5 Strategies To Make People Call your Store Santa Claus & 6 Mandatories to Gear Up Online Sales

December 22, 2017 Written By Hemant Parmar

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eCommerce Christmas Strategies

 As Christmas inches closer, the case of visualizing a hefty, rotund, and philanthropic snowman in our well-wishers magnifies. We somehow try to discover the Santa-figure in those who at minimal best try to make us happy.

If you happen to own an eCommerce store, here is a monumental chance for you to act as a man draped in red Santa Suit, distributing crescents on the faces of kids and in generality, everyone. The particular portrayal would not only add details to your brand and business values but would also give a prolific bar to your sale chart this year.

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Make your Personal Online Store Santa Claus

Here is a succinct description of how you can project your store as Santa Claus and capture the required sales at the same time before Santa season departs.

Host Giveaways Promotional Offers for Few Days

Seriously. Free of cost. No terms and conditions attached! Did that get your attention?

Remember, in 2004, exactly on 13th September, Oprah Winfrey Network announced a historic giveaway where Oprah gave away Pontiac car to all 276 members of her audience? The show discarded the records of TRP and it also chauffeured over 140,000 visitors to the portal of Pontiac. There was an instant surge of 600% in their regular traffic.

What better time to conduct a giveaway than Christmas holiday season? It can largely help you to carry sales through January. Giveaways for a brief period could promote an everlasting impression of your brand.

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In the thirst of different promotional giveaways, you can expect a fair traffic on your website, every day. You will have to rely on digital and social media marketing tips to bring “giveaways promotional offers” to their notice. Greater the traffic, steeper the sales, and of course sweeter the chances of you being compared to Santa.

Add a “Gifts” Tab in the Main Navigational Page

We all crave for the “perfectly-suiting-our-requirements gift (i)” during the holiday phase. You can make browsing easier for your customers and help them locate (i) by simple introduction of a special tab which reflects the most popular products and special Christmas deal.

This not only saves the time of the customers but also builds a strong rapport with your company. The tab could make your customers call you an easy-to-reach Santa, a Santa with an organized state of mind.

Offer a Gift Card with Purchase

With every gift card you offer after a purchase, slot of sale opportunity and of course the fame tag of “virtuous Santa” soars. You can draw customers to your website— or get them to spend more than they would have otherwise anticipated to with e-gift cards.

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For example, offer your clients a few dollars gift card for every $100 they spend, a few plus few dollars gift card for every $200 they spend, and so on. You can also mail low-value gift cards — for $10 or $20 right before the festival for last-minute hesitant minds.

Mailing gift cards also propel the new customers to visit your store who would otherwise have opted for another alternative. Best of all, in major cases, those who use gift cards end up spending more than the value of a card, magnifying your turnover. The extra sale is an icing on the cake.

Present a Mystery or Lucky Envelope

Putting forward the limited numbers of lucky or mysterious envelopes for your customers can bring about the right excitement which you are looking for. Putting an end date would create a sense of urgency. These envelopes would contain small hampers like free coke, appetizers, etc and only a handful of envelopes would have a bigger Christmas gifts getting credited from your Santa store

Fight for a Cause, Donate to a Charity

Christmas is not only about putting accelerating pedals on your sales and personalizing your online store but is also about sharing. You can become a part of “joy of giving” by offering unconditional support to the one who is in need. This would polish your image and act as a reality-checker for Santa’s existence.

A lot of people tries to find the godly figure of Santa every Christmas and fail to unveil one. Brand your virtual store in such a fashion that people align you with this legendary icon. Apart from working like an almsgiving elf, you can use other strategies to stimulate the overall sale of your store.

 What should you be Mandatorily Reaching to Enhance the Christmas Sale?

Limit your products, maintain the scarcity, generate the demands

Do something that triggers an instant action from a customer. Scarcity can be used as a great tactic to generate a spontaneous action. Mention the term “limited and special edition” for your unique products. You should be able to generate a confidence which would let them believe that “only they have access to the product and no one else”. Maintaining a counter beside the product would make them take a swift decision.

Don’t underestimate the “After-Christmas” Christmas

It is easy to get carried away with the sales in Christmas, but it is advisable not to ignore the ultimate week of December, as December 26 has earned a popularity of a top-notch sale just after Christmas and black-Friday sales. Mailing your customers about benefits of shopping “post-Christmas week” with a well-timed tagline “didn’t receive anything from Santa? Be our guest” can work as a great upsell.

Manage the Popular Items, Don’t Run out of them

Every festive season, certain items disappear in a flash from the virtual racks in minutes. This could really frustrate your customers and make them cast off your store with the mindset of never returning intentions. Keep a constant check on your running stock and set up automated reminders to replenish the stock once it falls below a certain point. One way to get rid of this holiday hustle is to use apps which generate purchase orders briskly after a dip.

Pop-Up Retails to Market your Brand

Pop-up stores or flash retailing is a trend of opening short-term sales settled around thematic kiosks or booths. They are opened for a brief period of time. These booths can be used as a marketing store to promote promotional gift cards and giveaways during festive seasons. The opening of these booths is a marketing advantage which small e-commerce owners can reap at any time. You can establish a brand value for a brief span and based on the engagement, you can reiterate this every year.

Including Santa Tracker for your eStore

From a marketing standpoint, integrating the Santa Tracker application developed by Google enhances the interactivity and user experience of your website during the festivities/holidays. It allows you to skim through both old and new customers. This, in the long run, heightens the chance of overall sales.

Social Media & Cross-channel Promotion

Social media is the best tool for reaching a widespread audience. And it is impossible to put it out of any marketing tips. In company with social media promotions, you should cross-promote your social media profiles to arrest the immediate attention of your shoppers. Make sure to exploit business functionalities of all the platforms and cater an ease of reachability for your customers.

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Get Christmassy, Create a beautiful Ambiance for your Customers

Along with conducting emails campaigns, promoting your holiday sales on thematic landing pages can help you earn a great attention. It will make relevant visitors to visit your website. Adding special effects and Christmas music to the header and dashboard of your page aren’t so complex and append a bit of Christmas spirit to your store. Don’t forget to customize your logo and make it humorous.


There is so much you can do to grab the desired sales during the holiday phase. Your sale is highly dependent on the two C’s. Creativity and Conviction. Creativity can help you gain a great social attention and your conviction can assist customers to enjoy an everlasting experience. Creativity and conviction unite to convince.

Whether you promote your offers, bedeck up your store, or reflect the positives of the user-generated contents on a public domain, you shouldn’t fail to prospect the vitality of customer’s happiness during the holidays. Hopefully, these strategies make your store rise a historic steep like Santa’s reindeer pull a sleigh. Do you need any help to grow your online store this holidays? Feel free to talk to our expert eCommerce experts or drop a comment follow!! Merry Christmas

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