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SEO and Optimization

Make you store more effective by optimizing through SEO point of view. Get into best google search results that boost conversion rate.

Search engines are becoming more complex which means old SEO optimization methods are inefficient. It becomes important to be constantly updated about the new updates and implement the same. If you own an eCommerce store and you want to optimize it by Google standards then SEO and optimization can really help in providing quick user experience and also increases the chances of conversion.

There are some extension developed for Magento eCommerce stores, which helps optimizing your ecommerce store and ensures to get searches in top results.

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  1. Mconnect Ad Banner Manager Extension for Magento®
    Create your own advertisement banner on storefront. Manage location, visibility and type of slide.
  2. Mconnect URL Key Opt Extension for Magento®
    Duplicate URL key and Magento re-indexing problem solutions. Multiple options to auto re-name URL key!
  3. Mconnect Store Locator Extension for Magento® 1
    Use this extension in either way to display your store retail location or locate your dealer’s store on Google map.
  4. Mconnect Brand Logo Slider Extension for Magento® 1
    Nice product manufacturer brand logo slider user interface to boost sales with more presence.
  5. Mconnect Brand Logo Slider Extension for Magento® 2
    Display responsive logo slider with all the brands from the products. Pause on Hover. Auto Sliding. Pager facility.
  6. Mconnect Nested Slider Extension for Magento® 1
    Display multiple tabs and have unlimited slides in individual tab to represent your website.
  7. Mconnect Nested Slider Extension for Magento® 2
    Give your Magento store professional and attractive look by making multiple rwd tabs & sliders.
  8. Mconnect Rich Snippets Extension for Magento® 2
    Increase traffic and visibility on search engine and social media platform by decorating listing with information.
  9. Mconnect Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento® 2
    Add custom Ajax product filter with multiple select and checkbox to improve website navigation process.
  10. Mconnect Store Locator Extension for Magento® 2
    Get better user experience by showing your business store or dealer’s physical address on Google Map.

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