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Catalog / Customer Extensions

Control all your products and manage catalogue to save time and efforts with just few click steps.

On a daily basis, the management of the catalog or customers list, by any store owner can be very tedious and tiring job. Apart from time consumption, the catalog management is very complicated task as it handles diverse types of products in the store. In a catalog management, the store owners have to define, store, retrieve and manage all the products throughout selling process. Also, to help the customers in searching the products they want, the admin has to keep the catalog systematic and updated.

The Magento extensions offer tools to manage products, categories, bulk prices, cost of products and stock of products. These extensions save lot of time and efforts of admin in managing the products as well as of customers in product search.

The tools for catalog management will save you from this heavy task with few click steps. Do you want to try? Get in touch with us.

  1. Product Ribbon / Labels Extension for Magento
    Add attractive labels, sale stickers or marketing ribbon on product's base image to improve user engagement.
  2. Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento
    Assign specific product and price to individual customer and customer group. Adjust catalog permission & visibility.
  3. Featured Product Slider Extension for Magento
    Drive more and more online audience attention to your best and most saleable products of the store.
  4. Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension for Magento
    Hold your customer on same page with allowing them to view all the products with Ajax view more functionality.
  5. Product File Upload - Attachment Extension for Magento
    Attach document, video, images, txt, pdf, mp4, mp3, avi file with products in Magento.
  6. Product Pre Order & Backorder Extension for Magento
    Increase customer engagement by allowing them to backorder & pre booking order product.
  7. Featured Product Slider Extension for Magento 2
    Showcase your recommended product’s responsive slider on storefront in a separate block.
  8. Google Rich Snippets Extension for Magento 2
    Increase traffic and visibility on search engine and social media platform by decorating listing with information.
  9. Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2
    Restrict catalog permission. Hide/show specific product and assign custom price to customer and group.
  10. Product Part Finder Extension for Magento 2
    Let the visitors quickly filter the product with the specific attributes & fields with Parts Finder.
  11. Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento 2
    Magento 2 layered navigation product filter by multiple attributes &category. Horizontal & vertical, ajax price slider, rating, stock filter.
  12. Gift Card & Certificate Extension for Magento 2
    It facilitates your customer to purchase and send virtual gift card, voucher or certificate to their lovable person.
  13. Product Attachment Extension for Magento 2 - File Upload
    Add unlimited files to product with seprate tab and allow user to downlod the file to know more about your product and purchase easliy.

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