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Code Audit Is The Best Way To Demystify The Quality of Your Magento Website

M-Connect Media pursuits sites from all over the world and works very well on the magento, and our experience with both the versions of Magento 1 and Magento 2 is very healthy.

Magento code audit is very important for your website as nobody wants to leave their customer data open to hackers or have a site crash during cyber Monday. The fantastic thing about code audit is it can identify bugs and issues on your site and fix all of them before it becomes problematic for you and your customers.

Code audit would come through an overall analysis of both backend and front-end. M-Connects magento audit will cover all areas of your magento store with the intention of making your both magento 1 and magento 2 platform scalable, secure and stable.

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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M-Connect media – Magento Code & Security Audit

Our code audit is like a report card for your magento site that assesses the working of your website and how it works in different areas. We provide unique and actionable magento code audit.

Our Magento code audit service evaluates three main factors, i.e. security, performance, and health.

  • Security

    Our security code audit comprises of a complete code audit that includes any core changes, standalone files or extensions and it also provides payment configurations, administrative accounts, common symptoms of magento hack and reviewing overall security patches.

  • Performance

    In our magento performance code audit service, the role is to review site performance and identifying particular areas that need to be evaluated first. Response time, use of compression, and third-party issues, etc. are various pages that need to be assessed. We also provide an excellent user experience which includes several factors such as navigation, design, product information, consistency, and responsiveness.

  • Health

    We examines the theme, extensions, database, core edits, etc. in our health code audit service for anything that’s problematic, and contrary to best practices. To identify any edits or overrides, the developer will look at the Magento core code.

Things we examine during a code audit

Website security, environment and resources.

Type and version of used technologies and operating system software.


To examine HTTP server, MySQL and PHP

Recommendation for developments and determination of bottlenecks.

Magento Back-end


Core, purchased modules, custom developed modules

Review optimum settings

Review security updates

Review Magento development standards

Website security

Resolving possible code level security problems

Checking code quality

Database structure

Detecting functional errors and bugs

Reviewing the structure of tables created by various modules is optimal or not

Website performance

PHP – mapping architecture problems critical for performance in installed/developed modules

PHP / MySQL – reviewing queries made in PHP

Third-party integrations

Alternatives, code quality, performance and Version number

Checking variety of purchased themes and customisation.

External modules, themes and own development

Magento front-end

Website Performance

Examine technologies like JavaScript framework, CSS framework, plugins and magento templates

Quality and performance of independent JS plugins and CSS

General front-end optimisation.

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What is the need of magento code audit service?

The code audit finds out the root of the problem to prevent it from happening again and again. It can be used to examine the next steps that should be taken, from minor fixes to an update of migration. Our Magento certified developer needs to complete the audit because they have complete knowledge about your magento site, and the entire report is presented to the client within 10-15 days.

Access required to examine the impact of bugs, issues and changes

  • Magento admin credentials with login link
  • SFTP/SSH details
  • Database access
  • Domain panel (rare case)
  • Google Analytics (user experience report)

Once this access has been granted, we begin working on the research phase of the audit, and we usually deliver the audit in 10-15 days.

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We ensure that our team of designers, developers, marketing professionals and technical support make the best use their knowledge and experience in creating unique work that satisfies our clients.

What our clients says...
Working with Mconnect Media has been a very pleasant experience. They are very reliable and fast acting that exceeded my expectations and delivered a top quality eCommerce website. They are always calm and professional to response to every given problem and listen to the needs of the customers. It does make feel a customer important.
Sam Johnes IT Manager,
We had a great experience working with Mconnect Media. I was looking for a company who can develop & achieve my custom development work. It’s been recommended by one of my friend which is quick in response and dedicated to the customer’s needs. Mconnect’s team has done a brilliant job in understanding the queries and able to resolve it. 10 on 10 kind of work!
Steve Fairchild CEO, Inditta Inc.
Mconnect Media’s team were really great to work with the minute I contacted him. They were prompt and timely with their responses, the whole team follows directions very well and they completed a very big job for us right on schedule. I will be more than delighted to suggest it everyone for the kind of services they are providing.
Ryan Duffy Owner,
Mconnect Media has been an outstanding company in helping to deliver quality and improvised work in time. The team at Mconnect is well rounded and professional in every ratio for eCommerce solutions. I like the response time of the store which is plus point in case of every vendors visiting the store. They responded instantly to my problems and solved it. I strongly recommend it.
Robert Toaste CEO,
Impressive team. I hired offshore team for Magento development. I contacted Yogesh. He is a well-spoken IT manager that brings years of development and management experience to the table. They all are very committed toward their work and has in depth knowledge of the magento code, ROI tactics and business reports. They know how to manage each and every eCommerce requirement. I didn’t need to worry about anything. They are best at what they are doing.
Brian Lim CEO,
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We keep client’s satisfaction on our focal point. All that matters to us is your satisfaction. Thus, we try to deliver our best. We try to reinforce the best relationship with our clients. Anything dealing with Magento can be brought to us and sorted out in shortest possible time. Our numbers speak our quality and expertise

Improve Your Site Performance And Detect Vulnerabilities By Magento Web Site Code Audit Service.

If you are interested in auditing your code base to check the quality of your site, we recommend you to enjoy this service from our senior developers. We take time to perform thorough methodical and analytical audit before diving into the second codebase.

We will create a easily upgradeable theme to systemize the website.