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Product Page Improvement

Make your product page more captivating and descriptive by making some improvements which saves and efforts.

As your customers won’t be able to touch or feel the products you are offering, you need to make the appearance of the products as captivating as possible. And this is not that simple as it may sound. It needs a lot of efforts and strategy. A clear image and a description about the product is not enough. It is really essential to make the best quality products highlighted. Because in the success of your eCommerce store, the appearance of your store plays a crucial role. The product pages should be such that it makes all the customers make the product search customizable, before they click on Add to Cart or Buy Item.

The images you add on the product page, should have zoom and enlarge features. The features which improves your product page can be color selection field, labels on new or discounted products, order in advance for coming soon products and many more.

If you also wish to improve your product’s page but wish to get some queries resolved, then drop us a line!

  1. Mconnect Product Icon / Logo Gallery for Magento®
    Display your brand identity with logo or icon on your product detail page. Admin manageable functionality!
  2. Mconnect Gift Card Extension for Magento® 2
    It facilitates your customer to purchase and send virtual gift card, voucher or certificate to their lovable person.
  3. Mconnect Product Flipper Extension for Magento 2
    Flip an image and video on mouseover effect to improve product representation and click through rate.
  4. Mconnect Ajax Product Infinite Scroll for Magento® 2
    Using infinite scroll, customers can browse product catalog nonstop without re-loading.
  5. Mconnect Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento® 2
    Add custom Ajax product filter with multiple select and checkbox to improve website navigation process.
  6. Mconnect Part Finder Extension for Magento® 2
    Let the visitors quickly filter the product with the specific attributes & fields with Parts Finder.
  7. Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price for Magento® 2
    Restrict catalog permission. Hide/show specific product and assign custom price to customer and group.
  8. Mconnect Rich Snippets Extension for Magento® 2
    Increase traffic and visibility on search engine and social media platform by decorating listing with information.
  9. Mconnect Angular Product Infinite Scroll for Magento® 2
    Offers customers a fast way to view the products on category page as well as on search result page.
  10. Mconnect Product Quick View Extension for Magento® 2
    Improve product browsing by providing users a quick product preview and Ajax add to cart at category page.
  11. Mconnect Photo Gallery View Extension for Magento® 2
    Let your customers show the different images of product in gallery view slider. Improve visibility of your product.
  12. Mconnect Ajax Estimate Shipping Extension for Magento®
    Speed up your website checkout process using Ajax based estimate shipping cost calculator.
  13. Mconnect Out of Stock Notification Extension for Magento ® 2
    Send notification email to out-of-stock subscriber when product back in stock. Works with configurable products.
  14. Mconnect Pre Order & Backorder Extension for Magento®
    Increase customer engagement by allowing them to backorder & pre booking order product.
  15. Mconnect Product File Upload Extension for Magento®
    Attach document, video, images, txt, pdf, mp4, mp3, avi file with products in Magento.
  16. Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price for Magento® 1
    Assign specific product and price to individual customer and customer group. Adjust catalog permission & visibility.
  17. Mconnect Color Swatches Extension for Magento®
    Extension for the configurable product. Shows your customer the color variation of products.
  18. Mconnect Product Ribbon / Labels Extension for Magento®
    Add attractive labels, sale stickers or marketing ribbon on product's base image to improve user engagement.
  19. Mconnect Product Attachment Extension for Magento® 2
    Add unlimited files to product with seprate tab and allow user to downlod the file to know more about your product and purchase easliy.
  20. Mconnect Product Icon / Logo Gallery Extension for Magento 2
    Get easy to implement the solution for adding icons, logos to the vast catalog of your eCommerce store.
  21. Mconnect Product Label Extension for Magento 2
    Now it's easy to add enticing labels to your product images. Conditional display and Sticker Library are an added advantage!

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