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Flat Rate Shipping Per Product for Magento® 2

Per product flat rate shipping module for Magento 2 helps to add specific shipping charges per product item or order amount. Display admin manageable error message when method is not applicable. Restricted shipping to any particular country!

Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension for Magento® 2
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Features of Extension

Product Description


Per Product Shipping rates are charged per product of the cart. If there is a product, that do not have any marked shipping charges then the extension will take default shipping charges as your shipping price.

Per Order

Shipping charges are conducted on Max/Min configuration, as per the cart products.


    • You can put separate shipping charges for separate products

This extension is very useful tool when your store is loaded with certain products that demands different shipping resources and shipping needs i.e. shipping a pen has different shipping needs and shipping a table has different shipping needs. Bus this extension make it easy for such products and provide you the ability to mark different shipping charges for different products, as you are committing different shipping costs for them. You can set individual shipping prices for as much products as you want.

    • Toggle multiply quantity enable or disable for a product with multiple quantity.

When a product is added into the cart in multiple counts, then Magento system calculate shipping charges collectively and adds shipping cost of every quantity of the cart. But Flat Rate Shipping extension legitimates you to take shipping cost of only one product regardless of quantity. As per your shipping necessity, you can turn it enable or disable from your store controls.

    • Put a default shipping rate for each product, applicable to all products that are undefined with shipping charges.

When a product is added into the cart in multiple counts, then Magento system calculate shipping charges collectively and adds shipping cost of every quantity of the cart. But Flat Rate Shipping extension legitimates you to take shipping cost of only one product regardless of quantity. As per your shipping necessity, you can turn it enable or disable from your store controls.

    • Confined shipping to any particular country.

You can choose and select the countries where you have the capability to ship your products with your convenient shipping methods. Countries that are not selected from your list will mis to see the shipping method for that product.

    • Permit free shipping after a particular cart value

If you wish to offer free shipping to your customers beyond a specific cart limit, Magento do not allow you to do so. But our Flat Rate Shipping extension allows you to encourage your shoppers to make big purchases to avail free shipping.

    • Compatible with Bundle products, Configurable products and other product types.

This extension work on all kind of product of your store regardless of product type or the niche of your products. You can enable Flat Rate Shipping on all the products of your store and its functions and features work same on all. You can use it on bundled products, configurable products and all the other kind of products.

    • Manifest error when method is not applicable.

This extension facilitates you to display error message that you want your users to see, especially when any shipping method is not applicable on the scenarios of their purchase. You can set the message of your choice to be display to your users.

    • Prioritize shipping method from sort order.

You can prioritize your shipping methods as per your preference. You can set the priorities, and arrange your shipping method in which your user should see it. It can be done very easily from 'Sort Order' section of your admin panel.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • enable/disable flat rate per product extension

    you have to select yes for enable the extension

  • Set up specific flat rate for all products

    You will have to Set the default value of flat rate for all the products.


    Admin can Restrict shipping country to any Product From backend.


    Per Product - It will calculate the shipping price per product on cart page Set up specific flat rate shipping for all products in your product catalog.

    Per Order - it will calculate the shipping based on Max / Min configuration, if you selecte MAX then it will prefer the highest value shipping from the particular product shipping rate: Example: A, B and C product are added to cart Shipping for Product A = $10 Shipping for Product B = $40 Shipping for Product C = $30 So in MAX config case the shipping price will be = $40 In MIN config case the shipping price will be = $10.


    set value total for which shipping cost is free.


    admin can set specific flat rate value to specific product.


    Customer can select one of the option from these methods and that value will be added to total cost of the product.

    M-Connect Media brought Flat Rate Shipping for you and your shoppers to hand over a comfort in shopping without the hurdles of shipping methods and shipping costs. Flat rates shipping extension will satisfy the need of you as well as your shoppers of buying stuff with better shipping cost collection method for you and a pocket friendly and agreeable method for your buyers, that Magento do not allow you to do. If you want to have any suggestion about the functionalities or have any query related to this extension, feel free to contact us.

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What people says

  1. I have already used it in Magento 1 store
    I have already used the Magento 1 version of this extension in my eCommerce store, now i have updated my store to Magento 2 and I found that M-Connect have also developed new flat rate shipping per product extension for Magento 2 with some extra features and i am using it. Working great, thanks for the new version Guys.


  2. Nice extension, excellent support.
    This extension is working as described on this page, i got some custom functions to this with this plugin and i found this company very quick and helpful, support was quick and impressive.


  3. Customer service is awesome
    This plugin to my store is very useful for me to define shipping costs on product, the way technical assistance i got was very quick, professional and dedicated.
    Thanks lot.


  4. Excellent extension
    It's easy to integrate and customize anything with great support when I needed.


  5. Manages products specific shipping with mass shipping cost import makes the task efficiently and easy - excellent support
    I really like this extension specially when it comes with the quick and intelligent support team. I used to manage my store on my own however i faced and issue installing this extension on my store, i emailed extension developer and was amazed with the quick response, i reported the issue with store details and i was shocked that my ticket with them was resolved in just couple of hours. superb and immediate support.

    I am and eCommerce developer and consultant and i do have one suggestion - This extension is best in its category but if you can integrate your Magento 1's shipping per product per country would be awesome move.


  6. Exactly as what i need
    This extension is good with the functionality as i need, its fulfilled my requirement to offer shipping cost for individual product with different condition. i got immediate support for installation.


    The installation and use of this extension is really easy and simple. I wanted to offer flat rates for shipping to different countries as per the product. And this extension by these guys was one solution to all my shipping rate setting problems. I really appreciate your help. I would recommend them to all my friends and I would like to work with them in future again.


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