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Before we actually get down to actually learn more about the entire Magento development process, it is extremely essential to understand what a Magento website is and what all it brings along with it.

The Magento Development Methodology

  • What Is A Magento Website?

    Magento website has gained so much on popularity because it is a powerful ecommerce script that is open source in nature and makes use of MySQL and Zend PHP databases.

    This platform offers amazing scalability and flexibility because of the modular architecture. There is a gamut range of control options for the store owner which is why it has become the most sought after ecommerce platform.

The Magento Development Methodology Process

Magento website undergoes a very systematic and strategic development process before it actually goes live for any business. This is the perfect juncture to understand the kind of intricacies that go into the development of a Magento store. In short, here is a clear cut focus on the various steps that follow a specific sequential order during the development of an effective, flexible and a scalable Magento website.


    We take a path of exploration together, wherein we analyze the essentiality of having a Magento website for your business after analyzing the competition that exists in the arena. We will identify the goals that need to be met and set the timeline too for accomplishing the same.

    • Analysis of the Need
    • Analysis of Competition
    • Identifying goals and deadlines
    • Meet to brief up
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    Once the goals and the timelines are set, our next step is to strategize. Thinking out of the box for innovative solutions is our forte. Uncompromising on principles and quality in the work front, we arrive at the perfect marketing strategy so that your business takes a green tick.

    • More heads more ideas
    • Scout for innovative ideas
    • Adhere to best practices
    • Come up with a creative and marketing strategy
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    The best of minds have come together to strategize. Now, is the time to execute the strategy that takes the form of planning. This is the stage marked with arriving at the blueprint, identifying clear milestones and setting deadlines. Responsibility is delegated so as to ensure smooth workflow.

    • The blueprint
    • Clearly identify milestones and set deadlines
    • Delegate responsibility
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    It is here that the entire Magento development process takes form. We create customer archetypes, wireframes and the UX/UI design and various other factors to get the ultimate user experience to the visitors.

    • Creation of customer archetypes
    • Wireframes
    • UX/UI Design
    • Creating ultimate user experience
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    First impression is the best impression and we understand this perfectly well. So, we leave no stone unturned to get the right look. We get the right layout of the web page and the perfect UI design that will help curtail shopping cart abandonments and bounce rates.

    • Getting the right look
    • UI Design
    • Layout of the page
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    A design with cutting edge technology that will give you the much needed edge over your contemporaries will be arrived at. We write the code is written from scratch and the Magento website is optimized across various browsers. Logistics across cross platforms, fact finding and customization of the third party software and integration is delved deep into during this stage.

    • Setting up of Web Hosting
    • Writing the code
    • Optimization across cross browsers
    • Logistics in cross platforms
    • Fact finding
    • Customizing third party software
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    Launch of the store is done after a methodical scrutiny has been set in by our Magento developers through testing and QA. Once that is accomplished, a final review is done to ensure there are no loopholes and the final launching of the Magento website is done. Additionally, a training session to the business owner is also provided which will help him run the store in an effortless manner.

    • Testing & QA
    • Final review
    • The launching process
    • Training & Support
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    We do not stop at Magento website design and development but extend our service into management and maintenance too. We will look into optimization of the website performance and also do a timely upgrade of the version, always providing adequate Magento security and backup.

    • Optimization of site performance
    • Support and maintenance
    • Development of new features
    • Product data entry
    • Magento version upgrade
    • Magento security and backup
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We ensure that our team of designers, developers, marketing professionals and technical support make the best use their knowledge and experience in creating unique work that satisfies our clients.

What our clients says...
Working with Mconnect Media has been a very pleasant experience. They are very reliable and fast acting that exceeded my expectations and delivered a top quality eCommerce website. They are always calm and professional to response to every given problem and listen to the needs of the customers. It does make feel a customer important.
Sam Johnes IT Manager,
We had a great experience working with Mconnect Media. I was looking for a company who can develop & achieve my custom development work. It’s been recommended by one of my friend which is quick in response and dedicated to the customer’s needs. Mconnect’s team has done a brilliant job in understanding the queries and able to resolve it. 10 on 10 kind of work!
Steve Fairchild CEO, Inditta Inc.
Mconnect Media’s team were really great to work with the minute I contacted him. They were prompt and timely with their responses, the whole team follows directions very well and they completed a very big job for us right on schedule. I will be more than delighted to suggest it everyone for the kind of services they are providing.
Ryan Duffy Owner,
Mconnect Media has been an outstanding company in helping to deliver quality and improvised work in time. The team at Mconnect is well rounded and professional in every ratio for eCommerce solutions. I like the response time of the store which is plus point in case of every vendors visiting the store. They responded instantly to my problems and solved it. I strongly recommend it.
Robert Toaste CEO,
Impressive team. I hired offshore team for Magento development. I contacted Yogesh. He is a well-spoken IT manager that brings years of development and management experience to the table. They all are very committed toward their work and has in depth knowledge of the magento code, ROI tactics and business reports. They know how to manage each and every eCommerce requirement. I didn’t need to worry about anything. They are best at what they are doing.
Brian Lim CEO,
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For getting a fully functional, highly flexible and extremely scalable Magento website, it is some kind of an expertise that you need to trust on. At M-Connect Media we have the perfect blend of expertise and experience that can project your business in the best light to your existing customers as well as potential customers.

Contact Us if you wish to get an immaculate Magento website design, development and launch of your business for the online platform. As mentioned, we have experience galore and we deliver on time too. Offering highly cost effective solutions has been our forte and majority of our clientele either come back for more of our services of refer our name in their circles.

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