How Design is Important in eCommerce Website User Experience

January 15, 2016 Written By Jayesh Trivedi

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In the world of web, user experience mostly rely on how well they can get the information they are looking for. Keeping this in the world of eCommerce is what that makes an increase in your business sales will likely give an idea how to design your eCommerce website to generate more sales. Understanding what a customer wants and how they feel while browsing your online store is the key of website design process.

We don’t say website design is restricted to only the overall look, but how a customer feel and what experience they gain while browsing your eCommerce store. This blog showcases few important aspects of how your eCommerce store design plays vital role in defining customer UX.

Important Aspects are

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is what takes your business ahead in competition. This is what takes your customers to start purchasing from your store. Every online store should have a consistence look and feel that what attracts the customers. After all, your website look is what reflects how your business is and how serious you are about your products. It is mirror of your company no matter what way you are presenting yourself- online or offline.

Throughout the website, if customer experience the same look that helps them in identifying the right products what they wish clearly establish user experience. Design your website so that each elements complement your website logo very well including the right selection of images, colors, text, layouts and features that reflects the right brand identify.

Creating First Impression

Study shows the website overall look and feel contributes 94% to mark first impression. At the same time, if the website is accommodated with poor interface or lack of user-friendliness, then it faces rejection and mistrust of shoppers. When a shopper land on your website, then the website design and navigation what appears to be major contributed factor to make first impression of your brand.

Implementing the right design conveys type of products you offer or how serious you are. Present your website the best way you can as this is only the foremost way to grab customer attention. 

Impact on Bouncing Rate

Bounce rates is frightening for your business. It is the session at which the shopper has left your website without navigating your website further. Several factors contribute to it, a major concern lies with poor website design. Great design is what that informs customer about the products. They informs the customer they visit the right place to get the products they are looking for. If anytime they feel difficulty in finding the product or products are not expected according to customer search, then they may immediately leave.

Few crucial elements contributing to customer first impression is the business name, products sold, business type, location, brands quality and so on. If these factors are ignored during website designing, then the customer will now wait for second moment to stay back. 

Influence of Website Conversion

A single metric that determines your website success is the conversion rates. Shopping online can sometimes be daunting if having poor designing interface. A great website design what create your business first impression and convince the customer to buy the products. Offer user friendly website to make easier for the visitor to find what they look for. Implement conversion centric design elements that initiates user actions. Provide complete product information with the right set of images embedding with ideal dimension, size and resolution. Give them freedom to zoom and look to every detail s of image. Try all the tactics to make their visit into purchase.

Website Security

Another important aspects of website design which is often neglected is website security. If essential security measures are not followed then it would be prone to spammers, hackers and identity thieves. Customer share their financial information and perform transaction online. If they feel insecure while transacting online, then they may decide to leave. Make sure you secure your site with HTTPS and implement the right security features at your website to assure the customer data is safe. Ask your web designers to consider all important security factors while designing website.   

Testing and Auditing

Website components are several and it’s important that everything works fine. Keep testing your website to identify pitfalls and rectify the errors. You may even work with Google Analytics tool to find the potential areas of your website to perform audit and testing. Numerous opportunities are available while designing website to improve the user experience.

Didn’t setup analytics in your website? Here is the guide on how to setup Google Analytics in eCommerce store.

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  1. This is an interesting blog I found. Everything is explained very well and easily understood by me. Its definitely something that every designer should think at least once. Definitely a good post. Thanks.

    I am designing a website. I came across this blog. Simply like the way the points are covered and explained. From now I will spend some time thinking on other aspects about the website design after reading this blog.

  2. You have greatly explained the major aspects covered by the design of a website for creating the user experience. I liked the section where you shared that the design is the thing which creates the first impression on the visitors mind and make them to visit and buy from us again and again.

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