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Custom eCommerce development is must for online businesses. This will enhance your website features, will give more traffic and better ROI

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eCommerce Development

At M-Connect Media, we specialize in providing end-to-end solutions that encompass UX designs to customized extensions and modules that have an additive effect on your eCommerce website. Ultimately, the goal is to garner more traffic and through that more sales and a better ROI. We are fully confident that with these inputs you will get a better insight into the way your business is performing and work in the direction that can better its performance too. We specialize in:


Giving your clients the richest of experiences while on your store is your main objective. We help you achieve that by coming with a brand new extension that will change the existing feature and give it the shape you thought.

Features that enhance sales

We help you stand ahead of competition and to better your special sales graph, we work on making the shopping process simple. This simplicity will add to the unique experience and draw more return customers. Tailor made solutions is what we offer in order to get the best page load speeds. We are adept at ditching out various complexities that may arise in online shopping and work towards giving an addictive user experience that will in turn enhance sales.


We take it on us to provide your website with the much needed security against breaches and security threats. These are the worst nightmares for any eCommerce store. Additionally, details of the customers need to be safeguarded without compromise. Our professionals will put in the right security practices from the beginning itself. We will incorporate all those security measures that are recommended by the Community edition in Magento.

Numerous payment gateway options

Just tell us the kind of payment gateway option you wish to have for your store and we will get it for you. When your business is having global exposure it is essential that it supports numerous payment options too. When you do so, you will be able to get your customers comfortable on your store as they can choose from the many options you are offering them. Of course, secure transactions are what we promise you!

Cloud Implementation

With the advent of Cloud, server management has become extremely easy. Scaling up has become simple. The different complexities that come in with security, storage, recovery of data are taken care of.


Design should be in such a way that it keeps the shoppers engaged and facilitates to make them an action that is desirable to the vendor. Getting a sensible UX and being minimalistic in the UI, we work towards being highly intuitive and lure the customers into performing that decisive action that will help your business grow.


With more number of people switching over to their smartphones for conducting their online shopping, it has become all the more imperative for the eCommerce stores to be friendly on the mobile platforms too. At M-Connect Media, we can offer responsive web design solutions to your clients without compromising on quality, features and website content.


We ensure that your website will perform at top speed at all times. We understand that this is one decisive feature that helps a business to succeed. No doubt you may have the best server but there may be poor standards of coding or there is no speed in the application. We have experts who will perform different tests to assess the performance of your website and they will bring about a change in the caching techniques, code validation and load balancing which will better the performance of the website.

No doubt we are technically sound but our concentration is always towards your user’s experience which will in turn decide the customer satisfaction aspect.

eCommerce development implementation methodology

  • CSS templates and XHTML: Once you have approved the specific design we will transfer the same into crow browser and XHTML and CSS templates. We then make use of these templates so as to structure different web pages in the storefront with the right web content as well as product content that is controlled by the store owner with the support from web content management and product information management.
  • Enable templates and components for storefronts: One the requirements are clearly identified and defined, we will enable the components in such a way that they meet the functional necessities.
  • Integration of custom functionalities: One good aspect with us is that we offer solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and hence come up with custom functionalities that will facilitate updation of the store easily.
  • Integration of eCommerce: We are adept at development and deployment of eCommerce solutions that belong to any sphere. There is an integration hub that facilitates all the integration in a robust and rapid manner with the help of flexible data formats like TAB, CSV and XML.
  • Testing and QA: We thoroughly understand the importance of quality and hence we do not deliver without testing. We subject the eCommerce store to UAT(User Acceptance Testing). We will also ensure that the transition within the site is very smooth.

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We have a strong team of eCommerce website developers who have worked on thousands of custom projects and most importantly on sales enhancement features.