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Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service

Is your Magento 2 website running slow and unresponsive? Enhancing the performance of your e-commerce platform is crucial in today's competitive landscape. Search engines prioritize page speed in their rankings, influencing your visibility on SERPs. At M-Connect Media, we specialize in Magento page speed optimization services to elevate your online presence. Our experts analyze and address performance issues identified by Google's Page Speed Insight and other tools. Through manual interventions, we ensure your Magento store loads swiftly, typically within 3 to 5 seconds. Partner with us to outshine your competitors and deliver a seamless user experience.

Don't let slow loading times hold your Magento store back from its full potential. Take the proactive step towards superior performance and user satisfaction with our Magento page speed optimization services. Contact us today and let's accelerate your online success together.

Whatever be your Magento requirement, We can accomplish it for you with great aplomb!

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Why You Need to choose Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service?

In the competitive world of eCommerce, providing a seamless user experience is non-negotiable, with load speed being a critical factor. Magento, with its intricate structure, demands thorough attention to performance enhancement. This underscores the necessity of a Magento page speed optimization service, not merely for speeding up your site but for valuing your users' time.

  • 46% of users don’t visit poorly performing websites again.
  • 1 Second delay in page speed affects customer satisfaction level by 16%.
  • 64% dissatisfied customers shop from elsewhere next time.
  • 1 out of 4 visitors abandons the website if it takes more than 4 sec to load.
  • Websites generating $100,000 in revenue can increase it by $7,000 per 1-sec improvement in load speed.
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Our Magento Speed Optimization Service

Our Magento performance optimization services include optimization of issues found on Google’s Page Speed Insight and other such tools and increase performance score for your Magento store. Other than that, we also perform server performance optimization, database performance optimization, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Caching, and other speed optimizations to improve performance that helps you sit in the sweet spot of page load speed.

We also perform various manual tests to find-out performance issues with your Magento eCommerce store and resolve them to make it buttery smooth.

  • Performance Score Improvement

    We thoroughly analyze issues found on Google’s Page Speed Insight & other tools and resolve them to improve performance score & get a thumbs up from Google itself for your Magento store.

  • Server Performance Optimization

    The experts at M-Connect will do a scrupulous analysis of your Magento server environment & make necessary changes & upgrade in Apache, Nginx, PHP & others to enhance the performance.

  • Database Performance Optimization

    Our specialists will analyze slow queries of the Magento database via query indexing to optimize & make them as fast as possible so that they don’t affect the performance of your Magento store.

  • Page Caching Set up & Configuration

    We analyze your Magento store’s caching configurations & based on that we set up & configure Redis Cache/Varnish Cache for backend & full-page caching for frontend to take performance a notch-above.

  • Merging, Minifying, & Fine-Tuning CSS and JS

    Our Magento professionals will help streamline the CSS & JS files by merging, minifying, and fine-tuning them. We make sure that only required CSS & JS files load as fast & precise as possible.

  • Media File Optimization

    Huge media files such as images, videos, and audios affect the page load speed. Our experts will perform a media file optimization & even integrate it with CDN to make your Magento store faster than ever.

Our Magento Page Speed Optimization Service Steps

Our Magento performance optimization workflow includes several steps from data collection to project layout, analysis, and issue resolution to enhance the performance score for your Magento website.

  • Magento Code Audit Service - Analyze

    Data Collection

    • The first step is to collect as much data as possible about your Magento store, user behavior, Analytics, etc. to proceed with project outlining.

  • Magento Code Audit Service - Replica

    Project Outline

    • Next, we craft a detailed project outline that defines the nature of the project and completion timeline along with any custom needs of yours.

  • Magento Code Audit Service - Upgrade


    • This is the main step in our workflow. Here, we perform a comprehensive analysis to find all the possible performance & speed related issues.

  • Magento Code Audit Service - QA

    Issue Resolution

    • Based on our analysis, we optimize and resolve all the bottlenecks in your Magento store and speed it up to load in 3 to 5 sec or even less.

  • Magento Code Audit Service - Live

    Quality Assurance

    • We have employed only certified and expert Magento developers & QA analysts that provide high-quality solutions within time.

  • Magento Support Service - Maintenance & Emergency help with Magento

    From First Byte to last one,We will optimize everything.

    Insightful Analysis: Sample Report on Magento Page Speed Improvement

    At M-Connect Media, we pride ourselves on our expertise in scrutinizing Magento 2 stores to uncover performance obstacles. Utilizing tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insight and leveraging manual assessments, we meticulously unearth issues affecting your store's loading speed. Our detailed report encompasses all identified issues along with actionable solutions, providing a clear path for our team to optimize your Magento 2 store. Take a peek at our sample report to gain insight into our systematic approach to enhancing your store's performance.


Elevate Your Magento Store with Tailored Page Speed Optimization by Experts!

M-Connect Media's decade-long experience ensures impeccable Magento solutions and unmatched client satisfaction. Here's why we should be your top choice:

Magento Code Audit Service - Zero downtime

Agile Processes

Our use of agile processes in Magento website optimization have fascinated our clients & is one of the reasons to choose us.

Magento Code Audit Service - Zero Data Loss

Impeccable Solutions

Our impeccable solutions ensure that your Magento store gets enhanced performance to provide a rich user experience.

Magento Code Audit Service - Timely Delivery

Domain Experts

You’ll be more than happy to know that developers working on your Magento store are domain experts in page speed optimization.

Magento Code Audit Service - Magento Developers

12+ Years of Experience

We have been working closely with Magento for 12+ years and have made 3000+ clients happy with our gilt-edged solutions.

Magento Code Audit Service - Stores Upgraded

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We ensure that you get better and high-quality solutions that perfectly satisfy your bespoke needs from us.

Magento Code Audit Service - After Support

Flexible Hiring

We offer flexible hiring models such as hourly, part-time & full-time out of which clients can choose as per their need.


We keep client’s satisfaction on our focal point. All that matters to us is your satisfaction. Thus, we try to deliver our best. We try to reinforce the best relationship with our clients. Anything dealing with Magento can be brought to us and sorted out in shortest possible time. Our numbers speak our quality and expertise

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Mconnect Clients

We ensure that our team of designers, developers, marketing professionals and technical support make the best use their knowledge and experience in creating unique work that satisfies our clients.

What our clients says...
Working with Mconnect Media has been a very pleasant experience. They are very reliable and fast acting that exceeded my expectations and delivered a top quality eCommerce website. They are always calm and professional to response to every given problem and listen to the needs of the customers. It does make feel a customer important.
Sam Johnes IT Manager,
We had a great experience working with Mconnect Media. I was looking for a company who can develop & achieve my custom development work. It’s been recommended by one of my friend which is quick in response and dedicated to the customer’s needs. Mconnect’s team has done a brilliant job in understanding the queries and able to resolve it. 10 on 10 kind of work!
Steve Fairchild CEO, Inditta Inc.
Mconnect Media’s team were really great to work with the minute I contacted him. They were prompt and timely with their responses, the whole team follows directions very well and they completed a very big job for us right on schedule. I will be more than delighted to suggest it everyone for the kind of services they are providing.
Ryan Duffy Owner,
Mconnect Media has been an outstanding company in helping to deliver quality and improvised work in time. The team at Mconnect is well rounded and professional in every ratio for eCommerce solutions. I like the response time of the store which is plus point in case of every vendors visiting the store. They responded instantly to my problems and solved it. I strongly recommend it.
Robert Toaste CEO,
Impressive team. I hired offshore team for Magento development. I contacted Yogesh. He is a well-spoken IT manager that brings years of development and management experience to the table. They all are very committed toward their work and has in depth knowledge of the magento code, ROI tactics and business reports. They know how to manage each and every eCommerce requirement. I didn’t need to worry about anything. They are best at what they are doing.
Brian Lim CEO,
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Hire Magento Developer

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Still Unsure? Check out Magento Page Speed Optimization Service FAQs

Different Store, different Version, different Servers and different stories. However, we have tried to list our list of commonly asked questions that we received from our clients before audit. But if you don't find your answer shoot your queries to our mail or through contact form.

  • Why My Magento store is slow in the first place?

    By default, Magento has a poor database & coding structure design. The code is complex and messy and requires attention to detail to resolve the issues and optimize it for better load speed and user experience.

  • How can I speed up the Magento website?

    Here’re few ways to speed up your Magento website:

    1) Move to a fast & better-optimized Server (Preferably cloud hosting), 2) Make a switch from Apache to Nginx server, 3) Configure MySQL, 4) Accelerating the PHP, 5) Merge & Minify CSS/JS files, 6) Enable backend and frontend caching, 7) Enable flat categories, 8) Set up CDN, 9) Use mobile-responsive theme.

    Contact us if you need help with implementing the resolutions for your Magento store to speed it up.

  • How fast my website will become after performance optimization?

    It depends on things like the version of Magento, 3rd-party extensions, number of media files & size, caching is enabled or not, and many others. However, we generally perform issues found on Google Page Speed Insight to improve your Magento store’s performance score & increase load speed up to 3 to 5 sec.

  • What is the data you need access to for speed optimization?

    To perform Magento page speed optimization, we need access to your admin panel, root access to FTP or SSH of your server. During our issue resolution phase, we may have to perform some server modification, tweak few configurations, and install some extensions to perform speed optimization.

  • How do you secure my data?

    We have a strict policy to secure your data and even sign NDA to make sure that your data is only shared with the need to know people.

  • How much time does it take to optimize my Magneto store?

    Based on our analysis of your Magento store, we can provide the timeline for your Magento store’s performance optimization. The time taken depends on the number of performance issues found on your Magento store and how long each takes to get resolve.

The Mconnect Media Touch

Connect with us to serve you better with the perfect eCommerce solution that will keep your business in good stead.

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Want to Enhance Performance with our Magento Page Speed Optimization Service?

No matter how solid and engaging the design or how many features your Magento store has, it all boils down to the load speed. And M-Connect Media offers you the most efficacious Magento store performance optimization services. We resolve all the possible issues found on Google Page Speed Insights and improve your store’s performance score to make it more responsive.

We even go to extra mile to manually find any performance bottlenecks that keep your Magento poorly optimized to properly optimize it with our impeccable solutions.


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