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Out of Stock Notification Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notifications Extension

Out of Stock Notification Extension for Magento 2
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Streamline your inventory management with this essential extension for Magento 2. Enable customers to subscribe to out-of-stock products and receive prompt email notifications upon restocking. Renewed customer engagement by bringing back lost leads and encouraging purchases once products become available again. Furthermore, the extension offers low stock alerts to the store admin via email, ensuring efficient inventory monitoring for configurable products and other product variants.

  • With this extension, managing the product inventory become easy for admin.
  • The user gets to see the availability of the product stock on the front-end itself.
  • Customers can subscribe to receive automatic out of stock and back in stock notification in case store inventory is updated.
  • This extension gels very well with all product types in Magento 2…the simple, bundled, grouped, virtual and downloadable products. Of course, it is also good with a configurable product.
  • The Admin can easily add a subscription box manually.
  • The Admin can manage all the subscribed users by providing them the product details.
  • Email is sent to all those users who have subscribed to it once the product is available again.
  • Configure the extension to send email to admins of the store as well when a product gets out of stock.
  • Customize the admin email template as per your need.
  • It allows you to set a threshold number for product quantity to get out of stock notification email.
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Product Description

Want your customers to come back when the product they are looking for is out of stock? Well, running an eCommerce store with thousands of products is not an easy job. And not only that, keeping track of the inventory is a hard part especially when you have a large inventory. So, many of your store’s products may go out of stock for many reasons such as your suppliers don’t have enough stock of products. This could ruin your eCommerce business and increase the rate of cart abandonment. To save yourself from such losses, you need a solution that benefits you as well as your customers. One way to do that is by sending them an out of stock notification. As per one study, 71% of customers love receiving updates about the product, they were looking for purchase.

Out of Stock Notification Extension for Magento 2 by Mconnect facilitates the online store owner to inform the customers about the products that are out of stock and also notify them when the product is in stock. This helps the customers to get the products they have been looking for easily. Notifications generally draw attention and make things a lot easier. An email notification will inform the user about the availability of the stock. A subscription is a perfect way to receive out of stock and back in the stock notification and make your inventory updated. Also, the extension sends an email to admin when a product is out of stock. The extension works very well with all kinds of products such as bundled, grouped, simple, configurable, virtual, and downloadable products.

For example, customers are looking for a mobile phone of a specific brand and they land on your electronic eCommerce store. They search for that specific mobile phone and find that it is currently not available because the stock is just ended. So, they might move on to another store to purchase the same phone considering its available on that store. To stop that from happening, you can make customers opt to receive a notification when the product comes back in stock. Seeing the notification email of product back-in-stock excites them to purchase immediately.   

This is an article that will throw light on how the out of stock subscription extension will work on any of the online Magento 2 stores. Mainly intended for the Magento developers and the online store owners, this is an informative article that dwells on the features of the extension, the benefits that the inventory extension will bring in, and how one could configure the same in their website.


  • The Admin can add subscriptions.
  • The Admin can also know whenever the user is notified.
  • The Admin can engage in subscription user management.
  • Facilitates the user to get notifications for availability of individual products even if they belong to grouped products.
  • Cron job(schedule job) will take care of checking and sending the emails to the subscribed users.

The extension can be configured and incorporated into the online store through a few sequential steps which the Mconnect Magento developers are fully aware of. The developers have gathered whole lot of expertise and experience in offering customized solutions to businesses that belong to different arenas. The company has been extending its services to companies from across the globe. If you wish to have a high-end Magento store with the perfect extensions that will enhance the functionality of your store, do get in touch with the professionals at Mconnect. They are experts at Magento website design, Magento store development and Magento Extension development.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • magento 2 out of stock notification extension

    Set 'Yes' to display the Outofstock subscription at the storefront.

    Fill out the details like sender's name and sender's email address for subscription of out of stock alert.

  • New stockalert subscription

    Enter the Outofstock subscription information like Product Name,subscriber name,subscriber email and date of subscription.

    subscription products
  • products back in stock emails

    Subscriber listing

    Admin can see listing of subscriber, so that he/she can alert subscriber.

  • Send email to admin when a product gets out of stock

    It sends an email to admin when a product gets out of stock.

    notify when in stock
  • back in stock emails

    Allows to add a threshold number for product quantity to get out of stock notification email

    It allows adding a threshold number for product quantity to get out of stock notification email.


subscribe to back in stock notification magento 2 subscription module out-of-stock threshold

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