duty, and not a benefit that we should flaunt, but we mentioned this is to assure you that we will be easily available for discussions. You can contact us via our email and we promise you to get back to you within 24 hours of time. We appreciate follow-ups and have trained our entire team to be approachable.

The Best Magento Solution Provider for E-Commerce Business

M-Connect Media has been in the business for more than 8 years and we offer excellence in front-end and back-end development to solve the problems of customer creatively.

We not only help to create your store from scratch but also have exceptional experience to take store on greater level. You will be involved in the every step of development process. Contact us to share your idea.


Contact Sales

You can do direct email at