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Privacy Policy of M-Connect Solutions, Inc.

The privacy and safety of customer data and personal information have been the basis of our business ethics. M-Connect Solutions, Inc. has maintained this rule since its inception and would continue to do so in the future.

We are clear about the fact that we are neither allowed by the law nor permitted by our customers to share their information with unauthorized people, organizations or third-party and so, we would like to maintain dignified privacy policy and adhere to it.

The aim is to use the customer information only for business purposes and pass it to authorized section only. If we need to give information to others then it would be never done without the consent of our customers, unless it is a legal matter which tries to prove a point and the jurisdiction orders us to disclose the information.

We take only the basic information of the customers like name, contact number, email id, address as well as their preferences etc. in order to offer them the best of our services and even gauge their choices to provide them better services and products in the future.

M-Connect Solutions, Inc. uses customer data for the following reasons:

  • For finishing a service request
  • To provide timely service
  • For keeping an eye on the customer’s preferences
  • To offer services according to the customer’s taste
  • For creating marketing strategies
  • To improvise our website
  • For market research and analysis
  • To create business goals
  • For passing marketing collaterals
  • Purely for business activities which need client information

Sharing client information is prohibited in our business

M-Connect Solutions, Inc. declares it clear that we do not sell, trade or leak any of the personal information of our customers to any unauthorized person, organization or third party.

We share it only with our agents and business associates that form a part of full-service completion process and are involved in our business transactions. This includes those which finish a service or a part of the service on our behalf and agree to follow the norms of our privacy agreement.

Third parties that get details of customer information are:

  • The communication agencies associated with M-Connect Solutions, Inc.
  • The research, analysis and marketing teams
  • Teams involved in sending emails and promotional stuff on behalf of us

All the people we share your information with are legally bonded to not disclose any of your information to anybody.

Information that helps in marketing:

M-Connect Solutions, Inc. use the customer’s data for email communication and service related issues. We process the data to understand the likes and dislikes of our customers so that we can offer better services which are in line with the choices of our customers.

You can stop marketing offers from your end:

If you do not want any promotional material from us then you can easily unsubscribe from the link given in the email. You would get the material until we have not brought a closure to your request.

You would only receive business, order or service communication if you are choosing any of our services and have subscribed to the mail service.

You can contact us for any queries about our privacy policy by dropping us an email at