microsoft dynamics partner highlights

This week’s Microsoft Dynamics Partner News Roundup includes the following items:

  • Maplytics upgrades from Inogic for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Datawise from Sagacity for Microsoft Dynamics and Shopify users
  • MazikCare Care Planner, a patient treatment pathing tool for healthcare practitioners from Quisitive
  • Ascend Elements’ logistics Powered by Call2Recycle’s EV battery tracking software

Maplytics Upgrades From Inogic for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Inogic is a special group that’s really good at making stuff for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform. They just told everyone about some updates they did to their important software called Maplytics. This Maplytics thing also helps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Bing Maps. It’s like a tool that helps you see things on maps.

The people at Maplytics listened to ideas from their friends and customers. They added cool things to their tool, like making different areas on maps, making things work better, and even special features like looking at how many people live in different places. They also made maps that show where things are really busy.

The people who made Maplytics say it can now help keep track of field reps as they go on trips. It can show the paths they’re supposed to take and the paths they actually take in real-time. The reps can also look at directions on Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, and even see the streets they’re driving on in 3D!

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Datawise launch From Sagacity for Microsoft Dynamics and Shopify users

Sagacity Solutions Ltd has made something new called Datawise. It’s a tool to help clean up customer information in Dynamics 365 and Shopify. They worked together with to create it. You can find Datawise on AppSource and soon on the Shopify App Store too.

This tool makes sure that the data you use for marketing is good. It can clean up customer data quickly and automatically, all in less than an hour! And you don’t have to go outside your main system to do it.

The companies say that with this tool, businesses don’t need to take data out of their main systems to clean it and then bring it back. This saves time and makes things easier. It also reduces the chance of making mistakes when moving data around a lot.

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MazikCare Care Planner, A tool for Healthcare Practitioners From Quisitive

Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc., a company that works with Microsoft solutions and payment solutions, has introduced a new app called MazikCare Care Planner. This app is made to help doctors and patients communicate better.

The Care Planner is part of Quisitive’s MazikCare healthcare platform, which uses Microsoft technologies like Dynamics, Azure, and Power Platform. This helps healthcare businesses offer better digital health solutions.

According to the company, Care Planner lets healthcare groups make plans for treating patients in a well-organized way. This system helps with things like reminders, appointments, and special tests based on a patient’s treatment. It also helps the care team talk to patients in a better way.

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Ascend Elements’ logistics By Call2Recycle’s EV Tracking Software

Call2Recycle Inc., A company that collects and recycles batteries, and Ascend Elements, a company that works on sustainable battery solutions, are working together to handle old electric vehicle (EV) batteries the right way.

They’re using a special software called GreenTraxEV, which was made by Call2Recycle. This software helps with organizing and moving batteries that are in the middle of their life, at the end of life, or broken. Furthermore, GreenTraxEV uses Microsoft Dynamics and the Platform capabilities to make sure EV batteries are taken care of properly.

GreenTraxEV is a platform that helps to safely move EV batteries to the right place. It uses automation to make the process more efficient. As more people switch to EVs, GreenTraxEV will continue to help to manage batteries from start to finish.



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