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Restrict Shipping Method for Magento® 2

Setup shipping restriction rule to disable shipping method by country, states, zip code, store view, special day and specific time slot, customer group, product and customer attributes. Get complete control over shipping!

Mconnect Shipping Restrictions for Magento® 2
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Features of Extension

Product Description

Restrict shipping methods utilizing different products, cart, and customer attributes. Make your shipping procedure both legitimate and cost-effective. Carriers Offer several shipping methods to customer such as Land, air, sea shipments, etc. This extension will allow to restrict only unnecessary shipping methods instead of blocking all of them.

Some of the time you have to restrict some shipping methods for legitimate reasons. In this situation, shipping restrictions extension will turn into a flawless answer for your business needs. The extension will let you create a big amount of shipping rules using various limitation criteria based on customers, cart and product attributes. For instance, a few things are prohibited from being shipped globally due to exporting country, importing country or transportation regulations. Magento functionality enables you to restrict shipping methods only for the entire list, but it can badly affect your business.


  • Restrict the delivery of the non-standard goods or distant regions: You risk to lose money when shipping small or very heavy or sending it to outer region.
  • Shipping restriction on product attributes: You can exclude ground mail when it comes to premium brands.
  • Apply discounts and taxes to the order subtotal: It automatically applies discount and taxes on order subtotal.
  • Restriction on back-ordered items: Allows to restrict ‘next day delivery’ or ‘same day delivery’ for back-ordered items which are temporarily out of stock.
  • Restrict shipping with a coupon: Restrict free shipping after specific coupons
  • Limit shipping methods only when necessary: It allows you to create shipping rules which limit exactly what is needed and nothing more.
  • It makes both shipping process both legal and effective. This extension enables you to limit usage of shipping methods by a huge number of criteria to make sure your delivery process is absolutely legal and meets your business requirements.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Enable/Disable Extension

    Enable/Disable Shipping restriction module.

  • Display error message

    Select "Yes" to display error message for shipping restriction on frontend. If you select "No", it will not display error message and only remove the shipping method.

  • Restrict Shipping Method for admin

    Restrict Shipping Method for admin (Create New order = Sales > Orders > Create Order)

    If selected "No", admin sales user can place order without any restriction on shipping method.

  • Apply Condition

    If you have set Different conditions in shipping restriction information, you will be able to apply conditions from shipping restriction setting.

  • Apply Coupon

    You will be able to Enable or disable for coupon code from shipping restriction setting.

  • Shipping Method

    Shipping Method – Shipping Restriction Information

    Add Rule name for shipping restriction method

    For example,

    • Rule Name: - Free shipping for India.
    • Shipping Carriers: - Choose Free Shipping Method.
    • Restrict method for customer group.
    • Store view restrict method.
    • Priority: - if priority is 1, that display error message will be given 1st priority.
    • Status:- Must be Enable.
    • Error Message:- Display Error message as per Rule Name and Shipping Method.
  • Conditions

    Apply the rule only if conditions are matched.

  • Coupons

    Apply Coupon code for this rule.

    You will be only able to add Coupon code according to the Cart Price Rule.

  • Display Error Message in shopping cart

    The extension allows you to add custom error messages for all shipping rules restriction. The message will be displayed to customer on checkout and cart pages.

  • Display Error Message Create Order Page in admin panel

    • Navigate Sales > Orders > Create New Order > Select Customer/New Customer.
    • Fill up Account information and address information.
    • Now scroll down to Payment & Shipping Information.
    • Click on Shipping Method > Click on Shipping methods and rates.
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What people says

  1. Best Product! Best Company
    It is the third extension we brought from the M-Connect Media and was working well for a period as per our expectations. Suddenly, it became weird in behavior. We call the support team at midnight, and on our surprise, they have solved the issues within a few hours.

    Thanks for the great support.


  2. Problem Solving Product
    I am running Magento store since long and regularly updated, so I have the latest version of Magento 2x. Since the beginning, we face several shipping related issues for some specific regions and States of the USA.

    It is due to local laws and rule & regulations of shipping providers including FedEx, UPS, and Priority Mail, which are delivering our products regularly. Fortunately, we came into contact with M-Connect Media team and discussed the matter in a detailed manner.

    The team has installed the shipping restriction extensions and set up the extension functionality according to our specific requirements. Therefore, today we are able to increase our sales and overall profit without much heading on phone call supports to our customers.

    Free shipping options have boosted our revenue as well as our rapport with our loyal clienteles without much exchanges on live chats.

    Thank you.


  3. Thanks M-Connect
    Our business falls in brick-n-mortar stores with an online marketing presence using Magento 2 platform. We sell perishable as well as non-perishable food products with the States as well as across the adjoining nations.

    Shipping always remains a headache for us due to a range of variations in laws of lands, charges, and shipping service providers. Moreover, offering free-shipping like incentives during holiday seasons and on other occasions proves a daunting exercise for the entire team.

    Fortunately, I came into contact with M-Connect Media for a reason and explained the issues. They have suggested us to buy the extension for our Magento store. It is operating with multiple stores with a single backend and connected with brick stores simultaneously.

    The support was awesome for installation, configuration, and operations of the extensions. It has eased our life a lot and saved a big revenue loss compared to previous years.


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