Pre-Christmas Promotions Tips, Tricks & Ideas for Successful Holiday Season

December 18, 2017 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Pre-Christmas Promotions Tips & Ideas

Christmas is celebrated by almost all folks of people in the USA besides the Christians. Therefore, it becomes a major economic event and according to a Deloitte survey, people in the USA are going to spend more than $1.0 trillion in next days during the event of Christmas 2017.

The online sales may garb more than 50% share from the overall expenditure this year thanks to increased tendencies of people to use mobile devices for shopping like sensitive activities at security point of views where heavy transactions taking place.

E-commerce merchants in the USA already have passed the half of the phase of the holiday season sales with the end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales and commencement of December 2017.

Therefore, giving them more tips on various aspects of holiday sales may prove time wasting and impractical to implement. Therefore, we have chosen to restrict up to the tips which are ultimately beneficial for the present moment and can add some real values in the Christmas holiday sales with Last minute Christmas Tips.

4 Best Pre-Christmas Promotions Tips & Ideas for Ecommerce Merchants to Make Holiday Season Successful

Offering Free Shipping on the Eve of Christmas

Freemium is the biggest tempting word in the shoppers’ dictionaries today! Therefore, offering free shipping on some amount of purchase or some items can leave great impacts on your holiday sales boosting for the Christmas Sale 2017.

Recommended Module: Mconnect Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Magento 2 Extension

The shopping behavior of the modern shoppers is considering free shipping a big deal on discounts and coupons too. However, online merchants are unable to offer free shipping on all items they sold because they have to count their thin margin on the holiday sales too.

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It is true that eCommerce merchants of mid-size to large stores are unable to allocate items for free shipping manually. It demands some software side help to implement free shipping rules over the suitable products or services. If you have a Magento storefront, the job becomes quite easy for you.

There is some useful extension to help you apply the free shipping rules over the total count of the order value, countries, and products. For instance, Mconnect Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension for Magento 2 is indeed a worth to invest solution for online Magento merchants.

Providing Discounts on the Eve of Christmas

Shoppers are deals and discount lovers and offering them straight right-off-the-purchase-price discounts is an extremely popular method to woo them on your business whether it is online or offline.

Therefore, apply various discount ideas on the Christmas holiday sales and attract the big traffic and sales as well. If you want to offer deep discounts, vouchers, and loyalty cards or points to your loyal and specified group, there is a decent provision.

M-Connect Media Offering Huge Discounts now on the Magento Extesions, eCommerce Services and Magento Support Packages – Christmas Special Offer

Giving Charitable Gift with Each Purchase on the Eve of Christmas

On the eve of Christmas people giving various gifts to their near-and-dear ones, friends, and social circles weighing the bonds of their relationships and given-take exchanges. However, a big portion of gifts also goes to charity and the concept of Santa is based on it.

If you can allocate some gifts or make arrangement for specified customers who love to gift directly to the known charitable trusts with desired transparency and surety, you can grab a big business out of it. The Magento merchants and do it easily using MConnect Customer Specific Product & Price for Magento 2 extension, which has provision to allocate specified item views to the specific group of customers.

Provide Gifting Opportunity by Gift Cards on the Eve of Christmas

According to recent data, people spend a big amount of buying gift cards for gifting and Christmas gift card sales is considerably high across the globe.

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It is because gift cards offer some unprecedented advantages over other gift items such as

  • It eliminates daunting task of gift item selection for others without knowing their likes and dislikes.
  • Gift cards also use for self-gifting.
  • Gift cards are the refundable item.
  • Gift cards also come with discounts and deals to grab the more out of your bucks.
  • Gift cards provide merchants the amount upfront before actual sales take place.
  • Gift cards can be customized and make appropriate to occasion as well as personalize for the tastes of recipients.

These immense values of gift cards have made it the most popular gift item in the USA Christmas and other occasions.

If you are scrappy to integrate gift cards generation solution on your Magento store, MConnect Gift Card & Coupon Voucher Extension for Magento 2 so grab the opportunity and make your Christmas holiday sales a memorable and highly profitable event for your online business.


Christmas holiday season is knocking the doors and alerting the merchants to prepare for a big holiday sales spike to deal effectively. M-Connect Media is the team of Magento eCommerce developers always thinking about e-commerce merchants’ benefits.

Therefore, it has released an eBook to guide those aspirant e-commerce businesses to grab the most out of the present Christmas holiday sales. Moreover, it has declared deep discounts on the eve of Christmas to leverage its products and services to augment the holiday sales performance.

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