Magento Mobile Applications - Are Ready to embrace the World through its Formidable Formula?

June 19, 2017 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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E-Commerce has cemented itself as a primary source of purchase in the world. Customers are absolutely in love with the convenience and reliability of the eCommerce world. However, with the evolution of people’s confidence in it, commerce is evolving itself. One of the latest trends that have already made its mark in 2016, and is going to continue to do so in 2017 is M-Commerce.

M-Commerce is the natural branch of E-Commerce and the total user base is on the rise. The total percentage of purchase was mere 3% from mobile/tablet in 2010. The number surged to 11% in 2011. In 2014, mobile commerce grew by 47 percent and according to Gartner, revenue from mobile commerce will equal 50 percent of all digital commerce in the United States by 2017.

People ceaselessly use their smartphones and the services that make convenient for the user to buy something irrespective of the place and time increase conversions. It was a pain in the neck if you wanted to purchase something online in the past. It was because web optimization was bad. With mobile apps, people are making more positive impulse purchases than ever before. Mobile apps and eCommerce websites are the predominant tools for the purchase.

Since the mobile ecosystem is outpouring massively, Magento – an eCommerce platform has made its tentacles reach to every corner of the world. Magento has made easier for the people to move from analog to the digital ecosphere. Magento mobile apps and websites are the bridge to eCommerce success.

What Happens when Magento Based Application set up with Magento based Website – A Satisfied Customer?

The question that has kept many owners and analysts on the edge of their seats is, “In which case do we need Magento based mobile applications when we already have Magento based responsive websites?”

It will be very unfair to compare two of the most important and paramount sources of online purchase i.e Magento based eCommerce application and Magento based website. While both the sources have their own precedences and masteries, we would scoop out how Magento based application fulfills the needful.

We would list out how Magento based mobile apps offer greater value to your business and how its synchronization with mobile websites could make your business impeccable.

Magento Application Tailors Better Personalization for the Users.

“Personalization is the automatic tailoring of sites and messages to the individuals viewing them so that we can feel that somewhere there’s a piece of software that loves us for who we are”, quotes David Weinberger.

Personalization has become one of the important gimmicks for mobile applications to yield a flavored user experience. Personalization using Magento apps is that Midas touch which would convert your application into a money minting machine.

These are some of the Magento extensions for personalization which may lead to better conversion.

Bedeck the Personal Bar

App gives an extra edge to customize the personal bar by catchy images and messages. Also, several promo codes, schemes, and new product launch announcements may result in better conversion.

● Automatic Cross Selling

Some of the most famous eCommerce companies like Amazon has cross-selling features. Magento application provides an incredible extension of ‘Automatic Cross selling’ which makes sure that customer buys those items which they didn’t have in their mind.

● Live Chat Extension:

Magento application offers a live chat extension which elucidates a customer about its buying choices. Personalisation of a chat window may lead to a great convergence deal.

Ease of Sending Notifications: It bells the Customer

E-mails have been the most practiced method for interactions with customers. But it is losing its value because its click rate and the open rate has dropped considerably. This makes harder for the business analysts to lure customers by their schemes and promo codes through a mail.

There seems to be some solution on the horizon. Magento Application notification extension is the right answer. Magento application bestows two major types of notifications i.e, push notifications and in-app notifications.

Pushed notifications are those messages which are pushed from the applications to the users based on their behavioral patterns.

In-apps are those motifs which users will get only when they enter the application.

This makes sure that customers get the deals directly on their phones without having to access their email. It also interacts with customers in a less intrusive way.

Freedom in Designing: Improves the Performance and Attracts Customer

We know that eCommerce websites have to rely a lot on its browser’s functionalities. For example Website has to rely on the back, previous and refresh buttons of the browser.

This limitation is outshined by a Magento application which offers freedom to design the application and makes the User Experience simple and eye catchy.

Magento’s online application gives a chance of exploring the advanced technology of gesture and surface computing like swipe, tap, select, deselect, drag etc. The swiftness of the application is based on these advanced features and designs. It sets the seal on a greater performance of the platform and helps in marvelous conversion rates.

Blistering Application: Quick to Respond

A customer doesn’t have infinite time to offer. It is observed that customers repel from the websites which are slow to respond or fail to load within 3 seconds.

Magento’s eCommerce applications extend their advantage in the field of speeding up the loading time. Apps usually store data in the cache memory of the mobile devices while websites use web server for its every request.

Data retrieval is the first step towards better user experience. It is so quick on a well-made application that it spellbound the customer.

Applications can further save time by storing several data and preferences of the users and use them on behalf of the customers.

These are some of the ridges which are filled by Magento based mobile applications. It enhances the eCommerce business performance and bargains success with a little cost spent.

Extrapolated Features of Magento Based Apps: Accelerator Of your E-Commerce Business

We all want to accelerate our businesses and want to make it reach to the top in a short span of time. Don’t we? And if our businesses are eCommerce online stores, it becomes mandatory for us to search for those accelerating tools.

Magento based eCommerce application is one such accelerator which speeds up the online businesses by manifold. The reason being is it’s exceptional, extrapolated features and ability to coax customers. These reasons are going to persuade you to opt for Magento mobile application for your online store as soon as possible:

Strong Search Engine Optimization: Makes you Sit at Apex Among Billions

We all want relevance, visibility, and popularity of our online platform among customers.

Magento provides an extra edge to your application as it plays an important role in optimizing the search. SEO of Magento is purely search engine friendly. It also pins google sitemap and googles content API for shopping.

It also gives us the important feature of application store optimization. Customers are likely to download applications from the store which are either trending or optimized properly. Magento handles the later part masterfully.

Catalogue Management: A Dynamic Process Handled with Ease

We all need strategies to manage online product catalog to ensure that quality of product remains constant across all the sales medium. We are also supposed to organize and standardize the products.

Along with organizing the products, we also need to configure the application based on customer’s format and requirement.

Magento proffers all of these features in its application. It enables an option of quick broadcast product and introduction to the new product. It also helps in regulating the price at the real time, based on the customer groups(retailer, wholesaler, etc).

Product Skimming in a Jitty of a Moment: A Route to Faster Browsing

Since it gets tough for the user to distinguish the correct product from the wad multiple options and lack of product descriptions, it is important to dilute the issues faced by them.

Magento application delivers product browsing and skimming feature which addresses the upper problem proficiently.

This includes:

➔ Multiple images per product
➔ Product image zoom-in capability
➔ Related products
➔ Stock availability
➔ Multi-tier pricing upsell
➔ Product option selection
➔ Grouped products view
➔ Add to wish list
➔ Send to a friend with email
➔ Share on Facebook
All these features lead to better browsing experience for the customer. Better the browsing experience, higher the conversion rate.

Catalogue Browsing: Robust Feature that helps in Comparison

Magento’s robust feature-set helps in 100% of customization in an application.The templates of Magento can help in building a feature of comparison among the products. Psychologically, it is believed that comparison of products leads to sure shot convergence.
Other Features like “Customer Reviews”, “Layered Navigation”, “Filter & Sort” etc falls under the category of catalog browsing. It saves the enormous time of a customer. Catalog browsing acts as a funnel to customer’s multiple choices.

Analytics and Reporting: A Doorway to Highest Convergence

A lot of data can be gathered because of advanced technology in the cloud. This raw data can be utilized to analyze the behavioral pattern of the user.

Magento’s mobile application reporting suite helps in the visibility of the customer’s behavioral pattern and store performance which can help in taking instant steps and react to the customer’s need.

Also, Magento’s integration with extensions such as Google Analytics and Website Optimizer allow for further insight into store performance.

Magento also gives all type of reports on sales, purchase, goods returned etc.

It Offers a Multi-Lingual Platform: Results in Internationalization of the Product

As business sees no barriers, we all want our products to reach to all the parts of the world. One of the easiest ways to sell a product is by focusing on the local language of the place.

Magento gives assistance of multiple language options for an application. This targets the specific customer group. As Magento is a global platform, it gives a golden opportunity to make our product hit.

Our online channel has every scope of getting internationalized because of multiple-language and multiple currencies features are thrown by Magento.

Marketing Promotions: Empowers Us with Powerful Tools

Magento’s flexible pricing rules enable us to create a variety of schemes and promotions to inflate the conversion rates. Pricing rule by Magento is so dynamic that it helps in creating instant promo codes and discounts.

Recommended Red: How to Create Promotions in Magento?

For example: Buy 2 items at X price and get Y amount cash back or buy X and Y and get free shipping.

Magento also empowers our application with a powerful tool of up-sells and cross-sells. Up-sells and cross sells ensure that customers end up buying the product which they were not even looking for.

Managing Multiple Shop at a Time: Common Passport to Different Stores

We sometimes have more than one online store. And to administrate and steer every store at the same time is a difficult process. Magento has its solution to this problem as well.

Magento allows our application to have a common admin panel. This common panel can help in switching the stores as per our need. This gives us the control over all the stores just by a click.

It also gives seamless integration to product catalog and CMS. Magento also provides us with the feature of one-click update. This makes our application very dynamic and susceptible to success.

These are the features which make Magento a sure shot candidate of the great accelerator of business values in the technological world.

Ways to Corroborate Perfection in a Magento E-Commerce Application

Since the features of Magento’s eCommerce Applications are clear, we shall not neglect the things to be taken care while opting for a Magento application. These methods will lead us to the level of perfection of a high tech online mobile application.

Let us go through these pint-sized steps which may intensify the convergence rate. They are as follows:

You will be Ignored If you Ignore Social Platforms

Many store owners believe that just by building an application will solve their problems of poor traffic. This notion is just a falsification of their gullibleness.

It is extremely important for us to make our customer visit the app for the second time. After all, the first customer is just a customer but repeated customer is a family of your online store.

So, retention of customers is possible through social medias and blogs. Blogs and social media platforms are a great mode of communicating tool between the customer and the seller. A lot of issues can be addressed and fixed by social media presence.

Also, you can ask them to share their products and their experiences on social media. Positive reviews may lead to the cascading follow up of other customers.

Customize Shipping Options And Enjoy Its Fruit

A lot of online store owners believe that shipping options are of lesser importance and pay lesser attention to it. But a lot of customer’s behavior can be read based on shipping options.

A large number of customers abandon products at shopping cart after checking the additional delivery cost. Matter of rigidity with shipping options might lead to a customer loss.

Magento based eCommerce application offers price regulating suite which helps in disabling the shipping price once it reads the customer behavior by real-time analytic tools.

Don’t Block Customer’s Review, It’s a Stairway to Improvement

Our Magento based application enriches us with the catalog browsing option. This includes the customer reviews sub-option. Customer reviews are the bloodline to improvement and it should be taken positively.

Innumerable store owners block reviews or users from the store. Store owners should work upon those reviews and give users a better experience. There is no harm in improving from the recommendations.

Respond to Queries as fast as you Can, Don’t Let the Raw Data get Wasted

Magento based applications are linked with the Google Analytics. It is an astute feature which needs a quick response. But what if customers are not addressed at the right time?

Recommended read: Web Analysis Tricks using Google Analytics for Magento eCommerce Webstore

Real-time data is relevant only if a business can actually make sense of this data and act on it in the right timeframe. That’s when real-time data enables right-time marketing. There’s no value in sub-second data collection if the actions on such data take weeks, days or even hours to complete.

Real Time is called real time only when the issues are solved at the right time. A collection of terabytes of information with no proper normalization might lead to the failure of such an astute procedure.

The Final Inference

The majority of the users hit the conversion on mobile applications. It is expected to cover 80% of the digital transaction by 2020. The rampant growth of eCommerce businesses needs a strong crutch for support. Magento based eCommerce application is an answer to all the queries of traffic management, proper designing, and slow conversion rates. Magento applications are already responsible for enormous sales. Magento has a proven reputation among eCommerce platforms for its easy usability. Mobile applications made on Magneto also answers all the queries of confused business analysts who are suspicious about eCommerce bubble burst.

Magento has a proven reputation among eCommerce platforms for its easy usability. Mobile applications made on Magneto also answers all the queries of confused business analysts who are suspicious about eCommerce bubble burst.

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