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Shipping Rates Per Product Per Country for Magento®

Set up different shipping rate for specific or all product for different country. Write custom error message for not applicable country. Free shipping option for specific order total. Extension functionality works for all the Magento product types either configurable or bundle!

Mconnect Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension for Magento® 1
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Features of Extension

Product Description

Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Per Country’ extension provides you an ability to set up the specific Flat Rate Shipping Per Products Per country via Magento admin platform, you can also manage the shipping rate for worldwide or selected single country sales.

Functionality Included in Extension

  • Set up specific flat rate shipping For all product

    Set up specific flat rate shipping for all products in your product catalog.

  • Set shipping rates for each country

    Set From backend Which Type Of file extension file you Allow For The upload.

  • Restrict shipping to any country

    Admin set From backend Restrict shipping country to any Product.

  • Enable/Disable Multiply Qty

    Enable/Disable Multiply Qty If same product added multiple time.

  • Set up default shipping rate per product

    Set up default shipping rate per product. It is applied to all products where shipping rate is not defined (left blank for particular product).

  • Set up individual flat rate shipping for each product.

    Set up individual flat rate shipping for each product.

  • Set up single country specific shipping

    Admin can Set up single country specific shipping From shipping method.

  • Allow Free Shipping Over Total

    Allow Free Shipping set to 'Yes', then it will allow Free Shipping for the products. You can set the defined amount from 'Free Shipping Over Total' field.

  • Method Type

    Per Product : It will calculate the shipping price per product on cart page Set up specific flat rate shipping for all products in your product catalog.

    Per Order : It will calculate the shipping based on Max / Min configuration, if you selecte MAX then it will prefer the highest value shipping from the particular product shipping rate: Example: A, B and C product are added to cart Shipping for Product A = $10 Shipping for Product B = $40 Shipping for Product C = $30 So in MAX config case the shipping price will be = $40 In MIN config case the shipping price will be = $10.

  • Display error message functionality where method is not applicable

    This error message will be prompted to the customers if your set shipping destinations or order conditions are not satisfied by them.

  • Sets the sort order value for the flat rate shipping option.

    This decide the position of the shipping method irrespective of other shipping methods and not the actual position. Meaning that, suppose the Sort Order is '4', then this shipping method will be displayed before the shipping methods who have higher sorting order and not position '4'.

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  • Standard Code

    Follow Magento guideline

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What people says

  1. Its exactly what i was looking for
    Great extension, its exactly the same as i was looking to setup my product shipping cost country specific. thanks for developing this.


  2. Works fine with my store!
    I have installed the extension on my webstore where I sell clothing and accessories. And it works fine on it. Thanks!


  3. Special features along with basic to solve the shipping issue!
    With the help of this Shipping per country extension, I have now defined individual flat rate for each store product and also allowed Free Shipping features over the order total along with the basic features of this extension. Also i can easily differentiate shipping rates per product based on country from admin panel. I am really happy and satisfied with the performance of this extension. Thank you guys for suggesting this to me.


  4. I can sell to countries of my choice with this extension. Thanks!
    I have an online store in US. And I wanted to sell and ship my products in the nearby countries only. But, I was receiving orders from even far away countries. I didn’t know how to manage these things initially. But after installing, configuring and using this extension on my store, I was able to sell my products as per country. Now, I can decide to which countries I sell my products. Thank you M-Connect for saving me getting all confused and lost.


  5. Remarkable extension and services
    This is a remarkable extension developed with great features and functionalities. I am happy with this extension and the services this company has provided. I would recommend them to anyone.


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