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Featured Products for Magento® 2

Add responsive featured product slider of recommended and promoted items on home page, category page, product detail page, CMS page or anywhere on Magento website. Set custom width, max/min of slides, shows products in random, ascending and descending order, easy to install and configure.

Mconnect Featured Products Extension for Magento® 2
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Features of Extension

Product Description

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Sometimes, there can be certain products for which there will be high demand or you may wish to clear some lot of products from your store. Then, how you can let your customers know that you are keeping those products in special category to be sold.

Featured products are the normal products for which you wish to increase the sale due to their specialty or occasion. With this extension, you can select the featured products from all of your store products and display them on your store homepage in a separate block or on different page.

To add Featured Products on any CMS page, please add below code to your page:

{{block class="Mconnect\Featuredproducts\Block\Featuredproducts" template="Mconnect_Featuredproducts::mcsfeaturedproducts/mcsfeaturedproducts.phtml"}}

Functionality Included in Extension

  • enable/disable featured product extension

    You have to select yes for enable the 'Featured Product' extension.

  • Display setting for frontend

    Select order ascending or descending that you want to show the featured products on frontend according to product id.

    For Products count - Blank/Zero value leads to the display of all records. and mentioned value deals with the max. no of products to be displayed.

    For Column Count – Blank/Zero value leads to the display of all column and mentioned value deals with the maximum number of columns to be displayed.

    For Title - You can display title like Featured Products or whatever you want, but first of all you have to select yes otherwise title is not display in fronted.

  • Slider Setting for Featured Product

    You have to select yes for enabled the slider.

    Then you can set the Slider Width, Move Slides, Min Slides (at lowest resolution), Max Slides (at highest resolution), Slide Show Speed and Enable Pager.

  • Button Setting For frontend

    Select yes for display 'price value' ,'add to cart' , 'add to wishlist' and 'add to compare' on frontend with featured products.

  • Featured Product Listing in backend

    Featured products are added to listing as you added any product as featured product.

  • Featured Product on Frontend

    Display Featured product according to Backend setting

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  • Standard Code

    Follow Magento guideline

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Why Our Extension

  • Standard Code

    We code according to Magento guideline that ensure positive effect and plug & play solutions.

  • Great UI Design

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  • Quality Testing

    Several technical test cases are conducted to check the quality & code standards to ensure future compatibility.

What people says

  1. Excellent Upgrade
    We already used the earlier version of Magento with the featured product extension. With Magento 2 upgrade, we have seen updated products with additional features and functions.

    We have requested Magento developers at M-Connect to customize the extension as per our wishes. The admitted happily to do so, and now we have responsive featured product slider on our storefront.


  2. Nice & Polished!
    We have tried one more product before from another provider. However, we have some issues with the product as well as support services. Therefore, we have decided to switch the provider and product with Magento 2 upgrade.

    M-Connect arrived on our radar, and we set the deal. Indeed Magento extension development and support team at M-Connect is awesome, and they have created a nice and highly polished extension to meet our needs.

    The installation and configuration processes handled by the team and now the extension is working smoothly on our big size online store.



  3. It is the solution I seek.
    I have a large size Magento eCommerce store with thousands of products. I want to ease the life of my patrons by providing recommended and promoted items on various key pages such as homepage and category pages.

    I ran an exhaustive search for an expected product, and it ended with M-Connect extension. I am extremely pleased with the solution, and it works as per my expectations.


  4. Added new variants of old products with this extension!
    Great to let your customers know about some different products or variants added on store. I used this extension on my store to show the new variants of my old products. And my customers are purchasing those products. Thank you!


  5. An extension to enhance the sale during holidays or weekends!
    This is a great extension to display certain products differently on the website. I have used this extension for adding some of my new products with combo offers as Featured products for the weekend sale. And this has helped me a lot. I was able to sell more products as it was visible to all my visitors and customers. I will again enable this feature on my store during holiday seasons. Thank you guys!


  6. A problem solver!
    I have launched some new products on my store which I wanted to be noticed by my visitors and customers. I tired many ways to do it, but the achievement was not up to my expectation. However, I read this idea somewhere that I can also display those new products as a separate block on the homepage or category page within my store. So, I installed the Featured Products extension and saw the increased numbers of queries and orders for the same products. Thank you guys, you are great problem solver!


  7. Very Nice!
    I have installed and used this extension. And this works well on my site.


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