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Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension For Magento 2

Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension

Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension For Magento 2
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Elevate your Magento 2 site with our Infinite Scroll feature, empowering admins with flexible page loading options. Enjoy seamless Ajax scrolling, ensuring customers can explore product lists endlessly. Customize Load More and Back to Top buttons at will, while lazy loading images enhance browsing efficiency. Embrace our Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 Extension today for a professional and user-friendly website experience.

  • Let your customer browse your store products without any hurdles
  • Replaces default navigation with endless AJAX products scroll
  • Uses AJAX to load products without any page refresh
  • Enable infinite scroll on category/product/both the pages
  • Automatically loads products on the products listing page
  • Choose product loads on mouse scroll or on button click
  • Customize AJAX loader and loading message from the backend
  • SEO friendly infinite scroll extension that reduces page load time
  • Improve user experience and conversion rate
  • Delivers engaging shopping experience & increases onsite time
  • InstantHelp Center
  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

Once the customer land on your eCommerce store, they will try to look for the products by switching between different category and search pages. But things are different when there is a large number of products inside your Magento 2 store as it becomes a hectic and time-consuming job. It frustrates your users and leads to a higher bounce rate or abandoning their current cart. Also, one study carried by Baymard says nearly 50% of eCommerce sites have found that the users were unable to find the items they are looking for due to poor and time taking navigation interface. Thus to improve the user experience by eliminating the annoying page reloads, you must have a solution that allows your customer to browse your products effortlessly by saving their time.

Mconnect Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension for Magento 2 replaces default pagination with AJAX to automatically load products on the category and search results page as users scroll down to the end of results. You can also display the "show more" button instead mouse scroll if needed. Once the user reaches the end of product results, the extension will automatically hide the "show more" button from the page. Furthermore, the admin can enable infinite scroll on the category page or search page or both as per need from the backend. You can also use the backend option to customize the loader GIF and message that will be displayed while loading products. This innovative, convenient, and user-friendly solution helps you to deliver a pleasant browsing experience to your shoppers.

For example, if you have a watch store with almost all the brands and if your customer searches for black color watches than this extension will automatically load more watch options every time your customer reaches to the end of the page.

Overall the extension will helps your customers to save their time & load more products on just mouse scroll by reducing site navigation and clicks. So, your customers stay longer on your Magento 2 store. Indirectly, it helps in delivering an engaging shopping experience by reducing the bounce rate and increase your store sales.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • magento 2 load more products

    enable/disable Ajax Product Scroller

    Select 'Yes' for enable the infinite scroll extension on category page and search page.

  • Loader Image setting

    Upload any image which should appear when the product loads while scrolling.

    enable ajax loading
  • magento 2 load product

    Loader Setting

    For Loader Text- You can give name to the loader which appears which loader image while product loading.

    For Loader Method - You can select between two product loader methods: Button click or Mouse Scroll while displaying the next products.


Product Loading on category and searching page will be displayed according to backend setting either from load option or button option.

If you select button option then to view more Products button you have to click on shoe more button otherwise just scrolling the mouse.

pagination in magento 2

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