Anatomy of eCommerce Product Page That Engage with Visitors

July 5, 2021 Written By M-Connect Media

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There’s a misconception around the world that the homepage is the most impactful page on-site and that’s right somehow but, nearly 1 out of 4 online shoppers arrived at the eCommerce site on product detail pages. However, creating eCommerce product pages that are SEO friendly, drive traffic, and convert is a tough task. There’s no doubt that the product page on an eCommerce site is a landing page for users.

With your product pages, you have a set of means to achieve good traffic and convert visitors to customers. That’s why it is important that you finetune your product page.

Why is the Product Page the Most Paramount page?

The product page is the backbone of any digital eCommerce store, it is the place where the sales happen. The product page has many important elements attached to it. And it is important to understand why the product page is a must for any website.

Let’s tour it through some of the most common elements of a product page, based on expert advice and practices:

  • Feature Image
  • Product overview with price, features, and variant options
  • Title of the image
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Social proof
  • Product detail
  • Cross-sell

These are the elements that must be included, but without a thoughtful strategy it can swamp the shopper. The goal of a product page is to display visitors with enough product information to make a decision, but not too much that distracts from the sale.

So, what makes up a product page? What you can do is follow these expert created best practice eCommerce product page elements. From this, you will be going to know the factors that create a superior product page. So, let’s get started!

1. Optimize your Product Page Title

A great place to start is by optimizing your product title or title tag. Let’s understand by this example, so we don’t click on every blog that’s not useful but sometimes due to product title, we consciously decide to click and even spend some time.

Couldn’t agree more! Because it is a title that’s relevant and of potential value to you. There are two purposes of any title, one is to provide information, and second is to prompt curiosity. And the same goes for product page titles.

What makes a great product page title?

With a product page, a title should disclose a hint of the content. At the same time, it should display relevance to the audience. These two are the must-follow practices to attract the right visitors to specific product pages that will benefit them.

In fact, if you aren’t following this criterion, you may have less traffic on your product page or site. What you have to do is make sure that your title has the basic requirements because it’s your first step, which can benefit from content grading.

However, don’t feel wrong spicing things up. A title that stands out from the crowd is perhaps the most important consideration when attempting to enhance click-through. In addition, make sure that your title resonates with your target audience.

Once they are on your page, the aim then is to keep them locked. To do so, share various pieces of information and add value to their visits. This will help users to be more on site.

2. Strong Featured Image

A good presentation should contain more of visuals and less of text, since a picture conveys information more effectively than words.

When it comes to your product page, this is right and couldn’t be more accurate. And research has also shown that a great photo influences a purchase when making their buying decision.

This is no more a surprise! Just think when the last time you purchased online was. Like most people, the image is what makes you decide to click on a product page.

Include an impactful eye-level image

Images are integral to your page’s visual information and they are best fit for visitors to understand your product easily and fully. What is necessary is to add at least more than four images per product especially for physical goods and gadgets.

What it will do is make your buyer choose a product and get comfort in purchasing your product. But, as always, focus on quality. To do that, you can add some more unique or different photos, not just the standard white background. After all, it’s a matter of conversions!

3. Have a Prominent Call-to-Action (CTA)

Once you are done with product title and product image, it’s time to present the customer with a prominent and a clear CTA that results in conversions.

There are people who think that there’s no necessity of a call-to-action in your product page. Then it’s like collecting water from the sea in vessels, you are wasting your energy.

A prominent call-to-action strategy is as important to turn prospects away to buy competitor’s products. If your product page is tough to explore, it can be tempting for visitors to turn to alternatives. The plethora of product options out there highlights the importance of oblivious and intriguing call-to-action buttons.

How do you improve your product page CTAs?

  • Make sure your CTA is a button instead of link
  • You need to be unique while writing CTAs
  • CTA should be brief
  • Make use of action words and show some urgency
  • Consider the design of the CTA button and location on your page
  • Pay Attention to Customer reviews

In today’s time, where people become so choosy in buying. And it’s nothing like they shouldn’t since today’s world is rampant with a high amount of buying choices. However, with all of the endless product choices, it’s become tough for customers to choose one product, and they become friendly to customer reviews.

In other words, shoppers do check what others are saying about products. And people tend to review when they feel a strong sentiment about a product.

4. Reviews are important whether it’s positive or negative

Yes, don’t worry about negative reviews because your goal should be to encourage customers to review as honestly as possible. You may wonder by knowing that people are more likely to leave a review off of a negative experience than a positive one.

Reasons for an unsatisfied customer’s bad review

  • The product had issues that the product page didn’t reflect
  • The product description doesn’t match the delivered product
  • The company doesn’t meet its promises
  • Customer service is not up to the mark

The best way to cultivate your brand image is to reply to reviews, so customers know you hear them and care about their concerns and you do. After all, they are your biggest assets.


Ultimately, there are a wealth of areas you can improve your eCommerce product page design and conversion rates. Here, we have added the most important factors that you need to look at while designing your existing product page or new product page design to drive sales and improve customer experience.

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