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At M-Connect Media, we're more than just a Magento consulting and development agency – we're your partner in eCommerce success. With our team of seasoned experts, we specialize in guiding businesses towards prosperity in the online marketplace. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing online store or embark on a new eCommerce venture, our Magento consultants are here to assist. Drawing from years of experience, we offer tailored solutions and invaluable advice on every aspect of Magento development, ensuring your online presence thrives.

Mconnect Media have certified business consultants adroit at developing viable ecommerce strategies that’ll help you resolve issues in the most profitable way possible. With 12+ years of experience in Magento eCommerce development, we have a reputation of providing on point consulting that do wonders for sales of the stores. Our consultation services on ebusiness are definitely an insurance to your investments.

  • Delivering Services Since 2009
  • More than 841+ Successful Projects
  • Highly Experienced and Professional
  • Result Oriented Strategy

From planning to implementation, our highly experienced Magento consultants can help you to grow your online business with a proven strategy. Whether you have a small or large business, we can help you anytime!

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Elevate Your Business with eCommerce Experts!!

Turn your eCommerce dreams into reality with our expert team—solution designers, business analysts, QA analysts, programmers, project managers, digital marketing executives, and more. Our certified consultants are dedicated to ensuring the successful implementation of your eCommerce business.

Hire eCommerce Consulting Service Company
Hire eCommerce Consulting Service Company

In spite of everything being towards the flow, hundreds of eCommerce stores shut down every year. One of the biggest reasons of this setback is the lack of planning and knowledge on eCommerce. There is a dire need of reaching out to eCommerce consulting firms for a strategic implementation and integration of your e-store.

Hire eCommerce Consulting Service Company

Mconnect consultants provide their opinion and preferences on all the major business decisions which could take you places in the eCommerce world. Our in-depth understanding of eCommerce development, shopping cart integration, payment gateways, etc. allows us to deliver quality services which ultimately is like “sealing the deal” with success.

We’ve been there, Done that! In Fact, We can talk about What We do for about a Year, Continuously!

eCommerce business needs everything that a physical store would need, just with a little different perspective. For instance, instead of a rental space in a shopping centre or a mall, you need a web address. Instead of swiping your credit cards at the counter, you need to enter the card details for the payment gateways of the e-store. All the processes that a seller needed to take care of while handling a physical store is just digitized when you choose ebusiness.

Mconnect consulting services will broaden your perspective about each and every digital process that is involved in setting up or expanding an online business. Our team comprises specialists who are skilled in their field of operation. The proficiency level of our entire brand is such that we can talk about our niche for as long as a year. This in-depth knowledge about eCommerce business and the customized research on your store’s niche allow us to advise you in:

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  • Process Analysis
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Design & Content Strategy
  • Shopping Cart Solution
  • Mobile & Social Commerce
  • System Integration
  • Data & Analytics
  • Product Information Management
  • Product Feeds
  • Order Management System (OMS)
  • Multi-channel Commerce
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Marketplaces
  • Customer Services
  • International Commerce
  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipping Method
  • Cross Border Shipping
  • Optimizing Shipping Costs
  • Drop Shipping
  • Customer Loyalty Model
  • Performance Analysis & Optimization
Hire eCommerce Consulting Service Company

Elevate eCommerce: Easy. Quick. Agile

Turn your eCommerce dreams into reality with our expert team—solution designers, business analysts, QA analysts, programmers, project managers, digital marketing executives, and more. Our certified consultants are dedicated to ensuring the successful implementation of your eCommerce business.

We also have certified consultants on board who thrives on successful implementation of eCommerce business.

Benefits of Magento eCommerce Consulting Services

Are you ready to transform your e-commerce store? Explore the advantages of Magento ecommerce Consulting Services. Our proficient consultants offer insights that go beyond the ordinary, saving you time and resources. Optimize your approach to the Magento platform, boost efficiency, and set the stage for a successful online venture.

Hire eCommerce Consulting Service Company


We keep client’s satisfaction on our focal point. All that matters to us is your satisfaction. Thus, we try to deliver our best. We try to reinforce the best relationship with our clients. Anything dealing with Magento can be brought to us and sorted out in shortest possible time. Our numbers speak our quality and expertise

We Think this is what you Need for a Successful eCommerce Venture

Hire eCommerce Consulting Service Company

Being one of the most trusted Magento centric company, and having an experience of more than 12 years in the field, we think “Having A Strategy” is a must to taste the sweet success in the word of digital selling.

If you lack in envisioning your store’s future, if you think that having just a website and products to sell will make you that billionaire you dreamt of being, then you couldn’t be any more wrong.

“How to sell”, this is what you need to strategize before you jump into the ring where champions like Amazon, who are the there as long as that ring, can rip you off in no time. With Mconnect Media consulting services, you can design a practical strategy that could not only help you compete your adversaries, but also will provide you the space to flourish.

How we develop Magento website?

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Hire Magento Developer

Are you looking for an experienced Magento developer for your eCommerce business?

Exceed your online objective from planning to execution with us!

Save up to 30% Cost on Magento development with us!

Hire Magento Developer
Hire Magento Developer

Magento Support

Safeguard your Magento eCommerce website today without waiting for being down!

Magento Monthly Support & Maintenance Packages start at just $179/month!

Save up to 20% on Monthly Website Maintenance Plans!

Magento Support Packages

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Still Unsure? Check out These Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is different. However, we have tried to list our list of commonly asked questions that we received from our clients. But if you don't find your answer shoot your queries to our mail or through contact form.

  • What do eCommerce consulting companies do?

    An eCommerce consulting company has only one job to give solutions that increases sales, conversion, and revenue of their client without putting much strain on the resources. This is hard for any newbie company to do so and only a few can deliver what they promise. Mconnect is one of the few companies that does the only job listed above perfectly.

  • Does Mconnect have any experience in eCommerce consulting?

    Yes, Mconnect has extensive experience in providing viable eCommerce strategies that turns your store into a profitable one. We have employed eCommerce research specialists just for the job and they have helped many eCommerce brands around the globe to change their store performance upside down.

  • How different eCommerce consulting company is than digital marketing agency since their agendas are quite similar?

    Yes, eCommerce consulting and digital marketing companies have similar agendas up to an extent. But the work ethics and solutions provided by each are quite different to achieve those agendas. Digital marketing agencies are specialized only in certain areas of eCommerce like how to increase traffic. But when it comes to converting and retaining those traffic, then eCommerce consulting comes into play. An eCommerce consulting company provides comprehensive solutions even for narrow niche to achieve the maximum results without putting much strain on the resources.

  • Why eCommerce consulting is necessary for start-ups?

    Start-up eCommerce businesses are relatively new and sales and revenue generation at the initial stage will be quite low. Because similar products are being sold from competitors. And battling with those rivals need a strategic eCommerce consultation. An eCommerce consulting company like Mconnect will analyze your eCommerce, your niche, and the market for that niche and plans various strategies to boost your sales and revenue right from the start. Therefore, eCommerce consulting is necessary for start-ups.

  • How much does it cost to hire eCommerce consultants from Mconnect media?

    We don’t have any fixed charges for eCommerce consulting. Because the service fee largely depends upon the nature of your business and the eCommerce model needed to achieve the desired results. We estimate the cost for the eCommerce consulting after thoroughly analyzing your business and its requirements. If you need any more clarification, then contact us immediately.

  • Does your eCommerce consulting model have after-support for projects?

    Yes, we do provide support packages for the maintenance of your eCommerce/Magento website, which you can choose as per your needs. Contact us for more information.

So, Shall we Start on Devising a Strategy for your eCommerce Store?

We have seen an exponential growth in recent years and after solving innumerable hurdles that came our way while developing and integrating hundreds of eStores, we think we can shape out a solution for any complexity that may come our way.

With the expertise of our certified eCommerce consultants, your digital venture will definitely start speaking numbers, big numbers. Get in touch with our representatives to finally experience the thrill of success!.


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