Most Popular Magento 2 Extensions for an Edgy eCommerce store

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Best M-Connect Media Magento Extensions

Magento 2 has invaded the eCommerce arena with significant technical advances and is the next big choice for online stores. If you want to stand the competition, then you need Magento eCommerce developers to design, develop or update your web store. If you are planning an online store from scratch or have a seasoned store earning good income for you, Magento extensions can give an edge to your store. Check out some of the best Magento 2 extensions and how they can benefit your store.

Magento extensions have always been popular, but those for the latest version of the eCommerce platform are making a mark in the market. Today let us check a few of them.

Top Magento 2 Extensions and their impact on eCommerce stores:

Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento 2:

Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento 2

With the addition of such Magento modules, your store gets a customized effect on the front end. Replace the default Magento 2 navigation with this layered navigation module, and you can get some fantastic technical benefits. With this plug-in, you can add parameters like horizontal toolbar, vertical sidebar, price sliders, display of stocks as well as error messages. Our Magento extension developers offer this tailor-made plug-in to ease of navigation, horizontal and vertical viewing and more. You can add filters with multiple attributes for products.

Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento 2:

Mconnect Fast Cart Checkout Extension for Magento® 2

This can be one of the best Magento 2 plugins as it pushes customers to buy more products. By offering intuitive calculation to reach the threshold for free shipping, it promotes sales. It sets up customized shopping cart titles and displays a success message for customers when they get free shipping. Merchants can customize font size, color, and even show page loader images. It offers specific words that suggest when the cart is empty when it has products with an absolute value, and what amount is left to reach ‘free shipping amount.’

Customer Specific Product & Price for Magento 2:

Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2

The Mconnect experts can offer a customer-centric shopping experience by adding this extension. Based on their search and purchase history, it can assign specific products to a particular or group of customers. You can hide categories for customers that are not authentic or have not logged on to the site. Enabled by just a click, this kind of module allows the admin to fully or partially restrict product display.

Advanced Ajax Login & Register for Magento 2:

Advanced Ajax Login & Register Extension for Magento 2

One of the first pages to design while you decide to develop eCommerce website is the login page. It is the entry gate for the customers and also an authentication if they want to purchase a verified user. Well, this extension helps them to log in from any page through either pop-up or slide from the right display. Also, the admin can then redirect the logged in visitor to a particular URL. This simplifies the default login method of previous Magento versions.

Search Autocomplete & Suggest for Magento 2:

Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension for Magento 2

By using Ajax sphinx, this extension makes way for a real quick search process. Customers can type three characters and get intuitive suggestions about the keyword or product name. It shows the number of products available with the keyword. Customers can add the products into their cart and enjoy quick shopping experience. An edge over the Magento extensions for previous versions, this one is undoubtedly going to be a rage.

These are some of the best Magento 2 modules developed by M-Connect Media. Our team of the highly qualified team has designed these extensions to give a improve eCommerce experience on the whole. It facilitates the admin as well as store owners by offering superlative plug-ins tailor-made to fit their requirements.

If you are planning to start eCommerce business or need to improve store functionality to up the game of your online store, we can be your best technical support. Just share your requirements with us and get an eCommerce solution specially designed for you.

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