5 Ways to Turn The Festive Season Shoppers into Lifetime Faithful Customers

December 8, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Converst Shoppers into Loyal Buyers

During the Holiday Season Sales, the main goal of the eCommerce store owners is to get more and more customers as well as sales. But, this should not be the case because if you will only concentrate on attracting customers to buy from you for now then you will miss the opportunity to expand your online business and make more profits for the rest of the year.

Along with attracting customers and making them purchase during the holidays, you should also plan to get back those customers for repeat purchase after the holiday sales are over.

How to Convert the Seasonal Buyers into Loyal Customers:

Create First Impression as the Best One

You may have a lot of things to do and focus on during the Holiday season, but don’t forget about that there may be large number first time shoppers visiting your online store and purchasing from you. So, it is essential to plan and enhance their first impression and experience.

Manage to keep a helpful, polite and friendly staff on your online store to make a pleasant first time purchase. Along with the staff, try to get and store enough product stock to create a flawless shopping experience for both.

Figure out the items in demands during holiday season and display it on your homepage. Also, design and place your navigation menu in a way which makes it simple for the customers to search for the products and narrow down their search results as per their need.

Additionally, try to follow up with your customers even if you find that it may take more time to fulfil their orders. If you have provided them with an estimated delivery date, try to ship and deliver on or before that day. If it is going to take some additional time, then contact and inform them ASAP.

Run a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

If you want your regular customers or seasonal shoppers to become the loyal customers for your Magento store then design and run a Customer loyalty or reward program. It allows the store owners to give points to your website visitors once they complete the actions mentioned under the program. You can take this Magento 2 Reward Point released by Lanofcoder as an example of this program.

The action could be just registering to your website or asking them to refer their friends. It can also include promoting the customers from one group to higher group by earning the points. With loyalty program, you can also ask your repeated customer to like or share on social media platforms.

Regardless of the actions included under the loyalty program, it makes your one time or seasonal shoppers to return back and get converted into repeat and then loyal customers.

Gather Contact Information

Encourage or engage with your customers on a long term by communicating with them on a regular basis. You can keep in touch with them via emails or text messages. For getting the email addresses or phone numbers of your visitors or one time customers, ask for it at the checkout page or in a pop window by offering them some informative content or special offers to unlock on their next purchase. Or one more useful way is that you can create smart Forms by Form Builder Extension that can politely ask the customers information not only the email, but also their telephone numbers.

With a sign up form or registration, you can gather the email addresses or phone numbers of your customers. On the same page, you can also inform them about your Social Media pages or profiles where you post special deals, offers or tips for using your products or services. This will allow more visitors to come, like and share your post on social media which ultimately will grab the attention of more people.

Pay Attention to your Customers

After a customer purchases a product from your web store, they may want to share their experience in form or reviews, whether it is a good or a bad one. So, you must have a facility for customers leaving reviews for the products or services they have purchased and used.

But this process should not end up by just going through the customer reviews/feedbacks. Your next step should be taking those feedbacks as an opportunity and take the necessary actions.

Be Committed to Follow ups

The follow up not just includes sending an email after a customer has made a purchase from your eCommerce website. It is also your duty to inform your customers if there any update or you need an extra time to fulfil their order. With such follow ups, the customers will keep informed about what is going on with their orders as well as on your store.

Try to provide them step by step information about their orders such as packaging, shipping, delivery and tracking information. This just doesn’t update them about their orders, but also keep them engaged with you.

Don’t worry if you have any bad news for your customers as this will help you to maintain their expectations.

Sum Up

It is impressive to get a large number of traffic to your store and increase the percentage of sales during the holidays. But, to turn any customer/visitor to a loyal customer, you need to provide them a memorable shopping experience which makes them happy to come back to your store and purchase again.

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