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Store Locator - Dealer Locator Extension for Magento

Store Locator for Magento® / Find Store in Google Map

Store Locator - Dealer Locator Extension for Magento
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Do you have physical stores at multiple locations? Want users to reach your stores easily? Magento store and dealer locator extension enable you to add stores in google map that users can easily locate. Easy & quick import facility to set up multiple stores.

  • Enable/Disable store locator
  • Allows to add url link of the page
  • Allows to add title of the page
  • Can add a link in top links section with "login" and "cart"
  • Enable/Disable get Directions functionality
  • Set allowed radius distance.
  • Set miles/kilometres as distance measure.
  • Set marker image for google map.
  • InstantHelp Center
  • 90 DaysFree Support
  • FreeLifetime Updates
  • Meet MagentoStandards

Product Description

Do you want your users to reach your physical store location easily? Many times, your customers need to get in touch with your physical store location if you have one. And the onus lies upon you to inform your customers with all your physical store locations so that they can easily find your store. This is because customers would like to have look at the product before they make a purchase. Also, this is super beneficial for you to improve your brand impression. You will have a chance to convince customers to go for better products and showcase other products as well. This would certainly increase your overall order value.

Mconnect Store Locator/Dealer Locator Extension for Magento helps to convert a significant percentage of the users by enabling them to locate your physical stores. You can have a separate page that shows all the information related to the physical store with the help of Google Maps. It would make it easy for customers to find addresses of all nearby stores thereby ensuring that customers visit your store. Also, there will be an option to get directions to reach your physical store location directly from that page. This will further help customers to reach out to your store and that too with the help of Google Map. And that’s why it worth having in your Magento store.

For example, you have a service-based online store that offers basic service needs to your customers. Now many would want to understand more about your services and get the better of it. So that they can make better-informed decisions about the services you offer. And for that, they might want to meet you in person. With the help of this extension, you have made all the addresses of your physical stores or offices to the public so that everyone can see and get in touch with you.

So, in short, the store locator extension provides your customers with a facility to reach out to your store for various needs. It improves your customer service as well as gives you a chance to convert visitors into customers. And you can upsell or cross-sell other in-stock products as well, which might boost your overall revenue.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • magento dealer locator

    Enable/Disable store locator

    You will have to Set field to 'Yes' to enable the store locator extension at your store.

  • Allows to add url link of the page

    This is the URL of the store locator web page. Remember not to include space between the URL name. By default, storelocator will be the URL name.

    google maps store locator
  • physical store finder

    Allows to add title of the page

    You will have to Set title of your store locator web page.

  • Can add a link in top links section with "login"

    You will have to Set Select 'Yes' to give an option of finding store at your store menu.

    add store locator to website
  • measure radius on google maps

    Enable/Disable get Directions functionality

    To display the street directions of the stores on the map, select 'Yes' from this field.

  • Set allowed radius distance

    Default Your entered radius will be default radius to display the store location proceeding the search made by the user if no radius is manually selected.

    Radius is calculated in kilometers or miles. Select appropriate option for your store location.

    To allow customers locate your store by selecting different radius measurement, enter all those measurements in this field. Every radius should be separated by ';'. For Example: 5;10;15

    google maps 1 mile radius
  • add store locator to website

    Set marker image for google map.

    Upload an image by clicking 'Browse' button to highlight the store location in map.


google maps store locator free

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