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Magento Specific Product, Category & Pricing per Customer / Group

Hide catalog visibility and restrict access to a specific category for specific customer or group with customer specific product module. Set custom product price per customer or customer group. It’ll fulfill Magento restrict product catalog permissions, customer segmentation & Pricing. Restrict specific category and product access to non-logged in user. SEO friendly!

Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price for Magento® 1
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Features of Extension

Product Description

If you have a Magento based online store and your business model is such that you offer products or services to customers as well as other small businesses, then you may have faced a situation where you want to show a product at a certain price to specific customers or customer groups.

The Customer Specific Product Extension for Magento based online stores allows you to display or hide a specific category products to specific customers and customer groups. The extension developed by M-Connect Media facilitates the store owners to restrict specific category products to specific customers or customer groups from the admin panel by editing the customer and customer group section.

Once you have restricted the products to certain customers or groups, you can choose to show restricted products at the storefront only when they log into their accounts. The system will ask the restricted customers to login for viewing the products from that particular category. You can also set to redirect the customers to their store account page or to the previous product page where they were asked to log in.

With the help of the Customer Specific Product extension, you can also offer custom price of the products to the selected customers and customer groups. So, when the customers log into their accounts and view that particular product, the custom price will appear instead of the original price on the product or category page.

Along with restricting the products to certain customers or groups, the extension also enables you to disable or enable the web crawler from crawling and indexing of the restricted category products.

The best part of the extension for you, as an online store owner, is that you can consider the privacy or legal requirements and display the selected products to some selected customers or customer groups only.

Other Features:

  • Hide specific categories from menu and show only for specific customer groups.
  • Add Product price per customer or customer group.
  • Helps assign price priority from customer group price and customer specific price.
  • Disables Google bot crawling for products that are restricted.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Enable/disable customer specific product

    you have to select yes for enable the customer specific product extension.

  • Restrict products to customer

    With the Customer Specific Products Extension, the admin can select the product categories or products to restrict for some of the customers or a customer group. The categories selected in this field will not be shown on the frontend to the restricted customers/groups.

    Multiple products can be selected by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ from the keyboard and selecting the products one by one with mouse clicks.

  • Hide Restricted Categories in frontend

    You can choose to show or hide the product categories selected in the above field to the customers on the storefront. If you choose to hide the restricted categories, the customers or visitors of your store will not be able to search products from those categories.

  • Restrict catalog access to non-logged in customer

    When you have restricted some product categories to appear on the storefront, you can allow customers to see those products only when they log into their respective accounts.

    In this field, you can choose to allow the logged in customers to see, browse and purchase the restricted products.

  • Force login notification to view and access restricted products from catalog

    When you have selected some categories to restrict for customers and it will allow them to access those categories once they are logged in.

    So, if a customer is searching a product and tried to open a product which has been restricted from the backend, the system will ask him to login to view that product in that category. For that message to appear on the frontend, you can enter it from the backend.

  • Set redirect customer after login to store - admin manageable

    Now, the customers are log into their accounts. So, where they will be redirected to?

    You can choose to redirect them either to their respective account page or to the page from where they were requested to log in.


    You have selected the categories to restrict to some of the customers or customer groups from the above options. But, you can even restrict various products for customers or customer groups.

    For example, there will be some products on your store which are frequently bought by some specific customers or customer groups. So, you can go to that customer’s page in the admin panel and select the number of products to restrict those only to them.

  • Restrict catalog access and product visibility for customers / users

    With this option, you can assign a number of specific customers for any products. The customers selected here will only be able to see these products and purchase them.

    To assign customers to particular products, select a product for which you want to restrict specific customers. You select multiple customers by ticking the box against their name and then save the configuration to apply it on the store front.

  • Restrict catalog access and product visibility for customers / users groups

    Just like you assigned specific customers for a particular product, you can also restrict a customer group for that product.

    The groups selected will only be able to see and buy that restricted product on the store front.


    The Customer Specific Products extension allows you to choose whether want to allow the web crawler to index and show the restricted products in the search results.


    Choosing the customers/customer groups to restrict for specific products manually, can be a tedious job to do. But, here we offer you to create data for customer specific or customer groups in the form of a CSV file and import at the backend of the store.

    Here, you can select the files from your local computer and import on the backend of the store.

  • New functionality introduced - Set specific price for specific customer or group for specific products - customer specific price for particular product

    With the new functionality of offering Custom price to your selected customers/groups, you can set a priority for which one of the two will be displayed to the customers on the front end.

    If the Customer Specific Price is selected at the backend, the custom price mentioned for product restricted will appear to the specific customers on the storefront.

    When you select the Group Specific Price, the custom product price mentioned for customer groups will appear to the customers in that group.


    The custom price functionality of the extension makes you offer a special price of the particular products to the selected customers. From the Magento admin panel, you can enter the custom price against the products for the specific customers.

    The customers when logged into their accounts, will see the custom price at the storefront instead of the original price of the product.


    Apart from specific customers, you can also offer custom price of products for selected customer groups. Once you have set the custom price in the admin panel, customers from that group will see the custom price at the storefront against the original price of the product.

    Here, you need to enter the custom price on the customer group products page in admin by selecting the product. Finally, save the configuration to apply it on the storefront.

  • Customer specific catalog in main website at frontend

    If product is restrict to login customers, then after login customer can see or purchase the restricted products.

  • Hide specific categories from menu and show only for specific customer groups

    It lets you hide specific categories from the menu at the front end for common visitors but allows it to show only for specific customer groups you have assigned in the backend.



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What people says

  1. Can easily restrict catalog for specific customers and group
    This extension is incredible, now i can easily set the rule to restrict the catalog products and category to specific group and customers. I have certain products and category in my catalog which needs to visible for specific customers and groups and this extension fulfill my requirement completely.


  2. Easy handling
    Its easy to install and manage extension and its works as advertised.
    Business specific requirements developed within this extension and it fulfill my goal to set customer specific catalog. I didn't found any other extension in Magento marketplace which can stand side by side with mconnect customer specific products extension. thanks for developing such beautiful plugin for magento commerce.


  3. Great extension with immediate support
    This is great package of functionality where i can demonstrate things specifically to customer. I can assign specific products and category to particular customer or group with very ease in hand. I have asked them for some customization and their support team is fabulous and immediate. great team with quality products and immediate support..


  4. Great Functionality
    I have reviewed lot of extension over internet but this is the only one fulfilled my requirement for customer catalog and specific categories per customer group.


  5. Master extension
    Its master extension because there is no other extension in market which have the functionality like this. my search ends with this and it works same as its described.


  6. beautiful extension
    This is a nice extension. Everything works as it should. Thank you!


  7. Unique extension
    Its really a unique and developer considered super business concept to develop this extension.


  8. helpful support from the M-Connect guys for this awesome extension!
    I have some customers or you can say a group of customers who purchase products from a specific category only. So, I thought whenever I add a new product or a variation in that category, it should be view able to those customers only. I was not getting the solution which can serve this purpose. Then I came to know about this extension through some friend and I asked these M-Connect guys about the features and installation thing. They really helped me through installation as well as the configuration of this extension on my Magento Store. Now, I am happily using this module since few months. Thank you people. I really appreciate your efforts in assisting me through out.


  9. Unique extension with outstanding support
    Customer specific product Extension is nice and works well in CE 1.9
    I have never used any extension from this team before, but i am happy to have this extension from M-Connect Media because they provide quick support and solve issue in very short time. Communication is very good over phone and email.


  10. Great usability
    Nice and easy to use interfaces. Fast algorithms to set and retrieve results for product to customer and customer to product grid. Save your time and get things done.


  11. Excellent product
    Excellent product, I've used it for one of my fashion shop based on Magento and its works like charm, Also M-Connect Media's support was incredible, I asked for some customization and they did it in just short time. Amazing.


  12. It does exactly what it says
    This is the unique extension and it works as per their description very well. I used it for my Black Friday sale. It saved lot of time and effort. Thank you M-Connect Media.


  13. Perfect Extension for diverse customers. Really Helpful..
    I truly loved this extension. It works as described and this is what I wanted for different customers at my store. Now, I can easily hide products that I don't want to show to other customers. It is a perfect solution for diverse customers.


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