Get Ready to Prepare your eCommerce Store for Easter Sale

April 12, 2019 Written By Hemant Parmar

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What truly is Easter?

Christmas. Everyone perceives it as why you celebrate Christmas on 25th December every year: It is glorified to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter follows a period of lent which is a holy day or prayer and fasting for Christian. It begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday the day of crucifixion.  The week leading up Easter is said to be Holy week or Passionate week.

After Christmas, Easter is an extended weekend for which people are eagerly craving to shop. So it’s a good time to make hay while the sun shines, gain new clients and boost maximum revenue.

It is always a good idea to seat at your coach, relax and have everything without stepping out especially in the Easter holidays. According to the survey, respondents said they would prefer online shopping at a time of Easter amongst which 41% wishes to avoid a crowd, 39% seek convenience, and 38% are hunting an amazing bargain offers that they might not get access from the brick mortar store.

According to statista, consumers planned to spend 18.4 billion US dollars in 2017, 18.2 billion US dollars in 2018 for Easter which is a massive figure and the prediction states they will spend almost 18.11 billion US dollars for 2019 Easter festival.

Easter 2019

From the statics, you can have a clear picture of how the graph is continuously moving upwards and how much it can benefit your e-commerce brand.

In light of this, we have made pulled some kick-ass strategies to boost sale for your e-commerce at a time of Easter.

Strategies that will take you a step closer to boot revenue during Easter 2019:

Allure Your Customers With Attractive Incentive

This should be the first thing you can do that displays your store products attractively in your store. Present your products by wrapping them in a unique idea to encourage your customers to get indulged with your products. Be creative, think out of the box and present something just perfect for Easter Campaign.

Gain your customer’s interest by offering them attractive promotions like “50% discount”, “Buy one get 1 free” or offering free products. For the new customers, provide with a free sign-up voucher that can be used while shopping. Due to this customers get happy and satisfied with your purchase.

Allure Your Customers With Attractive Incentive

Organize a Contest

As you are already running out of time, social media is the right platform to start with. Run a contest to attract your customers by exposing your products online. Create a contest that suits your product category. Involve your customers in the contest by asking them to comment, like, share or tweet. Whatever platform you approach make sure to add lots of fun to excite your customers.

Organize a Contest

Easter Theme for your Website

Prepare your website incorporating the Easter themed images. Decorate your site with funny pictures. Add an Easter related products on the home page. Keep your visitors engaged by adding funny images and offer significant discounts.

With an e-commerce website, a landing page is a must thus same goes at a time of Easter. Make a landing page with an Easter theme that acts as a hub for your Easter related products.  Categories your Easter product and allow easy navigation among products to users.

Send Easter Holiday Emails to Customer

Now, it’s time to do Easter Marketing by sending festive emails to your customers. Create a holiday email informing you about the offers available at your store. This should be   Easter themed with an Easter subject line and a call to action button to take the visitors to your suggestions webpage.

Make it “Eggster”!

When you think of the Easter shopping; your mind will automatically pop-up with an egg. So, attract your users with modern Easter games which will help you in making your site more attractive.

All you need to think is what kind of egg you will hide on your site. Put photos of egg somewhere in deep of your site and let users find them with the given clues.

Design a creative flyer that you can send to your subscribers and distribute on various social media platform asking to play Easter games and say out loud how winners benefit from- discounts, gift voucher, and promo code and so on.

Make Easter Bundles, gifts, and avail gift wrap option to upsell

Help people solve the haunting gift dilemma by creating bundles of different Easter products like Easter decorative items, candies, or pre-made Easter baskets of chocolates and sweets.

Furthermore, avail them an option of gift wrapping which will, in turn, save their time and make them feel contented.

Aggrandize your eCommerce store with our contemporary Magento 2 Extension

  1. Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2

Mconnect Customer Specific product extension allows you to assign/restrict a distinct product to a specific group of a customer or an individual.  You can also display a different price of the product to a particular customer or a group of customer.

You can customize your e-store with our customer segment, product catalog permission, and pricing. With these custom selling price, you can plan a good marketing idea to target a specific group at the right time to generate more revenue.

  1. Gift Card & Certificate Extension for Magento 2s

Mconnect Gift Card Magento 2 Extension will simplify your tedious job of developing robust gift card functionality and enhancing the users’ experience with the same.

It will facilitate your customers to choose an exceptionally customized gift on a special occasion. Moreover, it will solve the mystery of the last minute gift selection.

  1. Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension for Magento 2

People, prefer online shopping to save time and energy and your e-commerce store must esteem their priorities. Our Ajax autocomplete extension will save customers time with predictive suggestion module that improves product search query and gives instant results.

All your customers need to do is, type the keyword for the product they desire and Mconnect Ajax Search Autocomplete extension will instantly pop up the result.

  1. Featured Product Slider Extension for Magento 2

You can let your customers know about your customized, occasional, promoted page or product from which you wish to increase the sale using Mconnect Featured Product Slider. The extension is both responsive and customized; you can just set the slider design and show all the recommended products on a home page, category page, product page, CMS page or anywhere in your website that best suit your site.

Featured Product

That will promote your featured products, increase your sale and, ROI.

  1. Product Label, Ribbon Extension for Magento 2

The Mconnect product Label extension is a great way to highlight product visibility using different labels. With our cutting-edge extension, we can create labels with bright images, stickers, and colors, making them more visible and attractive to your customers.

Such a modern marketing solution will seize your customers’ attention to additional discounts and promotions.

  1. Ajax Price Slider / Filter Extension for Magento 2

Mconnect Ajax Price Slider ease the life of shoppers as it gives them a filter option for selecting a price range according to their requirements. The customer does not have to enter the price range manually; they will have a slider bar for setting the price according to their demand.

Ajax Price Slider

Based on the selected price range all the matched products will be shown. That will save customers’ time and allow them to purchase within their budget.

At Last!!!

Easter is now approaching and if your store is not ready for the coming season, then this last minute tips from the eCommerce Consultant will help in reading your store to make it available for the holiday season.

We understand that the success of your website depends on the strategies you will implement on your site. So, start preparing your website, boost visibility and gain new customers.

M-Connect Media is experienced eCommerce development company offering end to end eCommerce solutions to grow your online business in the holiday season and globally. Feel free to contact us.

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