Christmas Last Minute Tips : Get your eCommerce Store Ready for the Rush & Sales

December 7, 2017 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Christmas Holiday Tips

What is the most exciting period of the year? Obviously, it is the grand festival of Christmas. As you can hear its footsteps around the corners, don’t you think is it the right time to get ready for the grand show?

Whether you have a conventional brick-and-mortar outlet or a fancy online store, you should fasten your seatbelts to cope the festival rush. It also is the “vital time for entrepreneurs” to reap profits out of the high magnitude occurs during the period, which is beyond the imagination.

No wonder, everyone invests sizeable money in planning and executing the best marketing strategy for Christmas holiday sales to sustain in the highly competitive scenario.

When you are competing in a dynamic and vibrant market, naturally, none can afford to be wrong in the strategic planning. Hence, it is wise to step to avoid the last minute changes, which might not be time-tested. To make the things simple for you, eCommerce experts at M-Connect Media presents,

10 Effective Last Minute Tips that can take your business to new highs this Christmas

Tip-1: Assure Customers a Fast and Reliable Delivery

When you are going to buy something for the near-and-dear ones for the Christmas, you should not miss the D-date in any circumstances. As the owner of an eCommerce store, you should place your legs in the shoes of your customers.

You can do it by assuring your shoppers that the stuff will deliver at the right moment without fail. Those who can win the confidence of the buyers accomplish the sale for sure.

Save the buyers from the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) phobia, which is quite common during the festive season, particularly amongst those who go for the last-minute purchase.

Tip-2: Put your Finger on the Pulse of the Market

When you are in an online business, it is impossible to be out of the trend. Find out what is hot cake and plan your eCommerce business strategy around those products. Promote them as much as possible and update the banners on the website highlighting the same.

If you are using the social media activity for promoting your web store, then let everyone knows about it. Blow the trumpet of products and brands that are in high demand. It is a successful business strategy.

Tip-3: On-page Optimization, don’t Forget the Time-tested Method

When it comes to the search preference, nothing can beat the on-page optimization. Everything on the website, i.e., the title, the header tag, images, and videos should optimize for best performance concerning the grand festival of Christmas.

It makes your web store search-engine friendly and attractive to the users. Focus on the products and brands you want to promote this season. Focus on them and make the festival a big business opportunity for you.

Tip-4: Round-the-Clock Support Anticipated in the Festive Season

Customers log in to the online store for convenience and ease of purchase. However, they like to have around-the-clock support. They expect answers to the queries and other details as and when required.

If your eCommerce store offers an instant help, it establishes great trust among them. Live chat service is quite popular today, and customers prefer it. Make it available 24×7 during the festival time because people love buying gifts for their beloved ones round-the-clock during the Christmas Season. After all, it is the biggest business opportunity.

Tip-5: Make your eCommerce Website Focused and Uninterrupted

People are damn busy during the festive time. Thus, it is quite irritating and frustrating if your online portal distracts their attention while choosing a product.

Avoid irritating pop-up windows or banners when the customers are trying to make a decision. It is a great put-off when a customer gets interrupted while making the payment or reading the product specifications. If you have established tie-ups with business partners, review it and suspend a few that are not so productive.

Believe it; the business benefit you get by disabling these interruptions supersedes the loss made by suspending business contract.

Tip-6: Keep a close eye on the Inventory

Even if you follow the zero-inventory protocol round the year, it is not a wise business decision to do it during the Christmas time. Would you like to have the last-minute rejection or cancellation of the order just because of non-availability?

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Surely not! Then how can you expect the same from your buyers? Experts suggest that you should check the logistics beforehand and keep the stock ready in sufficient quantity. You would lose the customer forever if the order lost during the Christmas.

Tip-7: Keep in Touch

Online business is a different ball game where you need to keep the communication channel alive. Yes, go through the last year’s sales book and touch base with customers who preferred your online store last time.

Start sending teasers and reminders about the exciting festive season that is abutting. Offer loyalty points or additional discounts to make the purchase exciting. Send personalized coupon code if it is technically feasible. Formulate bulk discount offers for those who want to buy in large quantity.

Tip-8: Time to Decorate Your Online store

Do you think only conventional shops get ready for the Christmas and the New Year by putting danglers and other decorative stuff? No, the website should also reflect the vibrancy and charm of the holiday mood. Customers get impressed by it and stay for a longer time than expected. You should talk to the eCommerce web designing company officials and add special features to the web store. It helps your customers to get a positive virtual experience.

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Tip-9: Don’t forget the Mobile Experience:

When statistics prove that more people log in to the mobile version than the desktop one today, how can you ignore the important aspect? Keep it ready to manage the heavy rush during the festival time. Everything that you do to the desktop version should also be available in the mobile version.

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Tip-10: Let the Customer pick up the Product from the nearest Outlet

When the customer is in a hurry, you should be ready with the offer of picking up the product from the nearest store. Thus, there is a surety of receiving the same on time.

That’s all. Do you need any help to prepare your eCommerce store for the Christmas sales 2017? Feel free to talk with our eCommerce consultant who is willingly ready to help you. Have Merry Christmas & a Happy Festival Season!

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