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Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2

Prices per Customer extension for Magento 2

Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2
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With our Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2, you can set unique prices for customers or groups, control product visibility, and streamline bulk price imports through CSV files. Additionally, restrict access to specific products and offer tailored shopping experiences by categorizing customers.

  • Added GraphQL Readability
  • Set fixed price or tiered price per customer
  • Import CSV file to import bulk prices for customer or groups
  • Gain full control over product visibility by setting up restrictions
  • Restrict your guest customers from accessing products
  • Force your customers to login by redirecting them to login page
  • Option to limit access to categories or subcategories of your store
  • You can hide restricted products from search results
  • Increase store signups and collect more information
  • Enhanced your pricing strategy with different membership levels
  • InstantHelp Center
  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

Are you looking for a suitable way to serve personalized shopping experience to your shoppers? Are you willing to segment your customers based on their shopping interests & behaviour and then set a price accordingly? Or ready to hide some products from your specific customers or customer groups? Because it's proven that your customers love to buy products on discounts or when they are getting the same product at a particular price compared to the regular ones. Today, personalization is a must for eCommerce business that sets you apart from the competition. Not only this, many times there is a situation in which store owner needs to hide some products due to fluctuations, customizations, B2B business models or to keep the product price secret from their competitors. Thus, you need one handy extension that allows you to segment your customers to manage their needs efficiently.

price per customer magento 2

Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2 facilitates the admin to assign various products to the customer groups and customers and set an individual price for the same. You can also restrict customer access to specific categories/products/sub-categories by redirecting them to a logged-in page on click. To make things easier for you; there is an option to import product lists along with its price to set personalized price strategies for your store customers. Also, there is an option to set price priority when there is group price and customer specific price both are available for the product. This extension can even be helpful in terms of marketing purposes to increase your store signups as much as possible. Just make use of the login redirect method that will redirect your visitor to logged-in page each time they clicked on any specific product, and the product page will not be displayed until they logged in your store.

For example, if you have an online grocery store where you are selling different types of groceries to both your wholesalers and retailers; in such cases, you can create two customer groups and set individual pricing for both the groups using this extension. If you are selling some products, especially for wholesalers, then you can also hide such products from your retail customers using the backend configuration. The admin can also create different types of membership or levels by setting up discounted pricing and encourage your customer to qualify for specific customer groups to leverage extra perks such as same-day/free delivery and shop at lowered prices.

Ultimately this multifunctional tool will help you to define personalized price strategy for your customer or customer groups as well as allows you to optimize your product visibility efficiently within seconds! This way, you can enhance your store shopping journey and serve them a personalized shopping experience that will make them stick to your brand.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • magento 2 hide price extension

    Enable/disable price per customer

    Select "yes" for enabling the customer specific product extension and "No" for disabling the same.

  • Restrict products to customer

    With this feature, the admin has the liberty to choose the product categories and products which he could restrict for a specific customer or set of customers or customer groups. This selection will not reflect on the frontend at all to these, who have been restricted, be it customers or customer groups. The admin can select multiple products by making use of the 'Ctrl' button from the keyboard and adding one on one with click of the mouse.

    restrict products by customer group
  • hide price extension

    Hide restricted categories in frontend

    The visibility feature helps the store owner to either choose or hide the products or product categories that have been selected in the above field from the customers or customer groups on the storefront.In case the store owner chooses to hide the categories, the customers will not be able to search the products from these specific categories.

  • Restrict catalog access to non-logged in customers

    When viewing the products is restricted to a certain set of customers, you could allow them to view the same when they are logged in with their respective accounts. Through this field, you could facilitate the customers to log in, see, browse and purchase as well the restricted products.

    magento 2 special price not showing
  • customer-segment pricing

    Force Login Notification to View and Access Restricted Products from Catalog

    When you, as a store owner have chosen a few categories for restriction to your customers, you could allow them the access to those specific categories only if they log in to their accounts. In case a customer is restricted from viewing a particular product from the backend, the system will automatically prompt the login option so that he could view the product in the category. So as to allow for such a prompt to appear on the front, you could enter the same option through the backend.

  • Set redirect customer after login to store

    This is an admin manageable feature for the Magento 2 extension. Once the customers log in to the accounts, where should they be directed to? The store owner can choose where they would be redirected to…either the account page or from the page where they have requested for the login.

    customer force sign-in
  • get grouped product price

    Allow customers or customer groups to specific products

    With the help of the above options, as a store owner you are able to restrict a few customers or customer groups. You can also restrict many other products for these customers or customer groups. For instance, there may a few products that are very frequently bought by a few specific customers or even groups. The store owner can go to that customer's page on the admin panel and then choose only those specific numbers of products you wish him to buy. Restriction on the number of products that can be purchased may also be decided through this feature.

  • Restrict catalog access and product visibility for customers/users

    This option will facilitate the store owner to assign a specific number to the customers that can view the product. Those customers that are selected will only be able to view the products and purchase them as well. So as to select the customers, one has to select the product first for which you wish to pose a restriction. You could also choose multiple customers when you tick in the box that is against their name and later save the configuration so that it can be applied on the store front.

    customer group catalog
  • products only visible to customer group

    Restrict catalog access and product visibility for customers and users groups

    This can be done in a similar fashion that you may have adopted above.You could restrict certain customer groups for a specific product. The groups that are selected will be able to see only the restricted product on the store front.

  • Disable the web crawler of the search engines for restricted products from the catalog

    This extension will allow you to choose whether you wish the web crawler to index the restricted products or no in the search results.

    advanced permissions module
  • csv pricing extension

    Import customer CSV file

    Manual selection of the customers or the customer group can be an extremely tedious job. Through this feature of the Magento 2 extension, we offer the facility for you to create data in the form of a CSV file for customer or customer groups so that you could import easily at the backend of the store. You could choose the files from your local computer and then, import the same from the backend of the store.

  • New functionality introduced

    Set specific price for specific customer or group for a certain set of products – Customer specific price for particular product: With this feature, the store owner can set a priority as to which price will be displayed to the customers at the front end. In case the Customer Specific Price is chosen at the backend, the price that is mentioned for the product that is restricted will appear only to those specific customers on the storefront. When a specific group price is selected, the custom price that is mentioned for the specific customer groups will appear only to that customers group.

    customer groups magento 2
  • import group price

    Offer custom price to customers

    This custom price functionality that is a part of the Magento 2 extension makes the store owner offer specific products at special prices for select customers. Right from the Magento 2 Admin Panel, the store owner can enter the customized price against all those products the store owner wishes for his specific customers. When the customers log into their accounts, they can see the custom price instead of the original price on the front end.

  • Offer custom specific price to customer groups

    In addition to just the specific customers, the store owner can also offer custom price for the products for a certain select customer group. You can do this by setting up the custom price right in the admin panel. Customers from the specific group will be able to view the custom price at the storefront against its original price. Here, one has to enter the custom price on the customer group products page right in the admin by selecting the specific product. The configuration has to be saved so as to apply it on the storefront.

    magento customer group price
  • Customer specific catalog in main website at frontends

    In case the product is restricted for the login customers, once the customer is logged in, he can gain access to the products that are restricted from viewing.

  • Import customer group CSV file

    Manual selection of the customers or the customer group can be an extremely tedious job. Through this feature of the Magento 2 extension, we offer the facility for you to create data in the form of a CSV file for customer or customer groups so that you could import easily at the backend of the store. You could choose the files from your local computer and then, import the same from the backend of the store..

    special price not showing
  • control product visibility

    Assign specific categories & Product to a specific customer groups.

    You can assign special categories to display to a customer group.

  • Allows to display customer specific products on Customer account section.

    It allows to display customer specific products at front end only when the Customer log in into the account section.

    individual customer pricing
  • hide price for guest

    Hide Price for Guest customers

    You can hide the Price for Guest customers.

  • Disable "Add to Cart" for guest users

    It can disable the "Add to Cart" feature for guest users and only allows it after registration and login.

    restrict products by customer group
    customer segmentation extension

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