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Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento® 2

The Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento 2 by M-Connect is a non-intrusive to deliver a subtle yet alluring message to the ecommerce shoppers that free shipping offer is available

Free Shipping Bar Extension for Magento® 2
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Features of Extension

Product Description

According to recent online surveys, nearly 88% respondents have admitted that they are likely to buy more when free shipping offer is available. It indicates the ‘Free Shipping’ love among the modern ecommerce visitors, which ecommerce owner dares to ignore it!

Moreover, it provides a highly intuitive way to purchase more to reach the free shipping target.

The extension displays the total value of the products added to the cart and free shipping target. Based on both values, it automatically calculates the difference and displays what amount is needed to reach the free shipping target.

Thus, shoppers tempt to purchase some more to grab the free shipping offer. Thus, it increases Average Order Value (AOV) of the store sales, hence the revenue.

Apart from these, the extension provides additional customization features to the merchants such as it display loader images for page loading as well as mini-cart loading in the extension module at front-end.

Message bar customization like font size, color, and background color provides opportunities to align extension display with Magento store theme.

Other Features:

  • Constant Reminders of Free Shipping
  • Automatic Calculation of Free Shipping
  • Delivers Well-aimed 4 Messages - The cart is empty, The cart has a product with a value, What much amount needed to hit free shipping target, What much amount needed to hit free shipping target.
  • Flexible Display
  • Design Customization


  • The presence of extension module on front-end subtly but constantly remind the shoppers regarding the free shipping policy of the Magento ecommerce business.
  • Display of Free Shipping Bar messages triggers emotions among the buyers to purchase more to reach the free shipping target.
  • Customization options enable merchants to set extension display module seamlessly with existing theme of Magento 2 store.
  • The loader images/animations provide high-end customer experiences.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Enable/Disable Free Shipping Bar

    Merchant has two options, Yes, or No that enable or disable the display of extension respectively on the front-end of the shopping cart.

  • Setup Free Shipping Cost

    The setting for free shipping cost amount. It automatically calculates and displays how much amount left to total in the cart to enjoy free shipping benefits for shoppers.

  • Allow to By Default Open in Desktop

    Select Yes or No options, if yes then it by default open in the desktop page load of Magento® online store.

  • Allow to By Default Open in Tablet and Mobile

    Select Yes or No options, if Yes then it by default open in tablet and mobile on page load of Magento® online store.

  • Mini-cart Loader

    Select and upload an image for the mini cart loader display while mini-cart loading process is going on.

  • Empty Mini cart Image

    Select and upload an image for the display in mini cart when cart is empty.

  • Message below Free Shipping

    This message is displayed reaming amount away for archive free shipping. “{{AwayPrice}}” display price away from FREE shipping, ex: $20 away from FREE shipping.

  • Success Message

    When a shopper reaches the goal of cost to earn the free shipping benefits it displays a message, “You earned free shipping.”

  • Sidebar Title

    It’s display in min-cart sidebar on front-side.

  • Message Font Size

    It allows setting the font size of the message displayed on Free Shipping Bar.

  • Message Font Color

    It allows setting font color of the message displayed on Free Shipping Bar.

  • Progress bar Color/Message Background Color

    It allows setting the background color of the Progress bar and success message on page

  • 30 Days

    Money Back Guarantee

  • 90 Days

    Free Update Support

  • Standard Code

    Follow Magento guideline

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Why Our Extension

  • Standard Code

    We code according to Magento guideline that ensure positive effect and plug & play solutions.

  • Great UI Design

    Experienced Magento developer creates customer-friendly interface that gives smooth navigation.

  • Quality Testing

    Several technical test cases are conducted to check the quality & code standards to ensure future compatibility.

What people says

  1. Handy tool for Promotion & Shipping
    This is a nice extension. It really works well and my sales are too much up as per my expectation. It's the perfect tool for promotion and shipping also.


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