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Give a fresh look to your business with our post-analysis generated website designs that contributes maximum in boosting conversions. Website is the front face of businesses and the more attractive its design is, the more likely it is to bring business.

M-Connect being a professional eCommerce designing company having adroit Magento designers on board, knows what are the factors worth targeting in every business. We offer elite eCommerce designing services that assuredly delivers a worthwhile shopping experience to the consumers.

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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M-Connect Designing Services - the Source of Apposite eCommerce Designs

Have good looks ever been enough? There has to be qualities which could complement the much hyped attractiveness, may it be a person, or a website. If your web store has the beauty element, it will definitely bring visitors. But to convert those visitors, you will need a functionally fluent website.

At M-Connect Media, we shape our eCommerce websites keeping the ease and efficiency that an end-user expects. Graphically enhanced, our retail websites have enhanced features and flexibility of open source platforms such as PHP, Magento and WooCommerce. Our designers build exclusive online stores as well as bricks & mortar e-stores with an ideal amalgamation of creativity and practicality.

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We ensure that our team of designers, developers, marketing professionals and technical support make the best use their knowledge and experience in creating unique work that satisfies our clients.

Layered Navigation for Magento 2

It allows customer to select multiple option of the same attribute which will customize desired price, as per the product ratings or reviews according to their search results.

Part Finder for Magento 2

It enables customer to search according to particular specifications. It will allow customers to make search from any webpage and provide results quickly with great accuracy.

The Pursuit of Designing at M-Connect - Simple, Elegant and Workable

With our comprehensive experience in Magento, we have managed to outline a perfect working model for our design clients. We’ll have a Question and Answer session where we will make the understanding of your requirements pristine. Research on your niche and ideas will follow this meet where we’ll keep you in the loop for verification of our understanding.

We will study the customer behavior pattern from some of your competitor’s sites, after all, learning always gives a clearer perspective. After assimilation of all requirements, our team will make a layout that will come to your for approval. This phase will be the most important part of the process as it will fill the gap of requirements. Thereafter, we will build you an eCommerce store where each page will be representing your commercial success.

  • Analytical Research and Strategical Planning

    We target to know and understand every aspect about your eCommerce business market to get a fair idea on what would be the best strategy to lure your audience and plan strategically.

  • Interactive, Responsive, And Befitting

    Being accessible on all devices is crucial for eCommerce businesses. We find the best and the most fluid method to make your site responsive, interactive, and beffiting the needs of your consumers.

  • Faultless Process of Designing

    Having a knack of strategizing, our designs will reflect the commerciak aspect in everything we make. Our fully functional and dynamic designs are made to sell your products swiftly.

  • A Secured Tomorrow

    If we become partners for a long time, we make sure that your designs see new faces regularly. We know how important changes are, and our team is dedicated to give a fresh and contemporary look to your store.

Detailed, Distinct, and Distinguished - That’s how your E-Commerce Store will be

There are three most important things that an online shop design should have - usability, agility, and creativity. We master all three requirements and make the web store as detailed, distinct, and distinguished as it can be. With apropos content, cart specifications, and payment options, your website users are bound to have an unforgettable shopping experience.

We make sure that all our design elements complement each other, whether it is typography, shapes, sizes, colors, or anything. There is no scope for anything being out of place as we have special handlers that equate the balance, rhythm and proportions of the designs and images used in its construction. We assure you that our web design for your eStore will be the model eCommerce website for adversaries in your niche!

Mobility is Not A Trend, It Is Indispensability - We Never Let our Clients Make this Mistake Of “Not Being On The Mobiles!"

Reportedly, 62% of smartphone users have made an online purchase from their phones or other mobile devices making responsive sites and indispensability rather than a trend. Even if you don’t opt to make an app for your website, every eCommerce owner must make their website responsive to give their users a faultless browsing experience.

Designers at M-Connect provides that flexibility to the end-users with their interactive designs. We put an end to the navigation hurdles by making your web shop light, superfluous, and exceptionally functional. We make sure there is minimal loading time to make your store explorable from all the platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows. With extensive support post the launch from our designers, you are free to get any changes required in the designs.

Just Like You, We Too Love Numbers! We Make The most Saleable Designs!

Use engagement is important for making the right number of conversions and one cannot engage consumers without the design being appealing and feasible. Keeping your customers, their curiosity about the niche, and their requirements in mind, our Magento UI/Ux designers create a plausible user interface.

We focus on making every visit a conversion by our alluring designs. Crafted according to your needs, our website layouts provide apt call to action as a last resort to get the visitor perform the action.

With pleasant shopping cart and checkout designs, we assure you that our designs will play a major role in controlling your cart abandonment rate.

How we develop Magento website?

Reaching us is Absolutely Easy

M-Connect gives equal importance to each of the development stages, and designing being one of the mains, we never leave loose ends to it. We understand completely that to sell, you must have a good, functional design.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we work or to get a sneak peek on our work. Let’s talk business today and witness your dreams take shape!


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