M-Connect Media Releases eBook on Holiday Sale Predictions for Ecommerce in 2017

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eCommerce Holiday Sales 2017

Georgia, USA – Oct. 31, 2017

M-Connect Media is a well-known entity in E-commerce community across the world. Since 2009, it provides uninterrupted e-commerce development services chiefly on Magento platform.

Prevoius Year eBook: Holiday Sales Marketing & Sales Improvements Guide 2016

Recently, Magento & eCommerce Consultant Darshit Parmar has released an eBook depicting the scenario of holiday sales in Black Friday 2016 holiday seasons and based on it very useful and noteworthy predictions for the current holiday season in 2017.

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Mr. Darshit Parmar has revealed that the real motivation behind his endeavors on the eBook preparation is to serve ecommerce merchants by-and-large from struggling to make informed decisions without a lot of browsing on the web.

Therefore, eBook consists of mind-boggling data into simplified, attractive, and comprehensive presentations to extract something useful out of all.

Holiday Sales 2017 Forecast

Based on the previous data published by the leading surveying companies on the web like Adobe, Statista, and others some valuable predictions have made such as:

  • Overall holiday sales for season 2017 would witness the turnover of $9.75 billion to $10.04 billion in the USA.
  • The Black Friday 2017 would have a lion share by hitting $4.04 to $4.01 billion sales. Thus, the projected growth would be 21% to 24% from the previous season.
  • The Cyber Monday may come next to Black Friday surge, and likely show $3.66 to $3.8 billion overall sales. It projects 8% to 12% growth from the records.
  • The Thanksgiving Day may not lag behind much and would drive $2.05 to $ 2.10 billion sales as a record in itself in the holiday sales patterns. Hence, the overall growth on the day remains 6% to 9% high form the records.

Holiday Sales 2017 Predictions

The recent eBook is not one of the typical eBooks released before, but it also boasts with eye-grabbing improvements from the previous editions such as the inclusion of reports, trends, patterns, checklist and value-adding advice along with predictions for upcoming holiday sales season-2017.

Based on the current trends and introduction of innovative technologies in e-commerce field, Mr. Parmar has concluded that advanced personalization technologies, artificial intelligence like in Chatbot, augmented reality experiences, user-generated content, simplified checkout process, free shipping, and adoption of Omnichannel are winning trends.

Download 2017 Holiday Sales Guide for eCommerce Website 

These all may remain on the top during the entire Black Friday holiday season in 2017 and leave profound impacts on the growth of overall sales and hence the revenue. In addition to these all, the eBook provides valuable suggestions on what to do once the Black Friday holiday peak finished and ecommerce merchants are likely preparing for upcoming Christmas holidays in 2017-18 season.

About M-Connect Media:

M-Connect Media is a team of veteran e-commerce experts with profound skills on Magento and other open source eCommerce platforms. Since its inception, M-Connect has acquired prolonged experiences by delivering out-of-box ecommerce solutions to the leading brands, SMBs, and startup with notable success.

It also enjoys prestige in Magento extension development by providing a number of useful extensions.

Contact Detail:

M-Connect Media,
353 McCook Cir NW,
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144,
The United States.
Email: info@mconnectmedia.com
Phone: +1 319 804-8627
Web: https://www.mconnectmedia.com

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