Expertly Proven Marketing Strategies to Generate New Leads Inside eCommerce Store

May 26, 2020 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Lead generation is a must for eCommerce store owners to sustain their steady growth. It needs a smart and competitive strategy for your eCommerce business to be a successful one.

Ecommerce store owners strive to generate as many leads as possible because a quality lead translates to a successful sale. However, the lead generation is not as easy as you think it is for eCommerce store owners to sustain their growth. As per the HubSpot survey, 61% of the eCommerce marketers consider generating traffic and leads as their biggest challenge. Fabricating a perfect lead generation strategy takes a lot of time and resources. But first, let’s understand what lead in eCommerce means.

What is a lead in eCommerce?

A lead in eCommerce means that someone who has an interest in buying products that you are selling on your eCommerce website. They become your lead when they took a certain action like signing up for your newsletter, clicking on your ads, following your social networks, etc.

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There is a thin layer of difference between traffic and quality lead. And it is that traffic on your website comes for many reasons, but quality leads are those who have interests to buy your products. Ranging from 0-100% of the traffic on your website can be good quality leads.

Proven Technique and Ways to Generate Leads

  1. Improve Search Engine optimization

Improving the search engine optimization score for your eCommerce website can generate the biggest chunk of quality leads. It is not a surprise that leads coming from search engines have an average of 14.6% conversion rate. If we have to compare it with direct mail and print ads’ 1.7% conversion rate, then it is way better.

Almost everyone starts their online journey by searching on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Employing the best SEO strategies on your eCommerce website, you can improve the ranking of your products and service pages on SERPs. SERPs means search engine result pages. More than 75% of the people don’t scroll past to the second page of the SERPs. This means it is important to be on the first page of the SERPs and that too as top rank as possible. This will make users find you more easily online and become your quality leads.

  1. Build Email List

Many of your visitors won’t be able to buy on their first visit. And there are many reasons such as they are conducting research about the product, they want to buy it later, or they don’t want to buy at all.

But here what you can do is to ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or email list to get exclusive deals and discounts. With the right kind of email marketing, you can bring back those lost leads and turn them into your customers.

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Generally, most people are afraid to share their email addresses. But offering the right kind of incentives can make them sign up a newsletter instantly. Once they sign up, send encouraging and enticing emails and try to stay in touch with them. Personalize your email messages to increase their engagement rate convert them into your customers. With the right resources, email marketing can be a powerful tool that can convert generated leads to your customers.

  1. Content Marketing

Many customers extensively research about the product before they make any kind of buying decision. They want to consider all the possible options and compare the products with each other to find which product satisfies their needs perfectly.

Only then, they will choose a product that offers the best value for their money. And the best way to convince that your product is best, you have to put out lots of content. Content in the form of a blog post, video, tutorial guide, review, comparison guide, how-to guide, podcasts, eBooks, etc. works best.

All these content forms a content marketing strategy for you. The topic of your content promotion should strictly relate to your sector and the products you are selling. However, you can publish content on buying guides, helpful tips, and tricks, or the latest trends. These types of content generate new leads who are really interested in your products and become your customers later.

  1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC is an SEM technique. SEM means search engine marketing. Search engines like google and Bing have their own ads network where marketers and eCommerce owners like you can run PPC ads. It is also one of the effective ways to generate new leads. If your product pages or website is not optimized to rank in SERPs for certain keywords, then this technique can benefit you to target customers with similar interest.

The PPC ads work like this. First, you have to create an ad in the search engine’s ads network e.g. Google ads and need to add content with keywords you want to target. Now, Google will show that ads at the top of the SERPs when someone searches for a similar keyword you want to target. And most people tend to enter the first result of the SERPs, which can be yours. And this way your page can generate new leads without worrying about page ranking on search engines.

  1. Start a Referral Program

A referral program means leveraging the power of word-of-mouth techniques. People may not trust your brand but they tend to trust the recommendations of each other. And this is why you can general quality leads from this technique alone. This marketing strategy can have a positive impact on the sales and revenue of your eCommerce store.

At the start, you may need to develop the whole program by consulting an eCommerce expert. You may have to come up with the perfect incentive to make people refer your brand. The right kind of offer will motivate them to refer as much as possible.

Also, you need to come up with the best possible offer for those who join from the reference of your customers. Give them a reason to sign up, join, or buy from you. Once they see the reason, they will come around and be your customer, or at least will become a lead that you can target for purchase later.

  1. Use Social Networks

If you are a B2C store owner, it means that you only sell a product to customers who do not happen to have any business associated with them. Then, we suggest that you should focus on tapping the benefit you could potentially have from social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others.

All these social media networks provide one or another way to target your users and generate new leads from there. You can also run ads, which you can optimize to target based on users’ interest, age, gender, and other things. With the right kind of tools and right kind of approach, you can generate numerous leads from there.


The more quality leads you can generate a greater number of sales you can enjoy. More number of sales mean more revenue generation for your eCommerce store. And to have all that we have presented 6 proven techniques to attract new leads to your eCommerce store. Still, you can consult an eCommerce expert for more advice on how to optimize your store for more lead and traffic generation.

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