Don't Miss the Magento 2 Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

January 5, 2022 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Don't Miss the Magento 2 Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

Whether you are a B2B or B2C seller with an eCommerce website, you must be prepared to serve according to your customer’s choice and wants since how you treat your customers can help you grow as a whole and keep it up thriving for a long time.

And when it comes to customers, you need to personalize their shopping experience doesn’t matter when and how. As all it matters, they will enjoy having the best experience while entering your site. For that, you require a range of features for your eCommerce store website, and one of them is customer specific product and price.

Why Customer Specific Product & Price is Necessary for Your eCommerce Store?

In today’s digital era, where customers are more likely to have personalized and digital experiences, you must meet their every need. You know or not, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. Well, that’s the one side of the coin, as many statistics have been telling why you need to be more personal while serving your customers.

Now comes customer specific product & price extension, which helps you set different prices per customer or customer groups. At the same time, there’s one more feature called hide and show that will help you assign or hide products/categories.

It’s become easier to set bulk import prices by importing CSV files into the backend in customer specific product and price extension. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation for both customers and store owners to make use of this extension, and there’s no denying that it will add value to your customer or customer groups.

Create Personalize Experience with Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

We couldn’t tell enough thank Magento marketplace for its lasting contribution of Customer-specific product and price extensions. Yes, you will find a range of such extensions that can help you create a personalized experience for your customers.

Pick one that lets you create a personalized price for your product on categories pages, product pages, shopping carts, order confirmation emails, or anywhere you want. The extension will help the admin assign a range of products to the customer groups and customers and set a personalized price.

You can also restrict customer access to specific categories/products/sub-categories by redirecting them to a logged-in page on click. Also, we know that sometimes customers like to have a personalized price for the product they love the most and want to purchase. And in that case, this extension may be a cherry on the cake as you can make things easier as there’s an option to import product list along with its price to set customized price strategies for your store customers.

Also, setting a group price is no more brainer as there’s a feature of setting price priority. This extension will be a great fit for your marketing strategy as it can help you enhance store signups as much as possible.

All you need to do is use the login redirect method whenever your customer chooses a specific product, and the product page will not be shown until they log in to your website.

1. Customize pricing for specific customers and customer groups

It’s a well-known fact that customers like to have a personalized experience and expect brands to provide as good as possible experience. And we know that customers want to pay more when they get a customized experience, especially when a product or service is worth it.

Even customers who want a personalized experience are more loyal than anyone else. It expands the market size, and research has also found that customized pricing can enhance the number of people who can access a product or service.

2. Set the priority of the price

Setting the priority of price has many advantages, and it can lead you to serve customers based on their low prices. Prioritizing the custom price of a product can help you boost your profits and keep your customers happy having the desired price.

For example, suppose you have a product that costs $20, but customers feel they cannot afford it due to the high price. But after some time, when you lower the price by $17 and sell at store margin price, they choose to purchase a product.

Well, that’s because your customers think that you have lowered the price just because the customer is special to the brand. However, the truth is that you have put the price where you get maximum margin and customer satisfaction. Hence, setting the cost priority can benefit you a lot while serving your demanding customer or customer groups.

3. Limit the access of your guest customers to your products

Have you ever thought of keeping limited access to your eCommerce store for several purposes? For instance, you want to allow a customer or customer group to see and choose product X while allowing another group to see product Y.

If yes, you may need a solution to do that, and for a Magento Community user, a customer specific product & price is the best practices. You can avail many benefits by creating a sense of purchase priority for loyal customers, better reach to a particular audience, and sharing valuable detail with specific groups of customers.

Ultimately, there are always times you want to limit the access of your guest customers to your products and categories. When that happens, you must Hire Magento Developer and have a Customer Specific Product & Price Extension to help you set rules and assign permission to targeted groups.

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4. Enhance number of store signups

We all are hungry for customer data as store owners as we want it to serve them in the desired way. Though there are solutions for Magento 2 owners like Ajax Product Infinite Scroll Extension For Magento 2, in the end, not all of your shoppers will agree to the terms and conditions and comply with your Privacy Policy.

Having more data or information about your customers can help you serve better and know what they actually want. Thus, this is the best way to enhance the number of signups and collect data about your customers based on interest, hobby, and age.

Ultimately, the better way to make your customer happy is to give them all the things they require on a personal level. This is why this kind of extension would be a great fit for any store looking to increase the number of signups and gather a tremendous amount of customer data.

Would you like to customize your customers’ shopping experience?

Once you install the Customer Specific Product & Price extension for Magento 2, your customers will have a personalized and organized experience and ultimate price satisfaction. If your answer is affirmative, it’s time to be personalized. Make M-Connect Media, a leading Magento Development company, your first call so you can begin reaping benefits as soon as possible.

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