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Mconnect Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 quick cart extension

Mconnect Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2
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Motivate your customers to maximize their purchases for free shipping benefits with our exclusive extension. Our mini cart feature is conveniently located on the right side of every store page, accompanied by an elegant shipping bar at the top. This bar dynamically showcases the remaining amount needed for customers to unlock free shipping, empowering them to save money while enjoying their shopping experience.

  • The extension will showcase an elegant looking free shipping bar
  • Integrate Icons for Every Option in Your Store
  • Option to set a minimum order amount to enable free shipping
  • Displays the remaining amount to avail free shipping in frontend mini cart
  • Automatically calculates the remaining amount to obtain free shipping
  • Uses AJAX to determine the difference in amount each time cart is updated
  • Customize free shipping bar color & messages that suites your business
  • Set your own mini cart title, loader & empty cart image from backend
  • Disable/enable header on checkout
  • Displays a success message once the cart is qualified for free shipping
  • Gives constant encouraging reminder to your customer to buy more
  • Uplifts your average order value and store conversion respectively
  • InstantHelp Center
  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

Almost nine out of ten online Ecommerce shoppers said that free shipping is the only reason why the shop so frequently. On the other side, the stores with free shipping contain 30% higher order value compared to the stores with paid shipping. This indicates the 'Free Shipping' love among the shoppers, can't be ignored by store owners! However, it's not always possible to offer free shipping to your customers on small orders as it reduces business profit. Instead, you can set a minimum order value on which you can provide free shipping to your customers to uplift your store conversion. Also, one survey by Hubspot says that 58% of buyers are likely to shop more to claim a free shipping option.

Mconnect Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento 2 adds a free shipping promotion bar in your Magento 2 store to encourage your customers about the minimum order value required to avail free shipping on their order. The extension comes with a mini cart feature that will be displayed on the right side of all store pages. On top of the mini cart, the extension will display a colorful free shipping bar that will showcase the remaining amount to avail free shipping on that particular order. It will assist your customers throughout their checkout process to claim free shipping by giving a friendly, gentle reminder to your customers and encourage them to purchase more. Using the backend option, the admin can also customize shipping bar color, image and messages to serve personalized experience to the customers.

For example, if the store owner is offering free shipping on order value above 500$ then using this Free Shipping Bar, the admin can give constant reminders to their shoppers such as $100 away from FREE shipping" on their shopping cart page. If the customer adds or removes any product from their shopping cart, the extension will automatically calculate the remaining amount to avail free shipping on order using AJAX without any page refresh. Once the customer meets the minimum order amount required to claim free shipping, the extension will display the personalized message set by the admin.

Thus, shoppers tempt to purchase some more to grab the free shipping offer, which increases the Average Order Value (AOV) of the store sales, hence your store sales. Also, it makes your customers stick to your brand and reduces the small orders in your store by building a substantial and long-term relationship with customers.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Enable/Disable Free Shipping Bar

    Merchant has two options, Yes, or No that enable or disable the display of extension respectively on the front-end of the shopping cart.

  • Setup Free Shipping Cost

    Enter the threshold shipping cost amount. It automatically calculates and displays the remaining amount to avail free shipping offer when the shopper adds product to shopping cart.

  • Allow to By Default Open in Desktop

    Select "Yes" to open by default in the desktop page load of your Magento® store.

  • Allow to By Default Open in Tablet and Mobile

    Select "Yes" to open by default in tablet and mobile on page load of your Magento® store.

  • Mini-cart Loader

    Select and upload an image for the mini cart loader display while mini-cart loading process is going on.

  • Empty Mini cart Image

    Select and upload an image for the display in mini cart when it is empty.

  • Custom Message below Free Shipping

    Enter message to be displayed at the front end for free shipping offer. Include the variable name “{{AwayPrice}}” to display the automatically calculated amount remaining for free shipping.

  • Success Message

    o When a shopper reaches the target cost to earn the free shipping benefits, it displays the success message as given by you.

  • Sidebar Title

    You can also enter the title to displayed for sidebar mini-cart at the front end.

  • Message Font Size

    It allows to set the font size of the message displayed on Free Shipping Bar.

  • Message Font Color

    It allows to set font colour of the message displayed on Free Shipping Bar.

  • Progress bar Color/Message Background Color

    It allows to set the background colour of the Progress bar.

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