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Terms and Conditions M-Connect Solutions, Inc

M-Connect Solutions has been a prolific IT, outsourcing and eCommerce development company. To browse and purchase products referred to Magento extension, you need to agree to its terms and conditions, which are as stated below. The terms are aligned with the privacy policy of the company and work in coherence with the rules made for streamlining the business ethics and customer relations. If anyone does not abide to the terms and conditions of using this website, then they cannot access its content any further.

On the website, the terms ‘we’ and ‘us’ are used for the owner of the website authorized by M-Connect Solutions, Inc. Here, ‘You’ is used to refer the person or organization that is browsing the website.

Following are the terms and conditions of M-Connect Solutions:

  • For finishing a service request
  • To provide timely service
  • For keeping an eye on the customer’s preferences
  • To offer services according to the customer’s taste
  • For creating marketing strategies
  • To improvise our website
  • For market research and analysis
  • To create business goals
  • For passing marketing collaterals
  • Purely for business activities which need client information

Sharing client information is prohibited in our business

The content of the website are general information offered to our clients or business associates. It can change at any given point of time without any prior notice to anybody concerned except the staff of the company.

We share it only with our agents and business associates that form a part of full service completion process and are involved with our business transactions. This includes those which finish a service or a part of the service on our behalf and agree to follow the norms of our privacy agreement.

We use cookies to keep an eye on the browsing performance of the website as well as to track people who could be interested in our services. This helps us in creating better marketing collaterals and has nothing to do with invading anyone’s privacy. If you are fine with us making use of cookies then you can share some basic information with us so that we can improve your browsing experience and in turn offer you the best of our services and products.

We do not take guarantee of the accuracy or precision of the information given on the website and the data is subjected to change as per the demand of the business as well as customers. The material, data and content of the website cannot be used for anything other than business transactions. We condemn any kind of unauthorized access of the website and anyone doing so may find themselves in legal troubles if the data is accessed without our permission. There are chances of inaccuracies in the content but it is much within the limits of legal permits.

If you use the website in an improper manner than we may not support your actions and you would be responsible for checking if the information, services and products are a necessity for your personal or business requirements. You need to keep a check up on this and the use the website accordingly.

M-Connect Solutions own the material, contents, design and products displayed on the website and protect it through a license from the law. Whether it is the layout, graphics, design or contents, we are the owners and so anybody using it for their own benefit or copying it would be subjected to face the legalities that comes into picture while breaching the terms and conditions of using any website.

We acknowledge the trademarks and contents of the website. Any unauthorized access or mutation of the data or information is subjected to criminal offense and people who make wrong use of any portion or the whole of the website should be prepared for a legal action against them.

There are fair chances that our website would display links to other websites but they are solely mentioned for the betterment and ease of serving our customers. They are for informative purpose only and does not prove that we are endorsing those websites in any which ways. We do not advertise, share or reproduce the contents of any website unless we are authorized to do so and only if it improves our services.

Our transaction currency is US DOLLARS. All transactions on the website are done in this currency only and if your bank charges you extra for the international transfer or exchange fees of the products or services then we are not liable for it. We can offer you refund only for our product or service and not for the bank transaction costs, which are the sole responsibility of the bank or the monetary institute involved in finishing the transaction. Even minor charges that cost 1-2% of the transaction cost would be charged by your bank but we are not liable for any such refund. You need to consult your bank for such charges. It is best advised to consult the bank before buying any product or services so that you have a clear picture about the total cost of the service.

We ensure that the product/s is delivered instant after receiving the payment from the customer. The payment can be done via Bank or PayPal. For better servicing and support for extension you can make purchased in weekdays as you will have chance to get instant response on your query, however we response on Weekends and off office hours too but it’s totally depends on customer representative availability. You can track your order processing activity on our website on your customer dashboard.

You would get an instant email about payment confirmation and you can also track the payments on Payment confirmation page. In case, you do not find the confirmation mail then we request you to check your junk or spam folder as there are chances of the mail getting delivered in these folders. In case, you don’t find it in the inbox or spam folder, then contact us immediately on

PayPal eCheck may be troublesome process because its takes approx. 5 working days to process the Payment in account. Our systems are automated and integrated with PayPal therefore if you purchase and extension using PayPal eCheque then this will take 5 working days to complete the order and make product available in your account. However you can make special request for the same on and it’s depends on you co-operation.

Check Privacy Policy: Everybody using the website or ordering our products or services are requested to go through our Privacy Policy page, which gives details about our business practices.

We reserve the right of disclosing any or all of the private information when demanded by the law for proving the authenticity of any specific condition or business process. Any information would be disclosed only if it is required to prove a legal claim.

The rules of using this website are in line with the American law and legislation and any or all dispute conditions would be resolved in the American court of law.

The above mentioned terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Texas.