End of The Year Update –December 2021 Google Product Review

December 31, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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End of The Year Update –December 2021 Google Product Review

Key Takeaways

  • The Product Review Update will not affect your website reviews reviewed by the verified customer.
  • The update will target a specific type of blogs that review products, or lists of products, in a lengthy format.
  • At M-Connect Media, we always ensure to create organic and valuable content.

We are not more surprised by the update Google has announced and become so called Secret Santa for all the internet users or online businesses. Yes, Google announces an update called product review update and we know that in April 2021, Google has also pushed out a product review.

What’s update all about, anyways? So, Google explained that the update can up to three weeks to complete. The update is started on December 1, 2021 and Google has confirmed that update is finished and rolled out already.

You can find the announcement here. We have tons of information about the update in this guide, and you will easily understand what it is and how you should prepare for it. Let’s delve into the update now!

What is Google Product Review Update?

Google’s new algorithm update is all about targeting specific types of online content. There are multiple benefits creators and businesses can avail of through this update, and we will discuss everything here.

Google’s December Product Review Update is about implications for review articles/blogs to compare or review the product online. The good news is that now Google has come up with something creators think about, like generating content and all. We have decided to discuss everything you need to know about the Product Review Update.

As the name suggests, Google’s product review update prioritizes online product review content and makes sure that the organic and helpful reviews appear in the search results.

Think back to the last time you researched online to purchase an important purchase, like a new mobile or tea maker. You may have been seeking an expert’s advice on the top options out there. You may have found an article that talked vaguely about what to look for when you compared items, and all the things sounded the same.

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We’ve all found some blogs. They are typically only somewhat helpful. Many of them share the same detail you’d find on a retailer’s website, which you could have found yourself.

The update’s main purpose is to give more credits to content that brings some value to users who depend on researching products, making purchases, and navigating through eCommerce decisions.

Even Google has confirmed that reviews share in-detail info rather than explain what the product is all about. That’s why we came up with an update that helps our ranking systems, and what we called it is Product Review Update.

Moreover, it serves more than just a few factors, as it can also affect your website as a whole and even be URL-focused. Google has also claimed that this update will affect sections of the site or site as a whole.

We cannot consider this algorithm as a core update, which means it only affects rankings for some types of content in their search index. Also, an update will also control SEO of all kinds of reviews instead of just product reviews.

How Businesses Can Optimize Content for the Product Review Update?

Obviously! It’s a matter of concern for online businesses, content creators, and those who rely completely on content. So, to get rid of their circumstances, Google has come right out and provided help about creating content for this new algorithm update.

We don’t mean predictions like “more coffee will be consumed by our team or take over our home offices, and these things are already facts. Here, we will look into how this update works and why you should be prepared for it.

Obviously! The ranking factors we used to have will be the same as it is, but all you need to ensure is that content should be written for users first and foremost. Ultimately, an update is all about content, and we can consider it a ranking factor.

Google also announced two new requirements for product reviews to prevent fake product reviews. For starters, a product evaluation should record the handling and assessment of the item on-page. Many fraudulent reviews are modified versions of specifications. Secondly, product reviews should present a variety of alternatives to purchasing a product.

What Google Product Review Update stated?

The user has indicated that they trust reviews with evidence of products tested and prefer to have multiple channels to purchase the product. Provide proof of your own experience with the product, such as pictures, audio, or other links, to reinforce your expertise. Include links to different sellers, so the reader has more options to purchase from the merchant of their choice.”

The search engine giant stated that these “best practices” ranking elements would be incorporated into the next update to its product evaluation. Because of this, these two recommendations are likely to be ranking criteria. This new document focuses on the importance of writing high-quality product reviews. On the best practices page, there is a list of guidelines intended to discourage fake reviews while encouraging genuine ones.

This update by Google aims to promote review content above and beyond the template information you see on the web. According to Google, these reviews will be included in search results rankings.

The search engine does not directly penalize lower-quality product reviews whose content is limited to “merely summarizing a bunch of products.” However, it would not be very pleased to provide such content and then find your ranking demoted due to other content being promoted above yours. As far as Google is concerned, this is not a penalty against your content; rather, they are rewarding sites with more insightful review content with a higher ranking than yours. Based on technical specifications, this update should affect only product reviews.

The Final Verdict!

So far, we have learned what Google Product Review Update is about and how it can affect your website or types of content. Ultimately, we can tell that this update is a great change to any online business or website as it tells you how to create content.

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