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It is here that the entire Magento development process takes form. We create customer archetypes, wireframes and the UX/UI design and various other factors to get the ultimate user experience to the visitors.

Strategic presentation of Magento Website Objective

  • Creation of customer archetypes
  • Wireframes
  • UX/UI Design
  • Creating ultimate user experience

STEP 4:   Strategic presentation of magento website objective

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Magento eCommerce is the most happening thing now. We will take the Magento development process a step ahead to meet the objectives set. We will have an objective study and scrutiny of the interconnectivity in the store while navigating and also the page layout. You can by this time get a complete visualization of the entire project. We will have all the page layouts, various processes outlined so that the user experience can be actually felt. We will be able to demonstrate the way in which every page will proactively nudge the agenda of the entire Magento website.

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  • Creation of Customer Archetypes

    We will work towards creating customer archetypes which will represent the diverse range of customers that you are serving. It is purely based on these archetypes that we will work towards coming up with your Magento website so that we will be in a position to optimize the entire potential of the Magento Design.

  • Wireframes

    We will come up with a mockup which will focus on what each web page will actually do. Our focus is not on how each of the web pages looks. We will take a whole lot of factors into purview...the interface elements, the content arrangement as well as the navigational system which will help in accomplishing the objectives of your business. We will basically focus on the functionality of the entire website.

  • UX/UI Design

    Our eCommerce designer team will create unique and modern PSD Design for Magento Website a setting that is customized especially to your business goals. Right from the link placement to color schemes to the page layout and to testing the call to action buttons, we will take care of everything and ensure that such an ambience is created which will meet the expectations of your clients and this will help in pushing your agenda forward.

  • Creating Ultimate User Experience

    It is during this stage that we will zero down finally on the various specifications of the design and then finalize the project. We will build the storefront right from the ground level keeping the existing customer as well as the potential customer in mind. We will ensure that the interactivity on the Magento website is maximized. The customer expectations are easily met. The work flow hindrances are easily overcome or do not occur at all on your website. When there is such a smooth sailing, the user experience is definitely going to be ultimate! You can see the orders pouring in definitely.

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