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Magento Extension Development & Customization for Ecommerce Business

Mconnect Media provides custom module development services for Magento 1 & Magento 2. Our dedicated team develop, Custom Magento Plugins or integrate the extension as per your custom eCommerce requirement.

579+ extensions, 3000+ happy clients & 12+ years of experience make us confidential and top-notch.

  • We follow Magento architecture
  • The module is compatible with third party extensions
  • It is entirely open-source making customization swift
  • We keep HTML/CSS/JS separated
  • We make no core modifications and keep Magento updates intact
  • Every process is documented comprehensively
  • Every client gets 1 year of free Magento version updates
  • We provide complete satisfaction to our clients

Are you looking to increase the default store functionality of your online store? Mconnect Magento developers build custom modules as per the clients need. Our extensions meet Magento standards, code & security audits for flawless solution. Contact us for development, customization or third-party integration.

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  • Custom Magento Extension Development Service

    Different Magento Extensions for Different Businesses - Our Extensions Align with your Requirements

    Every business needs different extension which supports its needs. The most advantageous factor of choosing Magento as a platform to launch your eCommerce store is its ability to let us extend the native functionalities. Magento lets its users to integrate custom made extensions for any eCommerce business vefitting the business perfectly.

    Mconnectmedia magento module developer, develop customized Magento modules and extensions after being thorough with the requirements of the business. Our team makes sure that the planned extension aligns to your business and Magento’s core functionalities faultlessly. Having experience in building front-end as well as back-end extensions for Magento, your webstore has a promising future as a richly developed website when you choose us.

    Mconnect has worked for some of the biggest online merchants and have custom-made their extensions with flawless precision. We understand how time is the king today, and make sure that you have your requirements by the deadline negotiated.

Some Requirements Remain the Same - You can Opt for our much-trusted Pre-built Magento Extensions

Whether your store is built using Magento 1 or Magento 2, you can deploy our pre-built extensions in your webstore without going through any hassles. Our magento extension developers have designed and developed these extensions to be fully functional which assists in making eCommerce operations much smoother and swifter for the eBusiness holders.

Engineered by certified Magento officials, our pre-built extensions have been featured on the Magento Connect Marketplace and has gained immense popularity. You can easily manage the features of our extensions from the admin panel without altering the core files. Get our already tried, tested, and loved Magento pre-built extensions for an enhanced eCommerce experience. And, don’t you worry about updates, we are super particular about upgrading them.

Our Magento modules are developed without core customization and with detailed specification. We ensure that our extensions will make your store feature-rich and will definitely contribute towards your eStore success.

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Cost-Effective Magento eCommerce Solutions

We are a sales-oriented Magento development company since 2009 delivering high-quality eCommerce services across the world.

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Hire Magento Developer

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We building unique conceptual extensions which gives our clients an unprecedented flexibility for their stores.

Why Our Extension

Standard Code

We code according to Magento guideline that ensure positive effect and plug & play solutions.

Great UI Design

Experienced Magento developer creates customer-friendly interface that gives smooth navigation.

Quality Testing

Several technical test cases are conducted to check the quality & code standards to ensure future compatibility.

Special Offers and Deals on Magento Extensions

Buy Magento and Magento 2 extensions at a discounted rate at Mconnect! 90 days free support, free updates and much more!

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Custom Magento Extension Development

Develop the Magento or Magento 2 extensions as per your custom business needs. Contact us to empower your business.

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The Connecting Dots Of Magento Module Development At Mconnect

As one of the most experienced Magento extension development company, we take full responsibility of developing modules for your store under a strict timeline. The first phase of our working model in magento custom extension development is to gather all the requirements from our clients relevant to our development process. Before we provide magento custom extension development services, we discuss, provide consultation, and make first stage decisions on the functional necessities that the client’s project needs.

Once done with collecting requirements, we research and conduct a team meeting where we brainstorm and lay the building bricks of ideas for your custom extension in terms of user experience, functionality, and design. When ready with our strategy on implementing the extension, we discuss it with our clients. If there are any suggestions from the client’s side, we deploy it, and if not, we take the process to the development stage.

Magento plugin development takes more or less 4 weeks, which further depends on the size of the project and the complexities of the features needed to embed in it. If the size of the project is humongous, we carry our module development in Magento in parts. We divide the extensions into various project milestones and strive for it individually. Rest assured, our expertise has handled some of the largest projects successfully following this very work model.

Still Unsure? Check out These Frequently Asked Questions

Every project is different. However, we have tried to list our list of commonly asked questions that we received from our clients. But if you don't find your answer shoot your queries to our mail or through contact form.

  • Why develop a custom extension for the Magento store?

    By default, Magento comes with many useful features. However, different businesses may require different features that do not come built-in. So, to have such features or functions, you need to integrate a pre-built custom extension or develop it from scratch.

  • How do I start with Magento extension development?

    Consult our Magento experts with your idea of custom extension development. Our experts will do the rest for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about your development idea as it’ll be secured by signing NDA.

  • How can I track the progress on the extension development project?

    Once the development work starts on your project, we’ll keep you in the loop to continuously update you via Skype or such tools after each milestone is achieved. This will allow us to get your feedback during the development so that we can make changes based on that.

  • Will you provide the source code for the extension?

    Yes, we will provide you with the complete source code of the extension module once the development work completes.

  • Will the developer work full-time on my project?

    Yes, M-Connect Media will assign a dedicated developer or the whole team based on the development work. Once the onboarding process completes, our developers will constantly be in touch with you via Skype or emails.

  • How long does it take to develop an extension?

    Depending on the functionality and complexity of it, we are capable to develop your extension within 2 to 4 weeks. This timeframe may change because of factors like developers working on the project, skills of developers, functionalities required, and other unforeseen circumstances.

You Don’t Even Need to Pick the Phone and Dial to Reach Us! Just an Email Address will Do

Our adroit knowledge on Magento and our proficiency in professionalism have placed us where we are today. With extensive experience in magento custom module development, we take pride in claiming ourselves to be capable of devising, developing and deploying apt Magento extensions without taking much of your precious time.

We are always available for eCommerce enthusiasts. Connect with us to get profitable Magento extensions.

Pro-Active Help Desk Available – Monday through Friday. Respond to every inquires in 24 hours or less.

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