3 Ways of Generative AI is Transforming Web Development

September 6, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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3 ways generative ai is revolutionizing web development

As shopping on the internet gets better, a smart thing called Generative Artificial Intelligence or AI, is starting to help online stores. AI does lots of cool stuff like making stuff to read and answering questions from customers. It’s like a superhero for online shops!

But, what’s next? Well, as AI gets even smarter, people who run online stores will have more cool things to use to make their shops better and beat the competition.

Generative AI will change how products are described, make online stores more personal, and even help design the shops. Imagine changing a whole website in just a few clicks! This is how online shops might be built in the future.

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, is becoming very popular. People think it will be worth more than $51 billion by 2028, and it’s growing really fast, like 35% every year! Now, let’s see how this AI can help online store owners in 2023.

Top 3 Benefits of AI Web Design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a while, website creators have just started using it in their websites.

Some new chatbots, like Open AI and Jasper, are making it easier for people who aren’t experts to use this technology on their online stores.

So, what does all of this mean for web designers and people who sell things online?

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1. Easy for Beginners

Even if you don’t know how to program, using an AI website builder is a great way to make it easier to create your first online store. An AI-powered website builder can make a whole website quickly. You just have to add your favorite designs, words, and information about your competition.

2. Speed Up the Process

AI web design tools can make creating a website much faster. They do all the boring tasks like programming and copying themes from one page to another, so web developers have more time to focus on making the website user-friendly and unique.

3. Create A Website With Data

Data is very important for artificial intelligence. If you give it more information, the AI can make website even better. Machine learning tools can collect important data about customers and competitors. Then, they can suggest designs that will make online store more successful and get more people interested in it.

Despite its benefits, not many businesses in e-commerce are using AI yet. Only about one-third of marketing executives use AI to make advertising better, and 28% don’t plan to use it in website plans for the next five years.

Some might not know much about the fancy technology, or they might be worried about how it works, but the companies that do use AI websites are doing really well.

What are the Impacts of Generative AI on Web Design?

Generative AI is like a helpful friend for web designers. In the future, it will become even more important, especially because online shops are always changing.

People want things to be just right for them, and websites need to keep up with what’s cool and what’s not. That’s where AI comes in. It’s making websites better and easier to design, especially for people who are just starting out.

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  • Automated Website Templates

Before, web designers had to make website templates by hand. This was hard and took a long time. AI can give web designers ideas for website designs. It can make templates that are easy to change. This means that web designers can make websites faster and easier.

AI can help company owners make websites. Company owners can give AI information about their company, like colors and what they want website to do. AI will then make a bunch of website templates for them to choose from.

Creating a website can be a lot of work. You have to come up with ideas, write code, and plan how it will look and work. But AI templates are like a head start. They give you a base to begin with, so you don’t have to start from scratch. It’s like having a ready-made puzzle, and you just need to add your own special pieces to make it unique.

The cool thing is, these AI templates aren’t boring or all the same. They’re like a blank canvas that you can paint with your brand’s colors and style. The AI looks at what brand is all about and helps you make the website match perfectly. So, it’s like having a helper who knows your brand really well!

  • Creation of AI-Generated Content

Creating a website takes a lot of time. It’s like building a house – first, you have to make the structure, and then you start adding furniture and decorations. But once your website is ready, it’s not done. You need to keep it interesting for people who visit.

That’s where generative AI comes in. It’s like having a helper who can quickly create new things for website, like blog posts or images. This helps website stay fresh and exciting, and it can make more people find website when they search online.

It’s important to keep website interesting by adding new things. But some tasks, like writing in different languages, can take a lot of time. So, generative AI is like a super-fast content creator for website!

AI can be trained to write in many languages, which is super helpful for businesses that sell things worldwide. It helps you keep up with the latest trends and reach people worldwide. So, AI is like a language expert that makes your website even better!

  • Optimization of User Experience

AI can make your website even better! It can find places where not many people go on your site and figure out if there are things that are hard to use.

AI looks at how people use your site and compares it to other similar sites. Then, it makes site easier to use and more personalized, which means it feels just right for each person who visits. So, AI is like a super helper for making your website awesome!

Some AI web builders additionally provide detailed UX evaluations of certain site pages. Their personal heatmap function identifies user interest locations as well as site places that are not driving traffic.

Site developers may use AI to swiftly address UX faults for a site that prioritizes a smooth design from first impression through checkout. So, AI is like a secret weapon for making websites super good!

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In Nutshell, Could Generative AI Eventually Replace Website Designers?

Generative AI is getting better, but it’s not going to replace web designers just yet. It’s like having a really helpful tool for designers, but it’s not the whole solution.

Designers and developers can use AI to make work better and faster, but they still need to add their human touch to make a website really special and unique to a brand. So, humans and AI can work together to create amazing websites!

Tech companies don’t use AI tools might fall behind in productivity, says Albert Ziegler, a senior machine learning engineer at GitHub. This technology helps developers work faster, so companies not using these tools will have a tough time in the market.

The big question is, when will you start using AI in your web strategy? If you want to stay ahead, it’s time to start thinking about it.



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