How to Increase Conversions on Product Pages! Here are ways!

June 21, 2021 Written By M-Connect Media

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When it comes to customer-decision making, a product page plays a vital role in helping customers decide and finalize their purchase. enhancing the checkout page or the product cart is all fine and dandy but most of the focus should revolve around the product pages. The reason behind this is where customers get information as to why the product is exemplary, what area it fills, as well as problems that your products that your product can solve.

Product pages are the most important aspect of an eCommerce store. It is where customers make the final choice concerning their purchase. While neglected a lot, product pages matter in your eCommerce processes. It shows your main product display and information on how your product will serve customer needs.

To get started on the right track, we have created some useful ways you can tune up the product page of your website. With these strategies, you can enhance your conversion rates by a significant margin. So, let’s; look at the ways!

The product page is the decider of your customer to make the final choice to either buy your product or leave your store. Unfortunately, it is an often-neglected part of the sales funnel. While most store owners tend to focus on enhancing their checkout page or landing page or tweaking what happens after a visitor adds a product create persuasive product pages that convert.

Product pages aim to tell customers why your product is valuable, explain which needs it fulfills or problems it solves, and list the details a customer needs to see to make a buying decision. Attractive photos of your product and details are essential, but they are also the table stakes, there’s a lot more you need to get right to make a great product page.

  • Bring your best products out

In the world of eCommerce, how you display products on your website matters the most. However, you can have the best products, but if the user has to navigate the website to see them, and why you displaying them. You see, conversions are hard to come by already. If you keep your users in suspense, you are going to lose potential sales.

For instance, you can show your best products in separate folds within your landing page. Within the fold, you can have the product image, and a short detail, and a CTA that lets the user add the product to the cart.

  • Understand and address customer concerns

This is one of the finest questions and one that many businesses fail to address. When you are selling products online, there’s always a clash of motivation between what you are selling and the customer’s winningness to purchase.

You should try to reduce that disconnect as much as you can. What you can do is step into the shoes of the customer. If you are selling a particular product, your product copy should outline how it might benefit the customer.

  • Live chat integration

Imagine you are in a traditional brick-and-mortar store seeking products. You land on a product you find interesting, but you want to learn more about it before making a purchase. In such a scenario, every good store would have a sales representative present to help you with learning the store.

On an eCommerce store, you can have the same thing with the help of live chat. Being the best customer engagement tool out there, live chat helps resolve customer queries, helps customers make informed decisions, and enhances conversion rates.

Ideally, you should have a live chat on your website to help alleviate customer concerns. Now, you can have a manual live chat system in place if you want to keep things customized. However, if you want to avoid incurring labor costs associated with such a system then you can always use automated live chat.

If you have an FAQ page related to your products and services, then you can integrate that in your live chat system to make it more. When a user clicks on a live chat box, they are greeted with the most common questions. If they click on the query, they are answered by the chatbot almost immediately. For more complex queries, you can have a live chat representative present who can answer that query for the customer.

  • Focus on visual appealing

In the digital world, you cannot touch and get a feel for the product. Since you are pretty much handicapped in that regard, the only solution you have is to make the product image display as enticing and convincing to the user.

Your product appealing matters a lot. Ideally, you should invest in a professional photographer to take high-quality images of your product. Besides that, it also matters how they might look at a person. This is mostly related to attire and apparel but it is worth mentioning.

Think of it this way, you need to emulate the real-life experience of purchasing a product as much as you can. You need to use visuals in such a manner that they are correctly used to the best possible degree. Now, visuals are not limited to just still images. If you have the budget, you can add value to your visuals by including 360-degree images and videos.

This might be a long shot but investing in a high-quality video display of your products can help customers analyze products from all angles. The primary goals are, to reiterate, add value and emulate the real-life experience as much as possible. With video and 360-degree images, you are showing the products in the best manner possible.

  • Highlight a CTA (Call-to-Action)

It seems obvious, but in your pursuit of an optimized product page make sure you don’t accidentally drown out the most important element, your add to cart button. Buying should be easy, which means your call to action should be impossible to miss, without being gaudy or clashing with your design.

Winding Up

To conclude, the way you display and advertise your products matter a lot. But you also need to focus on the overall design of your website to gain conversions. Now, if you are running a website and want to make it look professional, then look no further than M-connect Media development services.

Need help in designing your product page of the website? M-connect Media can help you here. We have an in-house team of certified Magento developers who can help you with design, development, and other services. Dial us for more information.

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