Top 10 Must have Magento 2 Extensions for your E-commerce store

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Before reading ahead, I know there are questions popping in your head, “Why do I need to install extension in my Magento 2 store?” “Isn’t Magento 2 power-packed, fully-fledged, ready-to-use E-commerce platform?” I completely understand your confusion and have precise answers for your questions.

It is true that Magento 2 has been developed keeping in mind the necessary features to skilfully run an E-commerce store. But, in the IT industry, as you know, new inventions are a daily routine. And E-commerce store is used to sell a variety of products. It is not restricted to one specific industry.

Moreover, every merchant will have different expectations from their E-commerce business. Magento community cannot fulfil each and every merchant’s expectation in their solution. Because a feature required by one is useless for another. It creates complexities without any reason. Hence, the Magento solution developer or extension developer understand the needs of merchants and develop small pieces of code known as “Extension”. These extensions are to be installed as per your requirement in order to enhance your Magento 2 store.

Now, you’ll go and check the Magento Marketplace which sells extensions. There are 1700+ extensions listed! So, again the confusion comes back. Obviously, it can be segregated as per your requirements but there are some which installed on your store will definitely enhance either customer satisfaction, sales, the user experience of your Magento 2 store.

Have a look at the Best 10 Magento 2 Ecommerce Modules

Shipping Rule

Shipping is the essential part of any E-commerce store. Although Magento 2 provides general shipping features and configurations but there are needs to charge custom shipping rates to your customers based on certain conditions. You can have completely tailored shipping rules as required with the help of this extension.

More about Mconnect Shipping Rule Magento 2 Extension

Product Icon/Logo Gallery

Picture says more than words. If you upload a picture for every feature of your product, there will be no need for the visitor to read the entire description. Also, there will be no confusion regarding the product and will be purchased immediately. Add the unlimited number of images for every product with the help of this tool.

More about Mconnect Product Icon Gallery Magento 2 Extension

Free Shipping Bar

Make customers aware of the free shipping offer on your store in a non-intruding manner. Allure your customers with custom text and show them how far are they from the minimum order total to avail the free shipping offer. Increase the average order value on your store by installing the free shipping bar extension.

More about Mconnect Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Extension

Shipping Method Restriction Rule

You are not shipping to each and every country of the world. Of course, you can configure country wise shipping with default Magento. But what if you ship only to specific states, pin codes or ship on particular days of the week, or ship to certain group of customers or ship only some products from your catalogue. Then shipping method restriction rule extension is all you need.

More about Mconnect Shipping Rule Magento 2 Extension

Gift Card & Coupon Voucher

Who doesn’t love gift cards and shopping vouchers? It is the best way to create engaging relationships with the customer. How Gift card Increases sales? Allow your customer to design their own gift can also email it to their friends! Simply install gift card and coupon voucher extension and you are good to go.

More about Mconnect Gift Card Magento 2 Extension

Product Attribute Filter/Layered Navigation

Save some time to your customer by increasing the user-friendliness of your store. Layered navigation helps filtering of products as per requirement and customer can easily find the product of their choice.

More about Mconnect Layered Navigation Magento 2 Extension

Product FAQ & Knowledge Base

There are some common questions for every product which are asked by the customers. Instead of replying to each one on your support channel, add an FAQ page on your store by listing all the common questions for your product. This will decrease your manual labour.

More about Mconnect Product FAQ Magento 2 Extension

Specific Product & Price per Customer/Group

This extension helps to assign or restrict particular product for an individual customer or a group. You can hide categories from non-logged in user. Set different prices for same product and show it at front end as per customer. Thus, a complete personalized experience for your Magento 2 store.

More about Mconnect Customer Specific Product & Price Magento 2 Extension

Part Finder (Year-Make-Model)

This extension comes handy when you sell parts or equipment. It helps to clear the confusion of customers for which part to buy. It allows filtration based on the attributes chosen or configured by you. Again an extension to improve the user experience of your store.

More about Mconnect Part Finder Magento 2 Extension

AJAX Autocomplete Suggestion and Search

A default search bar is available in Magento 2. But what if your customer types first three letters of the product they are looking for and the products matching those first three characters directly appear beneath? Isn’t it amazing? To have this amazing feature on your store, simply download the AJAX Autocomplete suggestion and search extension.

More about Mconnect Search Autocomplete Magento 2 Extension

So, don’t keep waiting. Install these extensions fast and boost up the performance of your Magento 2 store! If you need any help with your Magento store, or need to develop custom Magento module as per your business requirements then contact us today!!!

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