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Code Audit Is The Best Way To Demystify The Quality of Your Magento Website

Whenever we on-board a new client, the first thing we do is audit their Magento source code. This helps us provide our clients with security recommendations and accurate estimates for future projects and upgrades.

We analyses the accessible code and run a quick code review file which informs us about the attributes like version of Magento you’re working on, extensions installed and and the modified core files, only to address the problems quickly and eliminate redundancies.

We inspect every line of the code and make it free from the vulnerabilities of risks and bugs. If necessary, we also provide an alternate solution to the problem and make your site free from errors. Our experts have deep knowledge of the subject and they believe in the best of the advice.

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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Layered Navigation for Magento 2

It allows customer to select multiple option of the same attribute which will customize desired price, as per the product ratings or reviews according to their search results.

Part Finder for Magento 2

It enables customer to search according to particular specifications. It will allow customers to make search from any webpage and provide results quickly with great accuracy.


We keep client’s satisfaction on our focal point. All that matters to us is your satisfaction. Thus, we try to deliver our best. We try to reinforce the best relationship with our clients. Anything dealing with Magento can be brought to us and sorted out in shortest possible time. Our numbers speak our quality and expertise.

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Improve Your Site Performance And Detect Vulnerabilities By Magento Web Site Code Audit Service.

If you are interested in auditing your code base to check the quality of your site, we recommend you to enjoy this service from our senior developers. We take time to perform thorough methodical and analytical audit before diving into the second codebase.

We will create a easily upgradeable theme to systemize the website.


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